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ellairiesmom's Avatar ellairiesmom 07:34 PM 04-26-2010
Thought this might be a good place to post this ?

We have a black tie optional wedding this Saturday. I delivered on 2/1 & I can't believe it is almost 5/1! Aggghhhh...needless to say, I am dreading getting dressed on saturday. Ordered a bunch of different style black wrap dresses online (usually the most flattering on any body type AND allow for easy nursing)...and I have a great, sexy but comfy pair of strappy silver shoes. and lots of jewelry to pick from...just not sure of which undergarment is my best bet.

DD1 is staying home with my Mom and we are bringing DD2

Good news-...I have an amazing, beautiful, new sling (it's a Sarita Star for those who are into babywearing) that I can hide behind & will help cover my belly most of the night.

Bad news-most of DHs family will be meeting DD2 for the 1st time & will want to hold her so I will be exposed at times. lol They will also be seeing me for the 1st time in awhile...I have been 35 lbs heavier than when I met DH since having both kids & feel so embarrassed about it.

I have my Body Wrap high waisted spandex type shorts that I wear often under clothing-they are comfortable but probably don't suck my belly in as much as spanx & such do.

What is your favorite for under a dress? I want it to be the shorts style that comes up under my breasts for full coverage. And the most belly sucking power as possible!!!


sugarmoon's Avatar sugarmoon 12:46 PM 04-27-2010
Well, I have 2 pairs of spanx highwaisted power panties, and I like them, and they are more "suck it all in" than my yummie tummie cami is, but I don't like the split crotch on the spanx. this may be tmi but........

....after i've been wearing them for a few hrs, the split doesn't stay closed and my labia come out between the split and it is really uncomfortable.

Does the body wrap have the split crotch? I've been wondering about other brands to try.
ellairiesmom's Avatar ellairiesmom 02:32 PM 04-27-2010

I am skeptical of the split crotch as well. I feel like I can never get it pulled up close enough to my body to feel like it isn't this hole hanging halfway down my leg, I am so nervous I would get pee on myself trying to "use" it AND since I have been pregnant and/or nursing nonstop the past 3 years, I have a constant "wetness" (TMI) down there & am so worried I would end up with a wet spot on my dress after sitting for awhile. (I can't believe I just admitted all that!!!)

I do feel that the spanx give decent control but between the material feeling so scratchy to me, my jewelry catching on it & pulling it often & the split crotch thing-I think there has got to be something better.

I have a pair of Body Wrap high waisted shorts that I find to be somewhat easy to get on, are nice & soft/silky & comfy for everyday outings BUT don't really have any special tummy panel so my worst area isn't getting the best control.

I saw some online stores that I am curious about...I just don't want it to have too much crazy boning in it or anything that will hurt after a couple hours...

This one had a bunch of interesting choices...
pinkgeek's Avatar pinkgeek 03:26 PM 04-27-2010
I haven't had any little ones yet, so I can't speak to some of the specific items you all have brought up, but I love my spanx!

I usually wear non-control top, regular panty hose over them, so that helps with the "feeling exposed" problem of the split crotch. They aren't the easiest to get on, and when you take them off you seriously feel like you are peeling the skin off sausage, but they definitely work! Once they are on, I think they are pretty comfortable, especially considering the amount of sucking in they do