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Plady's Avatar Plady 09:34 AM 03-06-2011

Darn it.  I had a bunch of multi-quotes but I guess they disappeared.  I still resent the new format. irked.gif


MM - Holy cow!  That sounds like a stressful week, I'm glad your Dh is okay, but how scary, not something you see coming at our age.  And, sorry about the work situation, could it be like 'wax on wax off'?


RM - clap.gif Nicely done!  And I concur, your son is so lucky to be your son. 


JenLove - Sending good thoughts to you and dh.


Geo - I'm with everyone else, it sounds really swell (I know that word is often used sarcastically but I mean it sincerely) to have a family like that.  Is a Significant Butterfat Infusion a particular thing?  I used to get hives like that but I haven't in a while, it was always related to cold weather. 


Penelope - hug2.gif I'm sorry about your job being almost just right excpt for the part that makes you cry.


JayGee - Can't wait to read your race report.


Okay, gotta go learn the Godly Play lesson I'm presenting in two hours.  Nothing like leaving plenty of time to learn something right?


Nickarolaberry's Avatar Nickarolaberry 11:40 AM 03-06-2011

Way to go, JayGee and RM! Terrific races.


Hugs to all who need them.


Had a very nice long run this morning which would have been even better if dh had not had to come pick me up two miles short because he had to get to an emergency in the hospital which turned out to be nothing. eyesroll.gif Oh well. At least we stopped after for breakfast/lunch. The best part was that going down the road, I run by a rowing boathouse center. And on the way out on my run (it's an out and back run along Casey Key, which is a barrier island here right near my house) I blew right by a boys' high school or college team who were jogging (and walking). I'm sure they were post-workout but man, it was fun to fly by them.


Next Sunday...half marathon. This week...vacation. And Naughty Dingo and family are in the vicinity (like, 10 minutes away)...so I'm REALLY hoping for a Dingo meetup, run, and social time.


Ok...off to get my van washed, and possibly go bra shopping. Desperate here!


bec's Avatar bec 12:48 PM 03-06-2011

Awesome race, JayGee!!!!!  I can only dream of such a time!

mommajb's Avatar mommajb 01:30 PM 03-06-2011
JG and Lisa, you two are speedy! Awesome dingo representation in the weekend races.

Thursday was hellish. Friday I got my antibitoics. Today I ran 16 miles at 9:11 avg. The last two miles were pure will power. I hear that if training hurts enough the race is fun and that the opposite also holds true.

Things are scooting along here otherwise. I know this past week of mine might strike some of you a normal but I think it is crazy. I did some serious cutting and editing on this post so as not to bore you all. I am so tired I feared I was rambing. :yawn
Runningmommy's Avatar Runningmommy 02:01 PM 03-06-2011

mamajb~ wowzer, 16 at 9:11 pace one day on antibiotics???  Holy mackerel!  way to go!  I love reading about your days, it makes me feel closer to you, like I know you better, and camaraderie that there are other moms out there like me.  :)


Jaygee~woot!!  you rock mama!  injury got nothin' on you babe!


nic~nice 11 miler before the half!  Can't wait to hear about your race.  Hope you get to meet up with the ND family, they are soooo wonderful (as are all dingos!!). 


tjsmama~way to get in the serious skiing, working/school, running bit!  Wow, I don't know how you keep up with it all. 


RR: no run for me today, there is still time but, nah, not doing it.  :)  I have a light load this week so I might just add today's run on tomorrow's schedule instead of an off day.  We'll see. 






Geofizz's Avatar Geofizz 04:10 PM 03-06-2011

Originally Posted by Runningmommy View Post

mamajb~ wowzer, 16 at 9:11 pace one day on antibiotics???  Holy mackerel!  way to go!  I love reading about your days, it makes me feel closer to you, like I know you better, and camaraderie that there are other moms out there like me.  :)


Yes to both comments.  Besides, I always love the little twist of irony and sarcasm you add to your descriptions.  I find your writing both entertaining and inspiring, even when describing the mundane. 


RP and I headed out for 7-8 miles, we both felt quite good at 8 with time to do one more.  9.1 miles at 9:52 pace.  Sneaking up on a mommajb marathon pace for my LR times...


More hives after today's run.  What gives?


