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Geofizz's Avatar Geofizz 02:25 PM 10-01-2012

Congrats Jenna!


Books to entice 3rd & 4th graders with chapter 1:


Judy Blume books (Fudge)

Ramona Quimby

Trumpet of the Swan (flows nicely for a read aloud)

From the mixed-up files of Mrs Basil...

Dinosaur Cove (good for lower level readers)

Roald Dahl books

Phantom Tollbooth


I've read dozens of really good books to DS this year.  I'll come up with more surely.

sparkletruck's Avatar sparkletruck 04:33 PM 10-01-2012
Kerc - I just meant, dang, you mean i have an idea worthy of a PhD, and then dang, someone got there first lol.gif

We luxlove.gif The Phantom Tollbooth "..because it's more important to know whether there will be weather than what the weather will be"
Juvysen's Avatar Juvysen 04:35 PM 10-01-2012
Originally Posted by kerc View Post


In my experience a gentle run or walk helps to ease the sore muscles. I'm talking like 2 miles or less.

Thanks!  I've been trying to do as much moving as possible today, but didn't go for much of a walk.  I did go shopping at target which including more walking than I get just around the house.  Really, it's mostly going down stairs that is hardest.  Up is easy, down is hard.  I'm much looser, now, than earlier, at least.  Later I'll do an epsom soak in our "big, giant bathtub" (as the kids call it - aka, jacuzzi tub.  Gotta love this silly little house with this ginormous tub.  lol.gif).  Considering I kind of slacked off on the training, I'm doing pretty well, I think.  :)  Very happy with my time for that reason, too!

bec's Avatar bec 06:59 PM 10-01-2012

Awesome job, Jenna!!!!


RR: We did hill work today in class.  3 different cones were set up on a ginormous hill.  Started by walking to the first cone, jog down, walk to 2nd, jog, then third and jog.  2nd set, jog up and walk down.  3rd set, skip up and jog down.  4th set, run up, run down.  Then, we did a bunch of cardio calisthenics for another 20 minutes.  It was hard, but fun.  Tomorrow morning, boot camp, where we have been promised strength work.

bec's Avatar bec 06:46 AM 10-02-2012
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