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shantiani's Avatar shantiani 11:04 PM 05-04-2010
My dd is 7.5 wks old and I am really looking forward to eventually taking her running. The bob website says walking with their stroller is ok for an 8 wk old infant but running isn't recommended until she is 8 months old. I can see why excellent head control is important and why 8 mos would be recommended for super bumpy off road running, but is there really that big a difference between walking and smooth road running? I was hoping we could get out there around 3-4 mos. Is that unrealistic / unsafe?
When did you start running with baby?

Realrellim's Avatar Realrellim 12:38 AM 05-05-2010
With #1, we headed out at 2 months, with our ped's ok. I kept the stroller fully reclined (about a 30 degree angle) and used a head support like this to keep her head from bouncing around. And along the lines you mentioned, we stuck to smooth, paved trails until she was 6 months old.

I'm planning to do the same thing with #2, unless our ped has objections this time. It's just a week away!
Jend1002's Avatar Jend1002 12:57 PM 05-05-2010
Do you have the car seat adapter for your bob stroller? I do and started running at 6 weeks. Maybe the website is referring to stroller use without the car seat? I also had head support in the car seat as an added measure and it seemed to work fine on smooth surfaces. If only I had stuck with the running thing - I barely kept up with it and now DS is 19 months and I am starting back up and not a huge fan of being in the stroller for a run. At all.
columbusmomma's Avatar columbusmomma 01:21 PM 05-05-2010
I started running with DD around 3 weeks. I did keep her supported with blankets and something for her head. Also kept her reclined.