Plady:  A Significant Butterfat Infusion could be provided by anything with a Significant Butterfat Content.  Last night it was fancy local mint chip ice cream hand blended by DH with local whole milk for a decadent set of milk shakes. 

1jooj's Avatar 1jooj 04:21 PM 03-06-2011

JayGee, wow. Really, wow. Way to go. You and RM are speedy.


mommajb, I agree with RM. I like to hear about people's lives here. And even though I've been a reliable roller coaster myself these past 4 or so years, I look forward to a slower life ahead. Sometimes I think you might fear boring people and cut so much out that I wonder what's really going on and how you really are. And WOW  on such a LR on abx. Be careful. I hope at least most of the run felt really good. Hugs. If life feels crazy, it probably is.


We have water. A little more than I like in the basement, but that is another story. And one way or another, I will get my MacBook before I leave. I think the Civic will get me a MacBook.


I did 30min on the elliptical, some yoga, a whirlpool and a sauna this AM, and then visited with friends this afternoon. Almost like normal people. Tonight, getting ahead on some housework, haircuts, homework and showers, and probably popcorn for supper.


Here's what stress and not working out does: somehow, while dh was gone this past trip, my weight spiked again. ("Somehow" would be bedtime carb-loading and not enough time to run.) Just since he returned and I got back to working out (not working the job helps), I have dropped 6 lbs. It's totally frustrating, but I am back on my way, and hope to be near goal before relocating. The expats claim there's a "Dubai Stone," so I really can't afford not to get on top of this. And, I feel so much more equipped to deal with the gauntlet of relocation now than I did two weeks ago.


Motivated Mama's Avatar Motivated Mama 05:52 PM 03-06-2011
I also like reading about everyone's life on here - boring or not wink1.gif

Today, I was up at 5am again, waited until 7 to go to the gym (they open at 7), and ran 45 minutes at a 9:53 pace (2 1-minute walk breaks not included). I'm pretty happy with that. I worked today and it wasn't too bad. DH was at my parents with the kids when I was on my way home so I made myself some ravioli with roasted red pepper and garlic sauce and bought myself some wine. DH is home now, kids are in bed, we're sharing some wine (I convinced him that one glass wasn't going to kill him, hopefully) and we're getting ready to watch a movie. All in all, a good day. smile.gif
memiles's Avatar memiles 06:38 PM 03-06-2011

I could seriously use a Significant Butterfat Infusion right about now.  Just sayin.

Nemesis's Avatar Nemesis 06:54 PM 03-06-2011

Hey, Dingos!  I was hoping to get my shit together last week while the kids were gone- and I did get some exercise in!  But I ate my weight in junk food (especially pizza and beer!) so I am feeling pretty horrible.  I need to get a better plan, and for my Dh to stop being such an enabler!  blowkiss.gif  He gains and loses the same 10lbs over and over again, and I just gain and gain and gain..  Ugh.


So, running this week.  Next week I work a ton.  The craft show totally rocked!  It was the best and I sold a lot, for once!   I am so glad to have a successful day, after so many crummy shows and so much doubt.  It was what I needed, and it was so easy being inside.  Also, Dh was there.  love.gif


I am trying to get a better handle of my online time, so I might not be around much.  I pretty much have to have a strict limit or I will blow off other things in order to play on facebook!  

kerc's Avatar kerc 08:06 PM 03-06-2011

busy busy weekend.

don't think just run (err,ski):complete. Although once I was out there I really wanted to do two loops.

Realrellim's Avatar Realrellim 09:05 PM 03-06-2011
MM--sorry to hear about your DH. I hope you have a much easier week this week!

RM--bow.gif So you qualified for an age group prize, right? Wow. Simply amazing.

Penelope--sending goodvibes.gif that things improve with the job situation.

1jooj--ugh! We had to replace the well pump at our trailer in the mountains this summer. Not fun and really pricey.

Geo--sounds like you had a nice time. We're not normal either, but it doesn't bother me too much. Though, that's changing as I get to know some of the other parents at R's school and realize how far we are from the norm these days.

tjsmama--good to know. I'm seriously considering the Lookout Mountain one, but waiting to talk summer plans with DH before registering. If I register, it will force me to swim, right? lol.gif Also, glad to see you got that 10 in and should have a little more time for running now.

