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Milk8shake's Avatar Milk8shake 02:35 AM 05-09-2012

The first (and second!) eight week challenge were a great success, and many of us are up for another eight weeks - we're opening it up for any newbies who would like to join the next round of the challenge. Please read below.



The thought came to my head because I joined the "losing weight in 2012" thread, but I didn't have much motivation, and I had no-one to be accountable to. I was thinking about the Biggest Loser, and how teams can be such a motivation. So, I thought I would throw this out there for anyone who needs to get some weight loss happening, but just can't seem to get off the couch.


The challenge:

Commit to an eight week weight loss challenge. You'll be assigned to a team, and your weight loss percentage will be measured on an individual and a team basis. The team with the highest loss percentage at the end of the eight weeks will be the winner. This is a TEAM effort. If you lose, your team wins! Your weekly progress will be updated on the leader board for all to see.


The requirements:

You have to be willing to commit to the full eight weeks beginning 21/05/12

You have to be willing to commit to exercising a minimum of 4 x 30 minute sessions per week - the type of exercise is up to you!

You have to be willing to check in and update your progress and weight at least weekly on Mondays.

You have to be willing to share your weight and your height. (By PM if you are shy)

You may not join if losing 1 lb / .5 kg per week will put you in an underweight category according to your BMI (check here) at the end of eight weeks


The prize:

A thinner waistline, and the opportunity to bask in the glory of the winning team.


Please note that this is posted just for signups at this time.  The challenge will not start until 21/05/12.

BarefootMama99's Avatar BarefootMama99 05:09 AM 05-09-2012

I'm in!  I will post my start weight on the 21st. 

BlueStateMama's Avatar BlueStateMama 05:50 AM 05-09-2012

This round I'm in!!  I've made major changes in my diet (gluten and dairy free) and vacation craziness is over and I'm a big push for summer!!

Dmitrizmom's Avatar Dmitrizmom 07:12 AM 05-09-2012

I'm in!  I love having the teams for motivation.  :)

Buzzer Beater's Avatar Buzzer Beater 07:27 AM 05-09-2012

Add me please.


I'm glad to have a break before we start on the 21st. I've got a mother's day brunch that is to die for and several birthdays in there.


Trying to think of things I can do to help me get more motivated and stick to reasonable amounts of food. I'm not eating junk (for the most part) I am just hungry!! all! the! time!

huha's Avatar huha 08:28 AM 05-09-2012

I will go for another round.  Thanks for organizing.

Dmitrizmom's Avatar Dmitrizmom 10:32 AM 05-09-2012

If you need help at any point, let me know.  I'd be happy to chip in. :)

Amandamarie's Avatar Amandamarie 12:40 PM 05-09-2012

I'm in again.  A long ways to go and hopefully my weight will continue to drop, even with a week

trekkingirl's Avatar trekkingirl 02:28 PM 05-09-2012

I'm in! I REALLY need to take a break but I don't want to regain everything I've lost. This is what I need!

SimonMom's Avatar SimonMom 02:52 PM 05-09-2012

i'd like to join :)

IsaFrench's Avatar IsaFrench 03:15 PM 05-09-2012

i'd like to join too.

(am back from travelling and should be able NOT to drop out this time)


Ruthiegirl's Avatar Ruthiegirl 03:59 PM 05-09-2012
I am in! Thank you tremendously for organizing.
poiyt's Avatar poiyt 04:05 PM 05-09-2012

Can I join this one too?

claybear's Avatar claybear 05:57 PM 05-09-2012

Sign me up for round three!

BridesMother's Avatar BridesMother 11:39 PM 05-09-2012

Sign me up as a new member.  My daughter is getting married on July 7th and I have a dress I need to get into.  My current weight is 181.

chelko's Avatar chelko 10:49 AM 05-10-2012

I'd like to join.  I'll pm my info on the 21st.

lilacvioletiris's Avatar lilacvioletiris 07:16 PM 05-10-2012

I am in for round 3 (round 2 that I have been in).  It keeps me accountable each week knowing I will have to report at the end of the week.  Looking forward to May 21!

dantesmama's Avatar dantesmama 10:50 AM 05-14-2012

I'm in for a third round :)

dbsam's Avatar dbsam 10:54 AM 05-14-2012

I didn't do as well as I expected in this last challenge - but I would like to try again.  Please sign me up.


