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I have about 20lbs i would like to loose. How can i get rid of it?? I need a strict diet, with easy meals and easy stepped exercises.

Any good ones out there? Or any ideas?

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We don't like to diet at my house

We are starting to eat smaller portions of good stuff..I cook smaller amounts and then only put a small amount on the plate.

We are adding raw diet to our lifestyle , but not going completely raw. I think if we added a lot of veggies it would help.

We only drink water and tea..the kids can have milk if they choose.

We fell off the exercise routine..we need to switch it up now that it is getting really hot. Swimming is great too.
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I don't personally beleive "diets" work. Lifestyle changes work.

Cut out sugar. All sugar. (except fruit if you can handle it, and maybe natural sweetners, some people can some people cant).

Cut out all processed foods. all of them. later, when they no longer taste good to you, you can eat the occasional oreo etc if you want, because they will taste so gross compared to real food, you won't want many. This includes soda.

Those are the big two. They'll make a huge difference. It's the biggest reason I lost 30-40 pounds and kept it off without even thinking about it. (The only reason I lost the first 20 pounds. I sure wasn't eating less)

Cut out all rancid high omega 6 oils and substitute healthy fats like butter, olive oil, coconut oil in their place. I know saturated fats are scary but they are very high in nutrients per calorie, and having plenty of fat in your diet will make you feel full sooner and longer. there are a lot of us on the TF forum who lost a lot of weight by eating fat. Eating sufficient fat (your body needs fat). actually changes your metabolism often, and speeds it up. Your metabolism gets sluggish when you eat lots of sugar and grains and processed foods, and when you cut out the sugar and grains, and increase fat and protein your metabolism works better.

Don't eat when you aren't hungry. Don't eat because you are sad, or bored, or tired, or grumpy (ok, for me grumpy is caused by hunger, but if it's not for you). Don't eat to have something to do, or because you always eat at 3 pm or because you always eat while you watch TV or nurse or whatever. Eat when you are hungry. Eat because you are hungry and because the fresh food tastes exquisite. Eat slowly so you notice when you are full and can stop.

If the above isn't working, look into a gluten or grain or dairy intolerance.


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I am moving this to Fitness and Weight Management

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Hi TinyBlackDot...

Today marks my 20th pound loss since mid-March. I tried a lot of things since my first baby was born (she is now 4.5 years old), and nothing really worked. I tried every unhealthy thing in the book.

Then I got engaged and our wedding is in August. I was at 189 pounds when I started my weight loss venture. The very first thing I did was ..

CUT OUT POP from your diet. If you drink pop, you're drinking a ton of sugar (not to mention the hellish things caffeine does to your body!). So I started drinking nothing but water. Occasionally, I will allow myself to have a milkshake or ice cream float or whatever. But all water, all day otherwise.

START A WEIGHT LOSS tracker. I made a spreadsheet to keep track of things that can affect diet - things like stress, period, how much I weigh each day, how much and what kinds of exercising I did for the day, how much water I drank, etc. This keeps me motivated when I find it glaring at me from my desktop each day.

CUT OUT PROCESSED FOODS (mostly). It's hard to stay away from processed foods in this culture, but I've done my best. More produce, less boxed dinners. I buy lots of chicken breasts, grill them or barbeque them and keep the portion sizes lower than the average American. Lots of salad (and I just use normal dressing because I like it so much).

STAY AWAY FROM CHEMICALS. Chemicals can affect your thyroid and adrenal function and that will sabotage weight loss faster than anything! No aspartame, caffeine, synthetic sugars, monosodium glutamate (MSG). Read labels and ingredients.

I don't count calories. It has never worked for me and most of what I eat doesn't have nutrition facts on it anymore, now that I've cut out the processed stuff. I also don't count fat grams. I've seen people do this and just fail. I mean, what are you measuring that based on? Ya know?

DON'T BE TOO STRICT. If you tell yourself "no chocolate, ever", you're setting yourself up for cravings. I allow myself things like chocolate (ON OCCASION) and just enjoy it while I have it without the guilt trip. It's worth it for a happier me!

EAT MOST OF YOUR CARBS DURING MIDDAY. Between noon and 4 it my magic window of eating opportunity. If there's something a little greasier than I should be eating but I still really want it, I eat it then. I eat Special K protein meal bars for breakfast (the double chocolate ones are DELICIOUS!), a normal but healthier lunch, and I try to keep dinner low in portion size and eat as early as possible.

DON'T EAT WITHIN 5 HOURS OF BEDTIME. Let your body digest food before going to bed, and you'll notice it on the scale the next day! If you MUST eat within those 5 hours, go with healthy things like fruit or Orrville Redenbacher's SmartPop popcorn. Keep it light.

EXERCISE! I do tae bo at least 5 times a week. I just youtube the Billy Blanks' videos on youtube and do one or two 9-minute workout of the Cardio Tae Bo or Ab Bootcamp Tae Bo. It does wonders! I remember enjoying tae bo when my gym teacher introduced it to us in high school, so that was my go-to exercise when I started exercising. In addition to the tae bo, I do a regular routine (which is about 15-20 minutes) that includes 100 crunches, 100 side crunches, 100 cross-leg crunches, 30 leg lifts per leg, 30 side leg lifts per leg, laying down squats (for inner thigh muscles), and 100 arm lifts with my 3-pound sand weights. (My arms are drastically thinner and more muscular!)

I also have a friend on facebook who is losing weight too and we give each other tons of feedback. She vents to me when she has a crappy day or eats half a pizza (lol) and I vent to her when I do the same, and we encourage each other when we do well. She is now 13 pounds down.

You can totally do this. You just have to have a determined mindset. And allow yourself forgiveness when you mess up!

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