JayGee rocks!!! clap.gif

Nick--sorry your run got cut short, but it sounded interesting while it lasted. I too need bras. Maybe this week?

mommajb--that's an awesome pace. Wow.

Nemesis--glad the craft show went so well.

kerc--yay for skiing. orngbiggrin.gif

After Wednesday's run up the great big hill near my daughter's school with the double jogger, I wanted to take it on again solo. I used to live in the apartments at the top of that hill so running up it was one of my earliest running experiences, and more ironically, it was 10 years ago last month that I started running, right up that hill and in that neighborhood. So, today I headed out for the hill and it wasn't nearly as hard without the jogger. It was long, which I remember from ten years ago, but quite manageable. Then I headed west along a stretch of road that didn't exist when I lived in the apartments, eventually connected to a "trail" along a canal ("trail" because at one point I had to cross on a railroad bridge in order to get to the other side of the canal), then up another hill, back down to the lake near my house, on the trails near the lake and home. Total: 9.5 miles at a 10:30 pace. Not bad for a hilly route, and 21.5 miles in for this week! I barely ever manage a 20-mile week, so this was exciting.
KJoslyn78's Avatar KJoslyn78 09:47 PM 03-06-2011

JayGee and RM - Way to rock this weekend! joy.gif


hug.gif and goodvibes.gif to those that need 'em


boring weekend. I actually attempted stairs today, but doing what I've been doing for months, good leg up, drag the bad one. At least i can do that?

As far as a 3 day limited running, i likely will be doing that when i get the green light to run (likely re-doing C25K, but with DH this time). I'm hoping to get the OK to do non-impact stuff when i go in Tuesday (swimming, maybe elliptical), as well as I'll be doing pt to strengthen the whole knee/thigh/etc (since the Or tho office dragged this out since October, and the original injury happened back last July). But I'm moving great just 6 days out (a little rough if I've been still to long, i noticed when up got up at the end of church today).


On the note of doing C25K with DH, I'm really glad he is going to join me in running. He use to be a runner to (before we were together), but the last few years he's been addicted to World of Warcraft (not to hate it, i play a little, but it really can be so addictive, and thus destructive). And some of my friends have started running since I've been out of commission... mostly I'm glad to have others IRL here supportive as well when I'm ready to hit "the road" again.


hope everyone has a great week this week!

tjsmama's Avatar tjsmama 09:50 PM 03-06-2011
Um, yeah. I may have slept till noon today. yikes.gifbag.gif

I did NOT want to do my long run, but I dragged myself out. My fantastic friend who ran with me last week met me again today, and it's a darn good thing. It wasn't pretty, and it wasn't fast, but it's done!

And then I came home and took a two hour nap. bag.gif

Tomorrow, I promise to be much, much better with personals! redface.gif
Nickarolaberry's Avatar Nickarolaberry 08:55 AM 03-07-2011

Thank you, Secret Sprinter! What a nice package to get this morning. LOVE it.


(shhhh...I bought that book for my secret sprintee too....how fun!)



JenLove's Avatar JenLove 11:56 AM 03-07-2011

DH comes home this evening, and I guess things are ok business-wise.  Thanks for the juju - it was much appreciated! :)


Jo ~ Since he comes in tonight, we'll do our groceries and errands and come home.  You'll have to send us some good times to come visit in the next few weeks or so.  Glad the pump is going a-okay now.


Gaye ~ Wow on sleeping til noon!  Those long hours can wear on a person.


Nemesis ~ Congrats on the good show!


Who's participating in Lent?  What are you letting go of?  I always like to hear!  I haven't decided about myself yet...



lorijds's Avatar lorijds 12:02 PM 03-07-2011

I know I don't post much (and can't even keep up regularly), but I still enjoy reading how everyone's training is going, it's very inspirational.


I am still super slow, and freaking out that the half is in 6 weeks, but I did a 7 mile run yesterday without stopping, so I feel pretty good about that.  I've stuck with my training schedule religiously the last two weeks:  running according to schedule, two days a week of Bodypump, one day a week of yoga, plus some dog walking and stationary biking interspersed in there....and I've gained 4 pounds.  A serious bummer, considering that my goal is to lose 40.  Oh well, I'm assuming it will come off eventually, but I was NOT pleased when I stepped on the scale this morning.  I can't tell any difference in my clothes, either.  I would love to lose 15 pounds by the half, I think that'd be so much easier on my knees and my time would improve, but I guess I'll just have to take whatever I can get.


