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Summertime Mommy's Avatar Summertime Mommy 09:15 AM 12-27-2010

Over the last year, I have gained over 30 pounds, and I am so disgusted with myself, I don't even like looking in the mirror. I have been trying to excercise regularly and eat better, for months, but it is really hard since I can't afford the gym anymore and I am living with my mom in the land of junk food. (I swear that is all she eats.) So, I am going to start a thread to try and make myself accountable for what I am doing by posting to this thread daily. Anyone who wants to join, feel free.


This is what I have done today;

20 minute yoga dvd and 10 minutes of strength

 I did have three peanut butter cookies for breakfast though, which was pretty counterproductive.

Oceanone's Avatar Oceanone 11:53 PM 01-03-2011

I have had a trying year too.  I am right there with you!  Be kind to yourself - I know it is hard.  I have a long road ahead of me and I want to be happier and healthier this year.  You are right, it's the little things every day that will bring us success.