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vermontgirl 04-02-2012 03:10 PM

Hi ladies,


Just wondering what you are all doing to lose weight. What have you found that works well for weight loss? What foods are you skipping, what foods feel good to you? How much are you exercising?


I could use lots of ideas!



Amanda_Reyasmom 04-02-2012 03:24 PM

I'm doing mostly low carb/gf--sometimes pizza sneaks in.. oops! 


Shakeology- LOVE that stuff, but it's spendy.  When I'm feeling lazy it's a meal replacement.. other times a snack if I need to up my calories--I just broke a plateau by adding food.  


I'm doing P90X.  I've lost 91lbs since I started it last May.  I modify everything, And took a few month long breaks lol.  When I started I did wall push-ups.. then I progressed to the stairs kinda modifying.  

joyfulheart 04-02-2012 07:59 PM

I joined Weight Watchers in January of this year.  I l.o.v.e. having a weekly weigh-in before my meeting, and I love going early to talk with the other people on the program.  I've only lost 11 pounds, but slow and steady wins the race.


The other positive is -- we got a puppy.  I try to walk him everyday for about 45 minutes.  I know I would not be getting as much exercise without him.


And, I started a weight loss journal.  I've been writing in it since the end of January.  I write things I'm learning and inspirational tid-bits I get out of Weight Watchers magazine and weight loss books (from the library.)  It's great to re-read what I've written when my motivation and inspiration is not strong.


Hope that helps!


Peace ~~

kythe 04-02-2012 08:11 PM

I've vowed to work out at the gym at least 3 times a week.  It's not much, but if I do too much too quickly I burn out and stop exercising.  I've found from past experience that if I'm physically active, everything else in my life (including diet) falls into place.  Exercise helps me feel good about my body.  When I feel good about myself, I want to take care of myself even more.  I start remembering that I deserve to eat well, and my diet will start shaping up without too much effort on my part.  But the cycle starts with exercise.


How heavy do you need to be to join Weight Watchers?  According to my BMI I'm obese.  I could lose 40-50 lbs.

BlueStateMama 04-03-2012 01:57 AM

I have 25 - 30 lbs to lose.  I'm at the gym about 5 days a week - one hour cardio then heavy lifting (different "splits" of body parts" for about 30 minutes after.  I try to walk outside too about 2-3 days a week for an hour on top of that. 


Breakfast:  smoothie - splash of unsweetened cranberry juice, small scoop weigh protein powder, ground flax seed, organic frozen berries, a banana, plain greek yogurt and water


Lunch: usually a salad and protein


Dinner: whatever I cook for the family but I use extra lean ground turkey instead of beef, fish, chicken, lots of whatever veggie (roasted usually) and a small amount of our carb (trying to stick to quinoa, brown rice, etc)


Still having a glass of white wine at night when I cook (love that - but bad heartburn has been readily helping me stick to one!)


Water, lots of green tea, heavy CLA supplements


Just got back into everything in a truly committed way - lost 2 pounds so far (week)



Loooooooooong way to go!!!!!!

DeerMother 04-03-2012 06:02 AM

I'm not seeing lots of results but I am

-exercising 3x a week. Was about 5x but I've started working more so this is realistic. I work as a  housecleaner so even if I'm not at the gym, I'm still active.

-not eating gluten

-joined WW. Today begins my second week. Struggling with getting in the swing of that. Not a lot of emphasis on whole foods, rather "products".

-totally cut out soda since 1/12

-just switched our big meal of the day to lunch instead of dinner.


I have 30 lbs to lose to get into the healthy range. 40 lbs is my goal. Since January, I have lost about 1/2 lb a week. I have not got the big initial weight loss some people get and that discourages me.