Nick, I just wanted to comment on the celiac issue:  I have several family members with celiac/gluten intolerance.  My cousin (who lived with me off and on during my childhood) was diagnosed at age 3.  Our family always had gluten free options, and it never seemed weird that all our birthday cakes were some form of rice crispy treats!  Several of my cousins were ultimately diagnosed with celiac, and all of them feel so much better off of any gluten.  We were raised in a redneck, small, rural community, and my cousins are still good old boys at heart for the most part, but particularly in the last 15 years, eating gluten free has not been an issue for them.  They said they rarely have issues finding gluten free menu options when eating out (particularly now with the low carb craze), and that it's now extremely easy to buy gluten free products.  


My cousin who was recently diagnosed said the easiest was to go cold turkey, and to not try to find substitutes right away.  He felt that the substitutes were never quite what he wanted, in the beginning;  but that after 6-8 months, he couldn't remember what wheat-based breads and pastas tasted like anymore, and *then* the substitutes were fine.  Good luck!

memiles's Avatar memiles 12:05 PM 03-07-2011

RR:  3.8 glorious miles.  Gloriously sunny but cold, exactly how I like it.  Made up for the suckage that was my Saturday run.


In other news, it seems that I've purchased everything I need to cosmetically revamp my bathrooms and paint my bedroom.  New vanities and faucets, paint, flooring.  In a special stroke of luck, we hit Home Depot and found no VOC paint on sale for $15 a gallon, so I also bought paint for my bedroom.  Now it seems I need to figure out a way to get in all installed doing most of the work myself.


For those of you on FB that saw my little meltdown last night, here's the story (got to get this out in a place where DH won't see).  Started the day snapping at my sister (who was being normal selfish self, but that's no excuse for my swiping back).    Went shopping for all the above supplies plus the food my sister asked me to bring 6 hours before the event started.  Got home, DH took a shower.  Got in the car to drive to my sister's (an hour away) for my brother's birthday dinner.  Half a mile from home, DH announces he's forgotten his glasses and turns around to go get them.  Sends Courtney in to get them.  She can't find them.  He goes in.  Five minutes later, I go in.  He can't find them.  Spend another 15 minutes looking.  Go out, get girls out of the car and get them looking.  Spend another 15 minutes looking.  Ellie starts crying since DH is snapping at everyone like it's somehow our fault.  Have DD call my sister and tell her we probably aren't going to make it as DH is losing it and I don't want to drive the entire way myself.  Spend another hour looking in insane, random places.  Make the girls and Dave crap for dinner that I refuse to eat cause that's what I do when I get in a bad mood and I'm pissed about spending $50 on appetizers we aren't going to eat.  Get the Ellie in bed, go to get myself to bed at 8 because I am DONE...........and the glasses are sitting there, plain as day, on the bathroom counter.  I'm not kidding, I looked in there at least 3 times.  Both girls looked in there.  DH looked in there.


I go back and forth between DH found them somewhere else and set them there as to not have to admit the stupid place he set them down and ZOMG, there is something freaky going on in my house.  DH swears it's the latter.  I'm thinking I might smudge the house just in case.

JayGee's Avatar JayGee 04:01 PM 03-07-2011

memiles ~ how unbearably frustrating!  I had a boyfriend in college who was ALWAYS misplacing stuff (wallet, glasses, car keys) and we'd turn his dormroom upside down to find whatever.  For some reason, I always felt resposible, even if I totally wasn't.  Ugh.  Hope today has been better.


lori ~ good job increasing your miles!  You'll definitely be ready for the 1/2!


JenLove ~ glad your DH will be home soon.  How's pregnancy treating you this time around?  Hopefully not too badly.  Even though we attend a church that doesn't "do" Lent, DH (former Catholic) and I (former Lutheran) love the practice of giving up something.  This year it's ice cream!  For 40 whole days.  Yikes!


