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pacificbliss's Avatar pacificbliss 09:28 AM 12-19-2010

wave.gifmama y sol I needed some inspiration. I think a lifetime member who lost 45 lbs will fit the bill nicely. Do you find you still need to track points or do you just pretty much have the system down for maintenance?


I am down another lb. considering the time of year I am quite pleased.

mama_y_sol's Avatar mama_y_sol 12:44 PM 12-19-2010

Hi Pacificbliss!   Some days I do track, others I don't.  I'd say its about 50/50 right now.  It truly has become a lifestyle change.  I track on some days just to make sure I don't stray too far.  Sometimes I still measure things just to make sure my portion sizes don't grow little by little. 


I remember last time this year I lost 2lbs during the week of thanksgiving and I was thrilled.  I couldn't believe that was possible.  Given the time of year, 1lb LOSS is fantastic.  Even just maintaining is a cause to celebrate in my book.  

Attila the Honey's Avatar Attila the Honey 01:41 PM 12-19-2010



I just joined WW 2 days ago.  I've never been on WW so the "new plan" isn't confusing to me, but I could tell by the meeting that a lot of ppl are struggling with it!  I am really glad to see a discussion on this topic here on Mothering.  :)

matey's Avatar matey 04:14 PM 12-19-2010
I'm totally failing. I have been working out but really struggling with counting points.
wish's Avatar wish 07:54 PM 12-27-2010

I just rejoined WW yesterday. I'm 5'2" and have about 50ish pounds to lose. The real motivator for me to join was getting some labs back, my lipids were awful!  Cholesterol and Triglycerides were too high, HDL too low. I decided that since Im 34 it's time to make a change and not just start some kind of medication. I'm a vegetarian, no eggs, no fish or any other meats, so sometimes that makes me a bit of a carbaholic redface.gif.


I personally like the new plan, especially the part about the fruits and veggies being 0 points. It always seemed to feel weird that I could eat some high fiber, fat free chemical laden thing for less points than a banana. I also like that it's taking the carbs and protein into account.  Back when they had the "core" program, I was able to stick to it but it allowed me to get away with eating tons of "whole wheat" anything. I also like the higher points, mentally it just makes me feel like I'm getting more. My biggest downfall is my night time wine, oh how I love it!  I've been saving points so I can have a glass, but then that just makes me want another.


Also...even if I go over my points or something, on this plan I at least am seeing how much I really eat.  I thought I did great yesterday and even ate out with a friend. I was shocked when I entered the points.  Every little thing does count!  Hopefully I can keep it up and have a motivating number by the end of the week.

AtYourCervices's Avatar AtYourCervices 07:41 PM 12-29-2010

I just joined Weight Watchers online a couple days ago. So far so good. I'm still getting used to it. I'm really trying to make working out a habit. I can't figure out the Challenges, Groups & Forums. Well, I can, but it just doesn't seem efficient enough for me. There seems like there could be better ways for them to handle the site.


I'm starting out at 220lbs at 5'8", hoping to get down under 160 lbs, and maybe one day 140 lbs.

theoldmommers's Avatar theoldmommers 08:29 AM 12-31-2010

Does anyone know if there is support on the site somewhere for people who are struggling with the new plan.  I was doing so well with the old one and now I just can't seem to get back in the groove.  My new points allotment just seemed so huge as do the weekly extra points.  I keep thinking - how can I lose weight on all that?  I know it's a mental thing since you get more points to allow for the now higher point carb foods.  I also have trouble with that.  4 points for two slices of sprouted wheat bread?  I can't work that in...etc.  I know I can actually, but I'm so stuck in my old ways.  I've lost weight with the old plan 3 times.


I wish they had some kind of conversion course for the old devotees.  You know - it's ok, it's not that different, yada, yada. 


Now I'm just not doing anything and the weight is coming back.  Help!  Before it's too late.


Oh, and argh...New Year's weight loss resolution - how trite and embarrassing.  I wanted to be done this by now.

Pumpkin_Pie's Avatar Pumpkin_Pie 08:53 AM 12-31-2010

I so want to join, but I am pretty low income right now.  I have done WW off and on over the past few years, but always seem to fall off the wagon when things get stressful in my life.  I was just offered a permanent position at my job that was seasonal, and I love it there and am moving into a very good neighborhood in a really great co-op apartment complex in three weeks.  I am thinking that when things settle down from the move that I am going to try to join again.  I think I would love fruit being 0, I remember really only eating berries and the occasional apple on the old plan and just jonesing for a banana.  I think I would definitely do well in the fruit department.  I never had a real issue getting veggies in, and would usually  have a very large salad with avocado and hard boiled egg whites every day at lunch, which was yummy, filling and very low points.  Then I would save a few points for a sweet/rich evening snack. 


My big issue is that I just don't keep myself on track unless I have the meetings to go to.  I need to lose about 100 pounds and that number just scares the heck out of me. I need to be able to keep up with my son and I need to lose it so that my arthritis doesn't end up winning.  I want to be healthy, I want to run again, and I want to live long enough to see my grandchildren or even my great grandchildren.  I am really going to try to make 2011 the year that I get it all together.  Work and housing are already there or almost there, hopefully my health will get there too!

gbailey's Avatar gbailey 05:18 PM 01-01-2011

I've finally given up my resistance to the Points Plus Program (I really didn't care for it at first) and am giving it a try. Today was my first day.  I was still following the old plan. I have to make a new list of snacks and what not but my friends on WW have continued success with the new program.


Pumpkin Pie, if you have health insurance check with your plan about WW discounts. A lot of plans have seriously great discounts. Also, PM me if you need a good exercise DVD. I have a couple of extras. Happy New Year:)

Pumpkin_Pie's Avatar Pumpkin_Pie 06:23 PM 01-01-2011

I have Medicaid, so I am not sure they would cover it.  Wish they would.  I may call on  Monday to double check though.

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