Attila the Honey 04-03-2012 06:55 AM

I am losing weight by tracking what I eat on loseit (counting calories), walking my dogs daily, drinking a lot of water, and making sure to eat plenty of protein.  I have lost 5.2lbs in 3 weeks.

tillymonster 04-11-2012 01:05 PM

I was doing MyFitnessPal which is great, but wasn't working. 1500 cals a day while nursing and working out. You'd think I'd have lost something. *sigh*


Then I tried the Paul McKenna eat till your full but only when you are *actually* hungry "I Can Make You Thin" system and that did work, a year ago, now, it's not! Nothing is making any difference!


I'm really looking for some ideas and am subscribed to this thread! I'm still nursing a 2yo so trying the 17 day diet may not be a great idea. I was thinking of doing a version of it though, maybe skipping over cycle 1. 


Does the ACV thing really work? I'm also taking encapsulated CO pills I got from Whole Foods. I've noticed zero difference. But-- I am dealing with Hashimoto's Thyroiditis and am currently on a trial of Levothyroxine. *sigh* I just want to loose 30lbs before I start trying for baby #2!!!

1jooj 04-15-2012 01:16 AM

I've been exercising, almost always pretty regularly, for the past 6 years or so, and still have had difficulties maintaining a steady, healthy weight.


I am now almost halfway through a Whole 30. Essentially, it is a whole-foods focused way of eating that also eliminates sugar, dairy, grains, gluten and anything artificial. It is not specifically a weight-loss diet, but a month-long clean-up--of the body, the mind and the habits that create conditions for health problems. And it's not a diet in a vacuum, but part of an overall approach to life that values activity, good sleep, stress management, play, personal growth, sobriety, and other factors that support a whole person.


I feel pretty amazing, and in two more weeks I will report on weight lost over this 30-day period.

DeerMother 04-15-2012 05:28 AM

I'm finally having results. I lost 3 lbs last week. More than that, though, my body feels different. I don't feel like my pooching stomach leads the way. I feel stronger in my upper body. I am proud of myself for being able to do what I"m doing in the gym. I expect to change up my workout in five weeks to keep losing weight.


Went gluten free. Started WW. Began circuit training.


In WW, I am eating my daily points and tapping into my weekly. I am eating 0% greek yogurt but cutting out other animal products.


Circuit training for me is 6-10 minutes cardio  followed by 3 reps of 10 on 3 machines.


lilacvioletiris 04-20-2012 02:49 AM

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kythe, you can join weight watchers as long as you are 5 pounds over your ideal weight for your height so if you have 40 to 50 pounds to lose you can totally join.  There is a man and his wife at my weight watchers meeting that have lost 120 and 100 pounds respectfully.  It is amazing to look at their before photos and see the difference.


I have been doing the unprocessed whole food approach as much as possible - fruits, vegetables, legumes, dairy, and grains/potatoes.  Today I saw a significant weight loss so I think my combination of unprocessed whole food in addition to some added exercise this week helped kick my weight loss up a notch.


tillymonster, I hope you can get your hashimoto's thyroiditis under control.  I also am hypothyroid which after last set of blood tests is under control.

kythe 04-20-2012 11:06 AM


Originally Posted by lilacvioletiris View Post

kythe, you can join weight watchers as long as you are 5 pounds over your ideal weight for your height so if you have 40 to 50 pounds to lose you can totally join.  There is a man and his wife at my weight watchers meeting that have lost 120 and 100 pounds respectfully.  It is amazing to look at their before photos and see the difference.


Thanks.  I joined WW last week and lost 0.6 lbs the first week.  This week I'm cutting out sodas at work, to see how much difference that makes.  It's hard to make drastic changes to diet all at once, so I'm trying one step at a time.


Rosemarino 04-23-2012 07:09 AM

Hi, it's so great to see what everyone is doing. After my first baby, I did Weight Watchers and lost some but found it to come off slowly and painfully for me. I felt like I wasn't eating enough, but I wasn't losing weight very quickly, so I was frustrated. I got down to a few pounds above my pp weight, then using I got down to my goal, but it was pretty punishing.


