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MelW's Avatar MelW 09:16 PM 06-14-2013

On the travel dreams: for a month I'd do small town Europe vacation rental. Somewhere rural in Provence, southern Italy or Tuscany. I've done a rental in Italy before, and booked but cancelled Provence because of pregnancy. Our kids' savings account is known as "the France account" with plans to return and do at least a week in a small village (St. Martin de Bromes is currently the top contender because of one house there that is both affordable and the kids love the online photos). For ten days I'm less certain....


Geo, I'm interested by less pain when you're focused on speed. Seems very "Born to Run"-ish. Fun, childlike running :)


Plady, hugs. I hope your DD finds her way. I've lived through some very socially awkward times, and totally feel for her. Also, I'm in Ucluelet right now and it's been not raining all day and even got sunny this afternoon! There are rain-free days in the rainforest. To consider for your trip: the Ucluelet aquarium was fantastic, with tons of touch tanks and about a 1:2 staff to visitor ratio while we were there. The staff were all super keen and showed and explained a lot of cool stuff to us. We've spent a lot of time at the Vancouver aquarium over the years, but I think I learned more today than in several visits there. Cathedral grove is amazing, as always, too.


kerc, I hope the rest of your repair is going smoothly!


real, tjsmama, and anyone else fascinated by climate change: you should listen to the This American Life episode called "In our backyards". It's about climate change and the impact on local levels, with a segment on Colorado.


real, maybe if you shove your knitting needles inside your 6' broom they will be allowable....


RR- 5k on the treadmill today. Hats off to everyone that does regular treadmill workouts. If I run there tomorrow I'll have to figure out how to work the tv.


NRR- I'm on the west coast (meaning the west coast of my island- 2 1/2 hours drive from home) for a childhood friend's wedding. Our room is amazing and I want to camp out in the bathroom with amazing tub, shower and heated tile. And the view is pretty spectacular!! The kids are currently enthralled with the big screen tv, and I'm taking advantage of the before sleep tv time to catch up and post.


towson, glad your dad is doing better. Will have to check out This is the End (when it gets to video, that is).

tjsmama's Avatar tjsmama 11:39 PM 06-14-2013
real~The brooms are for when there is the possibility of a series "sweep". Yes, people really are nutty enough baseball fans to bring their brooms to the ballpark. re: the bike....I don't know anything about the brand, but the components look decent. The Shimano 105s are the middle of the line Shimanos, and are what I have on my bike. If the price is right, and it fits you well, I'd say to go for it!

everyone else~wave.gif and hug.gif

Back at work for my first of three tonight. So far, the night is going decently. I don't have my student tonight, but will the next two, so I need to enjoy the peace and quiet and goof off as much as possible tonight! winky.gif The air quality has improved (ie. you can't smell the smoke so much) but it's still definitely smoky in town. For the record, I am nowhere near the fires, and in fact, it would be MAJOR news if I were, because I live in the city proper. It would be a pretty apocalyptic forest fire to get to my section of town. Real is closer to forest fire areas, but still not that close to the current fires.

rr~I took a friend up one of my favorite climbing rides this morning. And I did the ride in my middle ring, without stopping in the switchbacks (steep section)! I don't know what's gotten into me lately! It was about 30 miles (15 up, 15 straight down), about 4800 ft of climbing.
1jooj's Avatar 1jooj 06:21 AM 06-15-2013

Whoa. Feeling less and less like a run today. Might just go out and walk a bit.


MelW, I would love links to the France place. whistling.gif Also, I listened to that TAL episode a few weeks back. It had me in tears, freaked out, the whole thing. I still talk about it. The discussion of the CO fires gave me goosebumps.


Gaye, that sounds like a great ride. And a very accomplished feeling at the end!


Geo, thinking about ds's eval, and I guess it does make sense for the pros to approach every least-resistance path as they go along. At any rate, I hope you get helpful information out of the interrogations and exercises. Something to help you with strategies on dealing with school at the very least.


Lofty, how different is the lifestyle up there vs. down there? Are you guys doing a lot of the same stuff, or are you also rabidly chasing from friend to family member to "catch up?" How long do you all stay up north?


Need non-fantasy fiction (or literary nonfiction) recommendations for ds. I like that he reads but I am not terribly pleased that his book choices are OMG so limited in genre. (Acknowledging that I am not a fan of the genre to begin with.)


W30 still going strong, and kids are practically with me on it, especially ds. They are hardly interested in bread at all most of the time, and I think they are noticing constipation when they do eat it, so they are perfectly happy with salads/vegetables and meat like Mom eats. Awesome. Also, a good bit of the inflammation has subsided for me. Aaahhhh. Now, on to the spare tire I gathered...


Speaking of food, Ramadan is now in less than 4 weeks. I have plans to head to Madison on a meat-buying mission, and my sister has a chest freezer I can use, so I don't have to make trips out of town on 17-hour fast days. This is big.


