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MaybeSparrowMaybe's Avatar MaybeSparrowMaybe 09:20 PM 01-24-2013

Hi everyone, looking for some thoughts/advice; sorry for the long winded post but i felt i needed to include it all wink1.gif

i have always been a pretty fit/active person (sure i need to lose some weight.... about 20 lbs biggrinbounce.gif


i played sports growing up, and soccer and baseball as an adult, and have practiced yoga for many years as well as had a gym membership up until 5-6 yrs ago when i got really regularly into my yoga practice. I practiced hot yoga for 1.5 yrs and then became pregnant and switched to regular yoga, prenatal as well throughout my pregnancy.


after DD was born in April 2010- i started getting back to hot yoga when she was around 10 months. i LOVE it joy.gif


namaste.gif when becoming pregnant for the second time last fall- i continued my hot yoga practice after researching that as long as the room was maintained at its proper temp and drinking extra fluids/etc that you are fine to practice throughout 

(i dont want to debate that topic here) i have seen other pregnant women practice at my studio and one of my teachers practiced up until she practically gave birth.


i went 2-3 x a week, and then became pretty nauseous around week 7-8 so went approx. 1-2x. i had an ultrasound at 7 weeks and showed baby healthy and fine.

at 11.5 weeks i started to spot. i saw my midwife who sent my for u/s and sadly, the babe had stopped growing around 8.3 weeks. needless to say we were devastated. 

i took some time off from hot yoga because i ended up being very sick and heavy bleeding with two trips to emerg. since i was gone for 5 weeks i ended up cancelling my membership (hot yoga ain't cheap!) 


i had one healthy cycle dec 14, and we began trying again, and TADAA!! thumbsup.gifam pregnant! had three faint positives and 8 days late for period. seeing midwife next week for u/s 


so the whole point of all of this was to ask/ponder/seek advice as i gained about 10 lbs not being at yoga and comforting myself with chips and ice cream (im ashamed. yes. eyesroll.gif hehe) 

i am very much missing my yoga and ME time of working out. i am an active mama and we walk a lot, and XC ski. but i need something more regular for me, to feel good, not only physically but mentally.


i am apprehensive to go back to hot yoga right now since i have been away from it for over 2 months now. i am looking to join a local gym, as its cheap, (but insanely busy i hear.. oh well) and they have yoga classes with amazing yoga teachers whom ive taken classes with before, and a variety of other classes as well. 


just wondering, if joining a gym/starting to get back to regular fitness routine is something i should be ok to start doing now, i want to be fit and healthier than my first preg where i gained 50 lbs. but im apprehensive because im nervous i will miscarry again i dont plan on doing anything hardcore, just some cardio, and maybe some easy aerobic classes and yoga 2-3 x week

im going back to work full time days until my mat leave  from my current part time eve and weekend position. i have a VERY high stress job (child protection worker) and know ill need to commit to some ME time and keep fit. .

we have went skiing (XC) a bit this winter, (i must've been 2 weeks preg) and i try to walk during the day but it doesnt happen a lot. 


i had reassurance from my specialist today whom i see regarding autoimmune issues i have and antibodies that can cause fetal heart block. im not considered high risk or diagnosed in any form, its all precautionary bc they know its there.. i get joint pain and that is about it.  i should've asked him this very question but alas i forget as i was focusing on other issues.


THANK YOU AND WOW SO SO SORRY FOR THIS LONG WINDED POST.... thanks for reading and replying.. 

MaybeSparrowMaybe's Avatar MaybeSparrowMaybe 11:22 AM 01-25-2013
Any thoughts from
Anyone at all?? I know a long post is a turn off. I am sorry but pls any comments appreciated !! Thank you!!
Jennyanydots's Avatar Jennyanydots 12:32 PM 01-25-2013
I don't have any great advice, but I can sympathize. I had a mc last fall at about 12 weeks, also, and it was a huge ordeal, both physically and emotionally. I was just hitting my stride in getting back in shape after my last baby, and the pregnancy and mc were setbacks. i put on another 5-10 lbs on top of the ten extra i was still carrying. While I am at an appropriate weight for my height, I'm definitely overweight by my own standards, and I don't like it. I'm not pregnant now (not trying, not preventing), but if it does happen again I am determined not to get as out of shape as I did last time! I know that's easier said than done, with the exhaustion, morning sickness, and cravings that take over. I love hot yoga, too, but its out of my budget for now. DP and I just started the 30 day Shred video, which is a great little workout, and I think it'd be safe in early pregnancy... Anyway, I wish you the best of luck, and congrats on your pregnancy!
MaybeSparrowMaybe's Avatar MaybeSparrowMaybe 07:11 PM 01-25-2013

thanks for your reply!! good suggestions as well. i think i may join  a gym that close by and works out to be roughly $15 a month plus 30$ start up fee. seems a great price and i can get back to yoga there without paying sky high prices at hot yoga! 

Jennyanydots's Avatar Jennyanydots 08:01 PM 01-25-2013
That sounds like a great deal! Good luck smile.gif
skycheattraffic's Avatar skycheattraffic 08:39 PM 01-25-2013
I'd second the local gym and start out really easy - maybe just the yoga for a few weeks then add other light classes if you feel good. The important thing is to ease into it and not expect to go hard core. I'd look at it as mommy time and self care more than working out per se. I would honestly wait until after the birth to return to hot yoga - not that I think it's unsafe but I do think it can be more taxing and harder on you. In the meantime I'd just slowly ease into the gym classes and absolutely stop/take a break if I didn't feel well during a class. Good luck and congratulations on your pregnancy!
MaybeSparrowMaybe's Avatar MaybeSparrowMaybe 07:43 PM 01-31-2013

thanks! i spoke with my midwife as well. i just have to do something im usually a very active and fit person, im gaining weight like mad and most importantly dont feel my best physically. going to go monday to sign up!

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