After my second baby in October, I considered doing weight watchers again but I desisted because I didn't like what it did to my milk supply and it seemed like not enough food for me (not the right combination.) A separate issue was my son needed to go gf so I joined him out of solidarity, and then poof, away went my belly. In about 5 days. It was amazing. Then I cut out grains and went low-carb for the most part. I'm down to my goal, and it was totally easy. I eat plenty of protein and fat, and I have treats like chips if they are low sugar. I have some carbs, but not much sugar. So that's how I've done it. I'm getting shorts for the first time in YEARS!! Liking how my legs look.

Rosemarino 04-23-2012 07:10 AM

I also exercise, either walking or a video or both. Videos I've used and liked are the 30 Day Shred and Calorie Explosion by the Firm.

lilacvioletiris 04-24-2012 04:04 AM

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You went gluten free?  Hum, I have been thinking about that.  I just can't imagine a life without bread.

Ruthiegirl 04-24-2012 05:14 AM

I count calories.  Boring, but it works for me.  Though I am lazy about it - on the days I count, I lose.  When I don't count calories, I maintain.  I have lost 16 pounds since mid-February.  I could lose faster if I really stuck to the plan tighter.  

1jooj 04-24-2012 05:38 AM

The Whole 30 is also gluten free. It took me a couple of months to get emotionally ready to go for it, and now that I am in it, it is really not as hard as I thought it would be. It was definitely a bear getting through the first week or so, but now I have no trouble running to the store to pick up fresh-baked baguettes for dh and kids. It doesn't faze me. I didn't have to get rid of everything in the house.


I'm three weeks in and I'm not supposed to weigh myself. But I do anyway. So far, I have lost about 10-ish pounds, and I have gained muscle since I am doing my body weight workouts more consistently. I can do two pushups. I bet I might be able to do more than two tomorrow. I never did a real pushup before this week.


This week, I also went back to FitDay to get a better look at what I am eating in terms of fat, protein and carbs, and to really see what my caloric deficits are day to day. I realized that vegetables are definitely a better choice for me than fruits, and also decided to take a multivitamin to help make sure I am getting my Bs and not getting any weird cravings based on missing something. FitDay also helps me have a more realistic view of how many calories I'm burning through exercise.

Rosemarino 04-24-2012 02:05 PM

I guess I'll look at what the Whole 30 is. I've never heard of that!

DeerMother 04-26-2012 06:20 AM


Originally Posted by lilacvioletiris View Post

You went gluten free?  Hum, I have been thinking about that.  I just can't imagine a life without bread.


The first time I went gf was really hard and I was constantly thinking about what I was missing. That time, I cheated with the occasional beer and for a monthly mno. Too much cheating led to total cheating and I was back to my regualar diet in a few months. I started eating gluten again about the same time I quit smoking. I gained 20 lbs in two months and gained a pot belly.


I have been gf for a month now. I have always loved vegetables but resisted fruit. I find that when I cut out gluten, I cut out a lot of processed foods by default and am snacking on fruit instead of empty starches. For the most part, I am also staying away from bread substitutes as it is a trigger for me. We tried a Chebe mix yesterday.  Combine the beginning of af with cheese breadsticks and I binge. I do keep a box of crackers and cereal for the kids but it is in their cabinent so not something I have to look at regularly. My only hangup right now is eating out or at potlucks. For potlucks, I have to bring something that I know will be enough for me if I have nothing else.


Point is, it is a process. I read a blog post recently about having to experience a period of mourning when eliminating a group from your diet. My period of mourning lasted nine months with a lot of bumps in the road. Now I'm on the other side and embracing what I can eat and the health benefits I see instead of thinking about what I can't have.

kythe 04-26-2012 11:05 AM


Originally Posted by DeerMother View Post

Point is, it is a process. I read a blog post recently about having to experience a period of mourning when eliminating a group from your diet. My period of mourning lasted nine months with a lot of bumps in the road. Now I'm on the other side and embracing what I can eat and the health benefits I see instead of thinking about what I can't have.


