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anyalily's Avatar anyalily 02:52 PM 04-11-2011

I would love some been-there-done-that advice.


I have been on weight watchers in a focused way for four weeks. Except for the initial loss of about 4 lbs. I have not lost anything! I have been exercising and counting my points. In the past, I have had great losses while on weight watchers and it got me to my pre-preg weight.


But here I am almost three years post-partum and I can't seem to lose any more. I am losing inches (slowly) because of the exercise and not overeating, but I would really love to lose another 20 pounds to feel ready for another pregnancy. I am 176-177 now and 5'5 so I think I would feel great at about 150. 


Right now, I would love to see 169!


Any advice is appreciated. Do I just have to wait until we wean to lose this stupid weight? Or maybe if I hang in there it will kick in and I will see good losses. Maybe the exercise is masking the weight loss. How long does that happen for.


Rant over. Thanks!

physmom's Avatar physmom 04:12 PM 04-11-2011

When DD was 18 months I felt almost exactly like you did (but I had a lot more weight to lose).  I felt frustrated because nothing seemed to be working and a blamed a good part of that to hunger while nursing.  I started running almost daily and that then inspired me to really look at my diet and consider where I struggled. I came to the realization that sugar/artificial sweeteners was the bane of my existence and I cut it out completely.  Not only did that cut back on the number calories I was eating a day but it made me less hungry in general because sugar was causing other cravings.  Add to that that I felt so much better and was able to push myself harder in workouts. 


Since then I've lost quite a bit of weight and I've tried various things during that period (I tend to switch up my exercise so I don't get bored).  Currently I'm doing a lot of weight lifting and intervals when I do cario (either running, on the bike, or swimming).  I work out 5-6 days a week and try to take that pretty seriously.  I'm starting to get into calorie counting because my weight loss has slowed but I did really well eating whole foods+intuitive eating for a long time. 


My suggestion would be to really look at your diet and see if there are anything things that you struggle with.  From other people I've talked to low-carb/no sugar is a good way to lose weight while nursing (it doesn't have to be as extreme as atkins but just limit carbs and only use whole wheat).  Also what are you doing for workouts?  I'd highly recommend lifting if you're not doing that already.