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kerc's Avatar kerc 09:16 AM 11-01-2010
random bump in the night. Dh gets up to investigate, turning on our ceiling fan's light and leaving it on while he wanders the house....only to come back to bed, turn it off and fall back asleep. Fortunately I have some work to do....

Did you all see Shantimama is the moderator of the month? WOOT.

Must get my act together so that I can have a decent week. My DD1's bday party is Friday and my inlaws arrive thursday. I'm overwhelmed at the idea of both -- which is rather unlike me. Maybe my FIL will decide to rake our leaves since his son seems so unlikely to do it....... (for the record, I did the back yard last weekend on my weekend "off"....)

1jooj's Avatar 1jooj 10:50 AM 11-01-2010
Coming down with a cold. Think I am going to take the day one thing at a time and see if I can avoid the office. If I am feeling better mid-morning, maybe I'll head to the Y, but not going to pressure myself. Need to take a slow day, I think, and it has been such a busy few days that I have somehow, after a weekend, have a longer-than-ever to-do list. Bleh. I need some quiet, and the kids just got on the bus.

DS looks so cute with the remnants of his makeup still stuck on his eyes.
Nemesis's Avatar Nemesis 11:04 AM 11-01-2010
Good morning, Dingos!

Jo, feel better!

kerc- I hope you can get to bed early tonight (or get nap, if you do that).

Abagale (4) has been a snuggly beast all yesterday and so far this morning. She even napped yesterday, which is out of character for her. So, I am going to double check and make sure we have everything for an illness. She is rarely ill, unlike her older sister.

No running today, unless I can get one in tonight. I know how important it is for me to get up early to make time, but I still haven't figured out how to successfully implement that idea.
Mel38's Avatar Mel38 12:18 PM 11-01-2010
Hey there!!

So, I'm back home after a lovely few days at a translator/interpreter conference in Denver, CO. All in all, it was incredible, awesome hotel, tons of new business contacts and some nice new acquaintances, learned a lot and have a new ideas list as long as my arm. Whew.

Best of all, Gaye came out to meet me on Saturday night!! She's awesome, gorgeous and obviously just a cool person who loves what she does!

Anyway, Gaye's positive energy really must have been contagious, because after dinner, I ran into some of my translator friends on their way to the closing party. I had been planning to go to bed early since the shuttle was picking me up at 3:30 am for the 6 am flight but instead rushed upstairs to put on a dress, and ended up dancing till almost midnight! Which was a blast.

Flew home Sunday and just hung out with my family until it was time to do some ToTing. We met up with some other families and made it into a really nice outing with friends.

Now I have some catching up to do, but the Dingo shirts are right up there on my list for today. I will send out a confirmation to all of you who sent in checks. If you sent PP and I didn't confirm with you, please e-mail or PM me! I just want to be sure that I got everyone.

Have a great Monday, everyone!
mommajb's Avatar mommajb 01:21 PM 11-01-2010
Mel, for dingo meet ups. I find it so energizing and reaffirming to meet irl.

Nemesis, I am just now getting back to realy mornings. It really does fel better after the intial week or so. The becomes so much more spiritual and it is the only time I can be truly consistent. In general I have a much more positive feedback loop working in the wee hours of darkness. There is your kick in the .

jo, stay well!

nick, your long run sounds energizing. I am glad your new fuel belt is all that and more for you.

kerc, Now that the little ones are sleeping better I am much less resilient about middle of the night wakings. Peaceful vibes as you take your week on.

JG, 8 days early? That almost never happens. Woot!

Alex, it is good to see you around these parts as I havenot been frequent on FB or daily mile. What an understatement.

Geo, I have taken no action on walk to school. There are so many issues I care about right now that I am unsure about where to put my energy. Unfortunately this means I am accomplishing very little.

gaye, the trail run sounds grand. I thought one joy of trail running was that you didn't worry about splits and time so much as the terrain can be a big factor?

plady, your mom is moving to the island, right? Will she stay with you or does she already have her own place set to go?

real, I hope 4 days works for your mileage. I am impressed with how you fit your runs into your life. The jogger and I are not close friends right now.

lofty, you are going to have an awesome retreat center someday soon, I just know it.

La4, did you sign up for napkins for the December holiday party yet?

