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x-posted in teens.


So ds1 is now 13 years old.  He runs track and is going to try out for cross country this year.  So he's got down the aerobic stuff.  He has decided he wants to do some strength training with weights.  We can not affort to send him to a trainer or a gym.  I only have 2 and 5 lb weights. 


So I have no idea where to start.  I know we can probably get some more dumbbells on craigs list or free cycle, but I don't even know what he needs or what he should and shouldn't be doing. 


Any suggestions? 

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This guy (affiliated with Flylady) had a pretty simple basic system that can get someone started. He has different levels of membership but one can be a free member and here are some sample workouts.




I used his system to get started and still use his basic workout, just gradually increasing the weights as I went along.

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When I was in school, they had a weight lifting club all year long. Maybe his school has something like that? Also maybe talk to his coaches for resources. I threw shot and discus and I know our runners were required to visit the weight room with us.
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I've been an athlete since I was his age, and weight lifting has been a part of my life since then :)


At his age, and on a budget, I would recommend you google "plyometrics" and read up on them - or better yet, have him research on his own. Plyo is amazing for increasing muscle as well as speed and overall performance, and exercises tend to use body weight or simple to make apparatuses (i.e. - a box to jump on). 


Hope he has fun!

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Our school gym weight room was available to all athletes.  Check that first! 

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My school also offered after school weight lifting programs and even offered it as a class for a few years. Another option would be to get into body weight workouts. If you introduced him to some Cross-fit type workouts and show him videos, he may be intrigued by this.

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I know itll be hard for him to do, but I would really caution him against heavy weight lifting at his age.


Most of my male friends kept growing well until their 20s. And lets be honest..being a tall man is an advantage in this society- and if its in your genes then he should embrace it. All of my male friends who lifted early (most of them were football players in High School who *had* to lift) never grew past 5'8 or so. Something to think about


I agree with Valerie to look in to plyo! Or even SWIMMING. The water polo team was amazingly in shape and swimming is rumored to help growth anyway :) 

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