Milk8shake's Avatar Milk8shake 02:54 AM 05-16-2012

Wow, a pretty good response already!  I hope those of you from v2.0 are having a nice (but not naughty) break.  Can't wait to get started again biggrinbounce.gif


Welcome to the newbies too! 

LCBMAX's Avatar LCBMAX 06:41 AM 05-16-2012

OK, I'm here like dbsam, I made a very poor showing in the last round, but wow am I motivated now.


Have never counted calories before, just carbs, but now I'm doing both (on sparkpeople, same username.)


Have rearranged my life for 30 min exercise or more per day dammit.


Have GOT to get over this hump or I'm gonna end up sick and too bummed out to even get dressed!


Will be back on the 21st!

tropicana's Avatar tropicana 07:01 AM 05-16-2012

i would like to re-up. i lost 8 pounds on the last round, and if i could do that again, i'd go from 140 to 132, and that would be AWESOME. i'm 5'6 1/2". i was 187 back in november, so have already lost a significant amount of weight. now i want to look *really* good, since i'm on a roll and all. thanks!!

Alphaghetti's Avatar Alphaghetti 08:35 AM 05-16-2012

Sign me up!! It may be a little difficult to exercise and eat healthily the entire time, as I am moving cities during this challenge, but I sure as heck am ready to commit!


So excited to be able to have some weight loss buddies.  Good luck everyone.  Will post with my weight on Monday.

Alphaghetti's Avatar Alphaghetti 08:37 AM 05-16-2012

Oh, and just wanted to add for those who have smartphones, I have an app called MyFitnessPal that tracks your calories and exercise daily, and very annoyingly reminds you when you've forgotten to input for the day. :)

Millie Ivy's Avatar Millie Ivy 01:48 PM 05-16-2012

I wish I could do this!  I need some accountability, but I'm also pregnant so I can't really commit to losing, just not insanely gaining!

claybear's Avatar claybear 10:36 PM 05-16-2012

Millie Ivy- Maybe you should start and accountability thread for pg mamas who want to stay healthy in their pregnancy and commit to reasonable weight gain? I bet there is an audience for that! It could be a spin-off thread for pg mamas.

Millie Ivy's Avatar Millie Ivy 07:12 AM 05-17-2012

Clay Bear- that's a great idea, thanks!

lilacvioletiris's Avatar lilacvioletiris 03:40 AM 05-18-2012

Well this week has been hectic and I am still at the weight I started the week out at so hopefully the new weighin on Monday will be better than where I ended or at least the same.

FillingMyQuiver's Avatar FillingMyQuiver 09:56 AM 05-18-2012

I'd like to join this challenge.  In 8wks we go for a week vacation at my ILs (who have an in ground pool that my children insist on using daily), and I would like to feel good in a swimsuit (which I don't currently own).


I started the C25K program, lost motivation, but am trying to restart.  I've also been struggling to start eating "primal" (ala The Primal Blueprint) and I think some accountability is just what I need.


Ultimately, I would like to lose about 25lbs, so 8-16lbs over the next 8wks would be a great jumpstart.


I'll post my starting weight on Monday.

BarefootMama99's Avatar BarefootMama99 08:13 PM 05-20-2012

I am NOT excited about the weigh in tomarrow morning.  I have been sick all week, so I have missed my workouts and eaten more processed foods than normal, and I am pretty sure I have gained this week :(    I guess I will find out in the morning . . .


Good luck on your weigh ins ladies!!  I will get our chart posted monday night with everyone's starting weights.  I am on eastern time in the US, and I try to get our weights up between 9 and 10 pm eastern each monday. 

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