The parentals headed back to NH this morning.  Overall the visit went well, although DH felt alienated at times, and I hate the way my mother is always correcting my childrens' behavior.  Still, a nice visit.  As soon as they left, I took everyone to the YMCA and took a fabulous spin class.  Today was a school holiday in Illinois (Casmir Pulaski Day... don't ask why). I am so ready to return to my regularly scheduled life tomorrow.

bec's Avatar bec 04:26 PM 03-07-2011

Casimir Pulaski was a Polish general in the Revolutionary war.  As I understand it, he was fairly important to the war effort, but that is the limit of my knowledge.  Chicago has a HUGE Polish population, thus with the reality that is Chicago politics, Casimir Pulaski day was born.  It was my favorite thing about living in Illinois when I was growing up!  Made my mom crazy.  My children's district, however, does not observe CP day.



Dmitrizmom's Avatar Dmitrizmom 04:51 PM 03-07-2011

So off of my plan. Sick again - this time I got it from the babe.  Hopefully we will both be on the mend soon.


JenLove - we're doing lent here.  I'm starting with giving up pop and coffee for a week (dh observed that I'm going to be very cranky and he's going to have to re-direct me).  assuming the no pop/coffee thing doesn't kill me the first week, I will keep it up throughout.  Chocolate is also going on the chopping block.  BUT, to replace my vices, I'm going to try increasing my water intake (which has been awful lately), and spend more time playing with the kids.  Can I just say that I love having a late Easter season?  It may be vain of me, but dd1 will be receiving her 1st Communion the Sunday after Easter and I want to trim down enough that I need a new dress.



Today we met with the speech therapist at ds's school - he's going to get speech therapy for the next 36 school weeks - he has some massive gaps in consonant sounds (like 9/70, instead of the 65/70 he should have).  Hoping that he makes good progress.  He doesn't qualify for help over the summer tho. :( and I hope we don't lose any progress.


Tonight I will play on the Wii, tomorrow is kettlebell class. Hoping that this week is better than last.

tjsmama's Avatar tjsmama 05:01 PM 03-07-2011
Casimir Pulaski day? headscratch.gif

It's so weird having Monday off...I kind of don't know what to do with myself! orngtongue.gif DS woke me up at 4 am, having puked in his bed after a coughing fit, so that was ohsofun. He was totally fine, but changing sheets and pj's at 4 am was not really how I was hoping to start the day. We had kind of a lazy morning, and then I headed to the Y to hamster wheel it after dropping DS at school. I really should have just sucked it up and run outside, but it was cold and threatening to snow. Of course, it didn't, and isn't yet. rolleyes.gif

Anyway, 4 miles on the dreadmill, and I think I will go to spin class tomorrow. Just because I can. orngbiggrin.gif
kerc's Avatar kerc 05:16 PM 03-07-2011


Originally Posted by Dmitrizmom View Post

JenLove - we're doing lent here.  I'm starting with giving up pop and coffee for a week (dh observed that I'm going to be very cranky and he's going to have to re-direct me).  assuming the no pop/coffee thing doesn't kill me the first week, I will keep it up throughout. 

Ok I'm in. I'll need to wean off caffeine so I'm not a raging lunatic. And now that I'm saying that: holy crap I only have one day, huh? Geez.


I'm so sick of meetings on Monday night. Kids have swim lessons, I have no other obligations -- I'd love to run or ski but meetings. Blech. Let's hope it is over quickly.


Plady's Avatar Plady 05:42 PM 03-07-2011

Thank you SS!  I got the coolest coffee cup with a chalkboard on it!  How fun is that?  Of course the girls, in their rush to see if it is really real, wiped off the Run! that SS had written on it. rolleyes.gif  I'm already psyched to try the coffee (and to wipe up my inevitable spill, the dish towel) in the morning.


RR: I ran 2.87.  Yes, I claim it down to the hundredth of a mile because I thought the run was 2.2 and was seriously bummed that I was so slow.  then I got hoe and mapped it and got the bonus .67 mile!  Yup, sad day I know to be feeling victorious over a fraction of a mile.  Oy.




Nickarolaberry's Avatar Nickarolaberry 05:52 AM 03-08-2011

When do we do the reveal package for SS? I forgot.