I oifted this morning, ran some errands, "crafted" with ds2, and am generally storing up energy for the evening run-around. DH is busy and then gone this week. I wish I had known this before I grocery shopped as I would have planned different meals, ones that involve less work and mess as he generally takes care of evening clean up.
mommajb's Avatar mommajb 01:22 PM 11-01-2010
serial posting...

bec, have you signed up for the Indy mini? Who else thought they might do it? I am waffling here in undecided-land.
Geofizz's Avatar Geofizz 01:40 PM 11-01-2010
Originally Posted by mommajb View Post
I oifted this morning,
Totally appropriate onomatopoeia of a typo.

On Walk to School, my involvement was initially adrenaline fueled -- a few closely spaced close calls through stupid actions of drivers got me started. At the start, my motivation to get kids walking to get cars off the road and therefore safer for those already walking. It was morphed into a less self-centered activity after getting involved with other parents working towards a similar end. They ended up being nice people, energetic, and a totally different type of person than those I work with. They even went running with me this morning .
JayGee's Avatar JayGee 02:17 PM 11-01-2010
Originally Posted by mommajb View Post
serial posting...

bec, have you signed up for the Indy mini? Who else thought they might do it? I am waffling here in undecided-land.
I'm toying with the idea, but since my leg is still an issue I think I'll wait until I can buy a registration from someone who can't use theirs instead of registering outright. So, I "may" be there !

Just back from the gyn. I have a cervical polyp that needs to be removed. Blech. Now aren't you glad you know that about me ! I officially can't stand my doctor. She's cranky and kind of rude. She's Hungarian and I wonder how much of her personality is just Eastern European cultural difference. I think I'm going to get a referral for someone else to do the removal though.
Mel38's Avatar Mel38 03:13 PM 11-01-2010
Originally Posted by JayGee View Post
She's cranky and kind of rude.
Seriously, that alone would be enough reason for me to get a referral. I figure, I don't need any more reasons to put off going to the gyn, yk? I don't do so well with that personality type.
kerc's Avatar kerc 03:23 PM 11-01-2010
Originally Posted by Mel38 View Post
Seriously, that alone would be enough reason for me to get a referral. I figure, I don't need any more reasons to put off going to the gyn, yk? I don't do so well with that personality type.
Plus why not see someone in your new town?
bec's Avatar bec 06:37 PM 11-01-2010
JG - Woot on the house! And and rude GYN. Definitely see someone else.

Mommajb - I haven't signed up yet. I have till the end of November for the cheap price. I think I am going to, though. I need something to motivate me out of this running funk I'm in!

Nic - Best.Long.Run.Report.Ever!!! I'm so glad it all came together for you! Sounds like a blast!

The weather is beautiful, and I could make the time, but I haven't been running. I think I'm intimidated by the outside. I think I need to not push the speed, and just try to get back my endurance, and slow down. I was feeling so fast as I went through the C25k, but I was also on a soft track, taking walk breaks, and not at the gym very much. But, it's time to get back to it, regardless of how fast I go. I just need to break out of this running funk!

On the plus side, I have been walking a LOT. Around 5 miles a day wearing this pup out! He's great. Super sweet, super nice, smart, and pretty well behaved. So long as I keep him worn out, that is! He's a bundle of naughty puppy energy when I don't!
modmom's Avatar modmom 07:10 PM 11-01-2010
Did everyone see Shantimama is moderator of the Month--what a beautiful picture.

Ran 4 miles not bad. Need to find motiviation and think about training for the princess half. why is it that I am so much more focused on training/running when we are experiencing adversity? Oh well not looking for any to come my way.
Plady's Avatar Plady 08:10 PM 11-01-2010
Originally Posted by JayGee View Post
I just can't seem to make exercise the priority it needs to be. Sigh...
<--well, except for the smile. I'm so there.

Mommajb - Yup, she's moving to the island. She arrived this morning. She has an apt where her pets are now and I set up a bed in case she wants to stay there at night but she's also welcome to stay here until her furniture arrives. It was raining cats and dogs until 5 minutes before she arrived so I took her to the thrift store right away for warmer footwear. This is simply not a nylons and pumps kind of place!

JayGee - ITA with a new person in a new place! And how cool to know your Y and know it's going to be great!

Mel and Gaye -<-- That's me, Green Eyed Monster but happy for you.

Jo -

Modmom - I hear you, I think running's therapeutic side is extra potent when we need it most

Bec - for you too! You'll get your mojo back. I know you will.

Kerc - I hate that!

Someone should start a new thread.
Nickarolaberry's Avatar Nickarolaberry 08:17 PM 11-01-2010
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