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Oh gosh, dingos, some sad stories today! greensad.gif

Re: Dentist, poor dd. My ds2 had similar reactions to anything put over his face (toddler nebulizer) that I wonder was related to early birth trauma. greensad.gif And poor you! The dentist will be okay! I bet it's not the worst experience he's had.

Tjsmama, Big hug.gif I'm just so sorry to hear that. I'm immediately taken back to my grief when my own grandmother passed. I'm so, so sorry. Glad your car is okay and you have so many good Samaritans! Be well...

Plady, not Ninj? bawling.gif

Warning: Long Math Post Ahead. Feel free to skip. wink1.gif

Math Fact Sheets: I use the same ones that MommaJB uses - Saxon Math. I can't speak to the online math programs but if you want a solid book experience I would recommend the Saxon Math 5/4 Fact Sheets and Tests. I wouldn't get any lesson book but I would have her do one worksheet a day only. Always time her and never make a big deal of mistakes or how long she takes. Let her get away from the "grade" and eventually enjoy checking her pace/record against herself. Forget the tests that goes with the lesson book, just use the fact sheets. Also, I'd keep it short and simple (like the fact sheet only - no lesson unless she asks) so she's not too distraught by the end of summer when school begins but hopefully more confident and ready for a good year. I would buy this one - which is for advanced 4th grade and regular 5th grade. It will start off focusing on addition, slowly advancing to the times table and division while spiraling back to pick up addittion and subtraction again.

This is why I like it: My ds1 hates being timed. He hates memorizing. He hates times table and he hates spelling tests and he crumbles when they happen. Or at least he did. But after weeks of recording his time / grade on the worksheet with absolutely no pressure from me - just maybe feedback like Aha! You're getting the 4s now. or You're pretty good at the 2s. Or you've really come a long way with the 6s, etc. Only positive feedback for now. Limited but real.

My son still does not like doing his fact sheet. He still moans and groans but I've noticed pleasure when he records the grade in his notebook and the time is faster than the previous time. He always makes 100 because he keeps his times table right in front of him. But he likes making 100s and gets his kicks out of referring to it less and less often. He's a perfectionist and hates missing one so I don't care about the grade; I just care that he's improved dramatically over time. This kid has never ever been a "rote" kid or a "perfomer" kid. From his youngest age, he'd disappoint his grandparents who wanted him to perform. This is my husband's pet peeve, so no performances here. He's a context kid, in that he can do something exactly right when performed in context (spelling, math) but not taken out of context. Does that make sense? I've gone to lengths to explain this because what appeals to one might not appeal to another so just in case you have a similar learner, I thought this would be helpful. Also because this child (ds1) hates learning on a machine ( Khan Academy / reading on a Kindle.) he needs to hold his pencil, touch his paper, and smell the book.

This is how you do it: Tear out a fact sheet first thing in the morning. We keep ours on a clipboard. Place the fact sheet right above it. Ours is in a clear page protector because it is used so often. Pull out the iPhone or iPod or whatever and time. Now my son doesn't like the timer near him or to hear it because it distracts him, so I keep it on my body and just stop it when he's ready. So there you have way too much information. Maybe something like one of the online programs will be easier and cheaper for you anyway! orngbiggrin.gif

ETA: If you like this, I will post a picture of the recording form because I am crazy about it.

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Gaye,I am so sorry for your loss in glad you didn't spend too much time in the ditch.
Plady sorry about your kitty too.
lofty, that is exactly what my third daughter used this year with two more lessons to go to finish.
Hugs on the dental trauma.
I really hate typing on my phone but I think I may have figured out how to speak my posts! I can't see anything until I'm done but it works.

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jo, I would have needed to avoid the oodles of kids, too. I hope your kindle and coffee day was relaxing.


tjsmama hug2.gifI'm glad that you and your car are safe and hope that you get some time and space to grieve your grandmother.


plady, grouphug.gif RIP kitty.


The math drill conversation is very timely here. My cousin who was visiting from London helped my daughter with her math, and has recently done some more math courses to support his computer programming hobby. He was also raised by a high-school math teacher. He had some very good critiques of the math books she's using, but also the comment that she understands the math concepts but "is slow but doesn't know she's slow yet". We haven't used any drills and she has good strategies to overcome not being 100% solid on basic addition/subtraction facts (extrapolates +9 by doing +10-1, etc.). Are there any dinglets who haven't used some form of math drills? We do use some repetition through the "spiral curriculum" and practice, but not specifically any drills. I see improvement in her speed and memory, but am contemplating what would work best for her. She does seem to memorize well, and learned to read and spell seemingly independently. There was a very brief introduction to letter sounds/phonics in kindergarten, but I think she was already mostly reading at that point. We returned all of the spelling and phonics books that came with her curriculum bundle this year.


Yesterday I drove my cousin down to the ferry after his brief visit and after dropping him off the window would not roll up. We did the 1 1/2 hour drive home on the highway with the window down and the mechanic put it back in place while he ordered the repair kit and did the fix today. My workout for today was all of the walking from mechanic to preschool to bus stop (with preschooler piggy-backed) then home from the bus stop. Nothing was within close/convenient distance, but I neglected to turn on the GPS to see how far the trips back and forth actually were. Post-night shift it felt like a pretty big workout- arms are tired from it now.

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MelW, it sounds like a workout to me! My dd uses the same subbing strategies--i.e., starts with the fact closest that she knows and then adds up (she does this with the multiplication facts, especially 7s). I didn't even get to bust out the Kindle, but I did drink coffee and stroll through the mall (a very short step up from the Kidzania experience, but still definitely a step up).


JayGee, that sounds really awful. I hope it never goes that way again.


Slept in this morning and got out late for my run (weekend here, you'll note), so it was already hot and the sun was high enough to bother when I left, but I still managed to walk/run about 10 miles total, and the running is definitely getting easier. It must have been low 80s when I went out; it's 88 now, 49% humidity. Love the feeling of finishing a long run. Looking forward to going longer and getting faster.


In 4 weeks, I will be back in Wisconsin. thumb.gif

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So many great ideas to math. Lofty, I will look into that book. One page a day seems totally do-able. Geo, I really like the idea of graphing progress too. Thank you all so much!

Real - I really think yesterday's dental disaster was a bad reaction to nitrous oxide. She was back to her normal self within the hour and ready to head to school. She told me that the breathing machine made her feel claustrophobic and scared and kind of foggy. It was awful to watch though. Unfortunately, she told me last night that she never wants to see the dentist again. Her 6 month checkup isn't going to be fun, that's for sure.

RR - nothing today, it's pouring rain and will continue to pour through Sunday. DS has a soccer tournament, so we'll see if that happens.

NRR - DD1 ran her practice 5K for the Girls on the Run race a week from tomorrow, so now we know she can do the distance (even with a little bit of walking). I can't wait to do a race with her. It will be so much fun!

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New thread for May love.gif

mom to 3 lovely kids
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Just popping in to make sure you all saw our Mothers Day Contest. In addition to three Boba baby carriers we're giving a $300 dinner/spa package for one lucky mom. Contest ends in three days! Get the entry info here: thumb.gif

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