I'm not gluten free, but I like this idea of a "mourning period".  Now I feel hopeful that when I'm having a hard time with my food choices, this too shall pass in time.  I hadn't thought of it that way before.

witchygrrl 04-26-2012 06:50 PM

I'm on a modified Paleo diet to treat candida...and I lost 13 pounds in just over a month! So I cut out all dairy, vinegars and fermented foods (for now), legumes, grains, high sugar fruits, alcohol, and all added sugars.  I basically eat meat, eggs, and veggies. I use coconut milk in my coffee with vanilla stevia, which is divine. I have a lot more energy than I used to. I've also upped my dose of synthroid, added adrenal support supplements, probiotics, etc. Except for a spate of killer allergies, I'm feeling great!

KaseyG 04-26-2012 07:08 PM

I'm on day 11 of Insanity! I had no plan whatsoever to start, but somehow I did and I've really been enjoying it and feel stronger already. I am excited to keep going until day 63 :)

lilacvioletiris 04-27-2012 11:58 AM

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Mourning period indeed.  I think right now mourning my not being pregnant combined with food I need to divest from my life is more than I can take.  I do want to focus on fruits/vegetables more.  I think that would help.

1jooj 04-29-2012 12:58 AM

Interestingly, I'm not having an emotional reaction. I think it's mostly because this is totally a choice I'm exercising. I didn't really have any debilitating allergic or whatever sort of effects I could point to that would necessitate an elimination diet from any conventional medical POV.


But once I took all those things out of my daily diet, I could really see how my feelings and behaviors were subject to outside forces. I definitely had a problem with sugar, to the point that I was overdoing fruit for the first two weeks. I seek out sweets at the end of the day, just to make me feel better. I have to be really on top of it and pay attention to the cues and feelings, or I could go back to it any second.


So maybe as time goes on and I get back into my normal weight zone, I might come to a place where I realize certain foods really won't be welcome back, and that sadness might kick in. Time will tell. That's at least a few months off.

Laney1983 05-05-2012 02:08 PM

First of all, I've been gaining weight, not losing it. So maybe I'm not the best person in the world to ask about weight loss ideas.


I did however come across a pretty good one from a friend of mine who lost so much weight walking his new dog that now none of his clothes fit, as he found out the hard way when his bathing suit dropped to his ankles at the beach in front of me, his neighbor and a handful of others.


He claims it fit him perfectly when he got the dog about 8-10 weeks ago.


If you want to read it in his words here's the link:


The one thing I will say is that it wasn't as bad as he makes it sound. Since there's no picture, you just have to assume he's as ugly as he says he is, but the guy's actually pretty attractive (I think he knows it, just won't admit it publicly).


In any case, if he keeps it off another month I might have to consider adopting a puppy...

kittyrcv 05-13-2012 06:51 AM

Just trying to limit what I eat and exercise a good amount. Seems to be helping. I don't have a gym close by so walking outside is my main source of exercise

TracyGladRags 05-14-2012 10:13 AM

I'm doing My Fitness Pal ( or the apps) and I've just started, so I can't really speak to how it's working yet. It's basically counting calories, which I think is important for me -- I feel like I have no concept of what an appropriate serving size is, so it's been a weird few days trying to adjust my food!


It's forcing me, thankfully, to avoid processed foods and stick mainly to lots of veggies, some fruits, eggs, a little dairy. I don't really like grains, aside from the processed-beyond-recognition kind, so I haven't been eating much of them besides high-protein whole-grain granola occasionally. I'm always wary of super low carb plans, but I've decided I'd much rather "spend" my carbs on fruit than on bread!


So far I like My Fitness Pal because it makes eating like a game to me. I tend to put off thinking about food until I'm REALLY hungry, and this forces me to be conscious of what I'm doing instead of just periodically shoving food in my face ;)

ziesha001 05-18-2012 02:27 AM

m taking metformin for controlling my sugar levels so that my weight can be reduced

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