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XxAkikazexX's Avatar XxAkikazexX 07:34 AM 05-06-2013

Help me! When I go out for jog/brisk run/etc after a couple of minutes my skin starts to itch like crazy! I am not even sweating and I want to rip my flesh off. It is because my fattier areas are bouncing and stretching which makes it go nuts? What can I do to make it stop?

Chloe'sMama's Avatar Chloe'sMama 08:18 AM 05-06-2013
While you are running or after? Mine itches when theair outside is cold and I am wearing shorts. I think it is from the difference in hot blood and cold air. I take a warm showet after running to warm up my skin. Interested in seeing what others say.
XxAkikazexX's Avatar XxAkikazexX 08:23 AM 05-06-2013

During. I will start jogging, and my skin starts burning. It stops after a minute or so of walking. The only time I had this feeling besides running was when I was pregnant and my boobs were going crazy. I shred my skin to ribbons when that happened. That's why I think its my skin stretching when I run. :(

SweetSilver's Avatar SweetSilver 08:37 AM 05-06-2013

I read your post and thought "that's like when my boobs itched when I was pregnant" and then you posted the same thing.  I think that's what's happening.  Your body starts swelling a little, and voila!  Sometimes my hands swell and my palms itch when I go on a long walk, when I'm not particularly sweaty.  I don't notice it so much if I work up a sweat.

Mosaic's Avatar Mosaic 08:43 AM 05-06-2013
It's actually pretty common, especially for people who are just starting a workout routine or taking it up a notch:
C is for Cookie's Avatar C is for Cookie 08:51 AM 05-06-2013

This is the reason why I don't run as much anymore. It happens every time I run and I am actually a fit person. But every time I run, I feel my legs and my arms burning and they become red and itchy. What I do to keep the burning feeling away is to put on some lotion or take a shower right away.

XxAkikazexX's Avatar XxAkikazexX 08:54 AM 05-06-2013

Thank you so much for the article and the advice. :)!!!

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