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hedgehogs4's Avatar hedgehogs4 02:21 PM 04-18-2011



I am so frustrated!  I'm training for running my first 5K next month.  I had to stop my run today because I was leaking urine so badly!  My youngest is almost 3 so I'm not exactly postpartum.  This hasn't been a problem recently but obviously I need to do some pelvic training.  Does anyone have any hopeful/helpful suggestions?  




- Amanda

o'smom's Avatar o'smom 10:03 AM 04-24-2011

I have the same problem and sometimes wear a pad but it can get uncomfortable if I'm leaking heavily.  I discovered that if I use a tampon I don't leak at all - must have something to do with the muscles holding the tampon or it exerting pressure or something - I don't know.  I'm not thrilled to use tampons when I don't even have my period, but until I can tighten my pelvic muscles enough it's a solution that works for me.

hedgehogs4's Avatar hedgehogs4 05:14 AM 04-25-2011

Thanks for your reply :)  That's worth a try - maybe I can wear my divacup and see if it helps - I'm just stressed about running a 5K in public and having this issue come up.  

StellaNuova's Avatar StellaNuova 07:36 PM 05-01-2011

I went to physical therapy for urinary incontinence...I felt I was way too young to have this problem!  I was really skeptical but it is so worth it!  It really solved my problem, about 95% and I felt so much better!  I just had a third baby, and plan to go back for a little tune up...hope this helps!

GoGoGirl's Avatar GoGoGirl 09:30 PM 05-02-2011

I just read this yesterday, you might find some helpful thoughts there.  My problem with running right now is that even when I pee right before my run, I need to pee again a mile into it!  I'm really hoping this goes away once I have the baby.  :-)




Redheaded_Momma's Avatar Redheaded_Momma 07:34 AM 05-09-2011

I'm 9 months PP. I just started running about a month ago and yesterday I passed a port-o-john while on my run and I thought I should use it but didn't. Guess I should have b/c I ended up peeing my pants on the way home. I hope to look at the article GoGoGirl suggested but it's blocked at the computer I am using right now. Good to know about PT though!

StellaNuova's Avatar StellaNuova 08:06 PM 05-09-2011

The PT for this region also helps make DTD even more fun...seriously, it was an unexpected & fun side