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Good luck Real!


That cake looked awesome, Gaye. Glad to hear the party was good.


I bagged today's half marathon (thankfully I'd never registered for it). I'm going out to do a long run in a few minutes then later will do either the 5k or 1 mile walk for that local charity I had had angst over. 

 "Now bid me run, and I will strive with things impossible." (William Shakespeare -- Julius Caesar)

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Lisa, I thik following up with vit D levels sounds smart. You guys do fish oil, though, right? I'm wondering if x-rays aren't the more precise ways to measure bone density, and considering all that you've dealt with for her, it might be wise to push for a careful look. FWIW DS took a fall yesterday that sounded nearly identical and cried for about 5 seconds holding his arm and didn't mention it again. (that was a looooong 5 seconds for me, knowing the outcome for R)

Bike ride in an hour, then run tonight. I'm glutton for punishment.
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Real ~ have a great race!!!!  I really hope you go sub-4!  Enjoy those hot springs too.  Can R at least put her feet in?


Nic ~ I hope you enjoy your long run too smile.gif.


Gaye ~ great job on the cake!  I'm impressed with your decorating skills.  The party sounds like it was a lot of fun and a really cool experience too.  I can't believe it was all dads!


MelW  ~ Happy Birthday you young thing you!!!!


Plady ~ nice job on the bodyrock workout and getting over those punching bag inhibitions too!


Shanti ~ your new job sounds just perfect!


Jooj ~ so how's life back in the north country?!


NRR ~  yeah, inlaw-itis is a likely diagnosis. No one can do anything quite right in my Mom's eyes (including me, DH, the kids, etc.) It's hard to be picked at incessantly for 10 days.  Toss in a dose of my Dad's superior, "I'm smarter and more educated than you will ever be, and while we're at it, how can you possibly believe in God" attitude and you've got a recipe for DH shutting down and me diving into a vat of ice cream eyesroll.gif.  They are safely back on the East Coast now though, so we can all return to our regularly scheduled lives.


Swim team practice starts tomorrow morning at 7:15am for DS and 8:15 for DD1.  DS is in the middle of select soccer tryouts this week too, plus soccer camp every afternoon at the high school.  I think I might have overscheduled him a little bit....  I'm still trying to figure out how I'm going to get my workouts in since swim team practice happens at the same time as Pilates and my cardio circuit class that I've been doing all spring.  There is a cardio circuit at 5:30am, but DH hates when I get up early because it wakes him up and then he can't get back to sleep.  I'm considering running from the house after swim team, and leaving the kids alone.  I have a loop that is never more than a mile from home, and I'd take my phone.  If you had a very responsible 10 yo, and 8 yo and a 6 yo, would you leave them alone to go for a 30 minute run? 


RR ~ bwaaaahahahahaha...

~~Kristina~~ Mama to DS(10/30/01), DD1(VBAC 3/28/04) and DD2(HBAC 5/21/06)
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JG - I have been toying with that same thought!  My conclusion is not quite yet.  I'll revisit in a year.


Gaye - Awesome cake!


Real - My heart goes out to you!  I have a dear friend who's daughter has juvenile rheumatoid arthritis, and gets a lot of broken bones.  It's heartbreaking and terrifying.  I hope this is it for you and DD!


The waterpark overnight was amazing and awesome.  Everything I wanted it to be.  Sky was the limit for food, treats, goodies.  I was able to get them all a patch and a little purse with the resort name on it as souvenirs.  Also, I came home with exactly $7.43.  Not too shabby, I thought! 

Mama to: Katie, Emily , and Abby
Not perfect, Just amazing!
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Gaye, I'm glad you had such a fun party. Good luck with the run of night shifts!


NIc, I hope you have fun with the charity run/walk. Funny how things work out. I can see a fast half in your future later this summer, and lots of other good things, too.


real, have a terrific marathon today!!! I hope that it's just bad luck with R's arm, but makes sense to investigate a bit more.


Geo, enjoy your "punishment".


JayGee, I'm glad you survived the parental visit. I have no input on the kids at home for a run, but wonder if you might find middle ground with a park where they could play with running path around or something similar. Or find another mama in a similar situation and trade off?


bec, glad the trip was so fun!


RR- A run in the plan for today, and a bunch of gardening, too.


NRR- This cold seems to be passing through us. I'm ignoring my scratchy throat and had a smoothie for breakfast...

"Guess what? It's a magical world. And when I sing, my songs are in it."
Madly in love with my 7 and 4 year old daughters

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Jaygee- my ds is 11 and dd 8 , we have started leaving them home alone this year. It can be tough at first, but I really think it is good for them to feel responsibility and independence with low risk (namely, the 1 mile from home or less you mentioned). It's definitely a personal decision and I have friends who have kids the same age who have decided to wait, and I have some friends who started when their kids were 9 years old. My ds is very very responsible, so that is why I felt we could do it. It sounds like your oldest is similar, so I would trust your instincts and maybe start small. We started with - we're going to walk the dog around the block (1/4 mile) - don't answer the door to anyone while we're gone. And now I leave them home alone to go grocery shopping and maybe a lunch date. We're working our way up to dinner out, but I think that will be when he turns 12 in October smile.gif

mom to ds (11) REPlaySkateboard04HL.gif and dd (9) hearts.gif

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MelW - Happy Birthday!  Today's mine, we should plan a birthday get together next year (or in December for our halfs wink1.gif)!


JG - I'd give it a try.  We've started letting dd1 do a little babysitting and it's been fine.  I guess it depends on the neighborhood as well as the kids but I bet 30 minutes could go by pretty uneventfully, especially if there is tv involved.


Gaye - That sounds like a fun party!


Bec - Ooooh!  Waterpark overnight!  That does sound fun!  I bet they loved you guys and your free and easy budget!


Happy Racing Real and Nic!  I woke up at 5:20 and seriously thought about heading over to the local marathon to help out and then realized that they weren't starting for another hour, then I fell back to sleep while I was lying there waiting for the right time to get up. eyesroll.gif  Oh well, I'd like to help but I'm kind of enjoying a quietish morning.  I think in a little while we'll head to the beach to try and soothe dh's allergies and I'm hoping to see some Orcas go by.  I dreamed about them swimming by me last night that has to be a sign right?

A little bit grasshopper a little bit ant   energy.gifom.gif

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Hey.  Since it's June, I started a new thread for us...



My family: me jog.gif, dh geek.gif, ds reading.gif (11), dd1 hearts.gif (9), and dd2 energy.gif(3).

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