AWESOME run with Erika (Naughty Dingo) this morning. It was so great to see her -- haven't seen her in 20 years but she looks just as gorgeous and the same! (We were sorority sisters in college and didn't realize who the other was on here until last year. It was very funny).


Having some major emotional fallout today, and on 3 hours sleep. I know I haven't gone into it and still feel like I can't but I need some hugs and some reminders that this too, I shall get through. Sigh.


Hoping the cleaning lady shows up as planned..oops there's the doorbell.


Motivated Mama's Avatar Motivated Mama 06:03 AM 03-08-2011
Dmitrizmom - we had a meeting yesterday too, with my son's preschool about special services.

He's struggling with social skills and learning, so they're going to send somebody to work with him three days a week for an hour at a time. I'm still of the mind that he is consistently six months behind and eventually we'll all be able to put this behind us. They discussed putting him in a different program where the teacher:student ratio would be better, but in that case he would be with all special needs children. I brought up taking him home and working with him one-on-one since I AM home and you should have seen the looks of shock I got. Can you IMAGINE? I couldn't possibly help him myself. Anyway, we'll see how it goes. I do think he'll do better with some one-on-one attention and since social skills is one of the things he needs to work on, I do think I should keep him in the classroom setting.

Today is my birthday. DH is working all day. My dad is planning on coming over. Maybe he'll stay with the kids and I can go for a run outdoors for once. I told him I wanted some running gear (bras actually, but he doesn't need to know the specifics smile.gif) and my mom asked what I wanted and I told her I wanted her to make something with the kids for me. DH never thinks about doing stuff with the kids for me. DD was born on May 4 and I got nothing for mother's day with my first baby. I still love him though love.gif He's building me a road bike which is awesome and my other mother (the one who gave birth to me) gave me $ and a knife set. I'm going to buy real bras with that since all I have is nursing bras and I haven't nursed DD2 in over a year!

OK, gotta get the kids ready for school. Planning a 4.5 mile run today and 5.25 total with walking.
JayGee's Avatar JayGee 06:13 AM 03-08-2011

MM ~ Happy Birthday!


Nic ~ that sounds like a wonderful run with ND!  And I'm sending you some of those much needed hugs hug2.gif.


We're finally back to normal today with school schedules and life.  DS starts his state achievement testing today and the school is making it such a BIG, fat, hairy deal.  Ugh!  I'm going to the Y for a nice, long swim after taking DD2 to preschool.  I watched DD1's gymnastics last night (DH usually takes her), and holy crap, is it tough!  She was a trooper though, after a sleepover, 2 hours of indoor soccer and inflatables yesterday afternoon, and no nap she went strong the entire hour and a half.  Yikes!

Nickarolaberry's Avatar Nickarolaberry 06:13 AM 03-08-2011

Happy Birthday MM!



bec's Avatar bec 06:49 AM 03-08-2011

Happy Birthday MM!!!!


Nic - I don't know what is happening in your life right now, but I do know that you are strong, courageous, kind and compassionate.  You have passion for your life, job and family.  Whatever upsetting thing is going on, you can come through this intact and stronger for it.  Support and hug2.gif coming, always.



1jooj's Avatar 1jooj 07:22 AM 03-08-2011

Happy birthday, MM! Hope you're feeling surrounded by love.


Nick, I'm glad you and ND got to run together! And whatever it is, hugs.


We are the furthest thing from "normal" right now. Got the home inspection report back, and I guess it could be a lot worse, but for now it is still a major pita to power through. Electrician and a contractor need to come out. Some repairs, some estimates, and worst is some concern over possible asbestos in the basement (!!!). Not only are we wiped over everything we have to do, but we are raving-lunatic mad that, when we moved in and had the place inspected, all this was glossed over to rush the sale.


So I will do my barn chores, hit the Y, pick up the kids and take them for photos over lunch, send in the app for their school over there, come home and hopefully, hopefully make headway with the stuff we need to do for the home sale. I really, really want to be through this part. Dh is taking 2 days off this week to prepare for our first "stuff sale" this Saturday. I hope we can both get rid of lots of stuff and get fair money for some of the nice things we have. I just ordered myself a messenger bag, and after we sell some stuff, I think I'll order that Mac.


Trying to keep a calm vibe as we navigate this. Lots of conscious breathing.

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