This month is a good one for test-driving Ramadan strategies, but I don't want to run in the dark until I really have to. But I am very pleased to report that a solid run-active rest balance is already working to increase my endurance. One day soon, I will be back in the 10-miler range.

bec's Avatar bec 12:23 PM 06-15-2013

Holy brick work! The "30 minute" swim was actually 45 minutes and .9 miles.  It was a much better swim than last week. No freak out, can't breathe moments.  It takes a little adjustment to get used to the wet suit and how to breathe in it.  I had forgotten that.  Also, no nausea, feeling like I was going to puke in the lake.  Things I did not like so much.  At the end, I saw two fish.  Like, under me.  Swimming, and doing fishy things.  Now I know that it's a lake, and there are bound to be fish (see people fishing all the time), but I really don't want them to really be anywhere near me.  Plus, a few strokes later (I was still recovering from the shock and startlement of seeing the little things), I hit some big seaweed (remember, it was at the very end of the swim, and we were near shore).  I had to stroke through it, and pretty deep into it.  All I could think about was that there were probably schools of unseen fish hiding in there, and what if I grabbed one by accident, or what if I grabbed a turtle instead?!  I decided that looking at the seaweed wasn't helping, so I tried to pick my head up and swim.  That was when I discovered that my wetsuit was still rubbing at the back of my neck, causing some significant chafing (in spite of the generous amount of bodyglide I used).  Anyway, this is the beauty of it being at the end.  Because this freak out moment was mercifully short.  Made it back to shore without being molested by any fish with ill intent, and somehow managed to get out of the wet suit (with a discussion of whether there would be wet suit strippers at the race), and climb into my running gear.  The plan was to leave our stuff and run back to where we all had our cars parked (we carpooled to one of the coach's parents house for the swim) for a 9 mile run through the forest preserve.  I happen to know these trails and have run/ridden on them many times.  They are, however, not flat.  I believe the term my friend used to describe them was "roller coaster ride".  Lots of hills.  I have a rough time with hills.  I was feeling my hamstring a little in the beginning, so decided to start out with a 5 minute run / 1 minute walk interval until that warmed up.  After about 30 minutes, I switched to a 10 minute run / 1 minute walk.  By the time I got back to the car, we had gone 8.3 miles.  That's when I discovered that I did not follow directions very well, and was supposed to have taken my stuff and put it in the person's car that was driving it back.  Whoops!  So, I decided I would run home to make it a solid 9 miles (there may have been a discussion about my OCD tendencies and the need for complete miles), showered quickly, and got a ride from DH out to the lake to pick up my stuff, and head back to the car.  All in all, while it wasn't a fabulous, angels singing run, it was very manageable with the walking breaks.  I felt pretty strong throughout with only some slight toe cramping that I was able to stretch out on one of the walk segments.  A skillet, pancakes and coffee at the local greasy spoon and I'm feeling pretty good!  On deck tomorrow, 40 mile bike and 20 minute run! 

towsonmama's Avatar towsonmama 12:37 PM 06-15-2013

bec~ I am ROTFLMAO.gifat your description of your swim! Accidentally grab a turtle? biglaugh.gif(I'm never swimming in a lake again.) That workout today is seriously awesome!

MelW's Avatar MelW 02:17 PM 06-15-2013
Jo, this is the house rental we've been looking at: http://www.ownerdirect.com/saint-martin-de-bromes/vacation-rentals/86369
How old is your son? I love, love Kate DiCamillo's novels. The Magician's Elephant could really suit all ages. Tales of Desperaux is a bit younger, Because of Winn Dixie better for a bit older kids. Her prose is so lovely and she trusts kids to understand big emotions.

Bec, sounds like an awesome, but daunting, brick workout!

We saw a gray whale from the breakfast table this morning. We could also see the bride to be doing morning yoga on her balcony. Then made a quick trip to Long Beach to play in the sand and watch the surfers. Back to the suite for lunch and a short rest, then we're off to the pool and hot tub while my husband has groomsmen duties for the rest of the afternoon. We'll probably go back to the nearby black rock beach again, too.
bec's Avatar bec 02:54 PM 06-15-2013

Believe me, I was laughing at myself, too.  But those are the things that go through your mind when swimming.  And the fish were not all that little.  I would say they were a good 6-8 inches long!!  The two of them would have made a decent meal!

bec's Avatar bec 04:38 PM 06-15-2013

And 100 squats to boot!  3 days in a row!  Here's to a firm ass and being able to run up hills!

loftmama's Avatar loftmama 05:01 PM 06-15-2013
A whale, Mel?! Wow, that's a dream come true for me! thumb.gif

Bec, What a brick! (Does that make you want to sing, "She's a brick..." wink1.gif I hate that slimy, reedy, weedy, algae feeling, too.

Kerc, Ugh on the cancelled bike trip! Our last day is Thur, the 18th. We've asked for an extension but it's extremely unlikely. Would love to see you (and would really love to offer a room... but have friends coming up from Texas that week + possible friends celebrating 50th with dh...?) But... maybe... camping somewhere...? Camping while we're here...? (we have beach, boats, kayaks to share + great nearby hiking) Is it that whole week? The weekend prior or the weekend after that is open? Both? Hmmm...thinking... and googling maps...

Jooj, you must still be feeling the dregs of jet lag. How is dh? Until big blocks of family arrive, we are still in school-mode. They have daily math, daily assigned fiction and daily assigned non-fiction + language lessons and sometimes I throw in something else like handwriting or oral reviews. But it's at 1/2 speed compared to year-round. (1/2 hour in the morning + an hour or more mid-day + 1/2 hour late afternoon) (Oh, plus daily piano/violin practice which I don't count because there's regular daily music playing going on) And it's only until the big group gets here in a week. So far, it's been cousins, aunts, uncles dropping in and staying for a couple days each. But once school is officially out here (at the end of next week) there will be lots more kids around that are their friends, too. Small town. Small lake. 5 generations. Lots of catching up to do... What about you? How will the kids fill their days here?

RR: Hah! So much for kayaking and running. The water was smooth as glass this morning, perfect. But ds2 desperately wanted to get the dock and the boat in the water. So we put on swimsuits and spend the entire morning in the freezing lake. My toes were so numb that when I kicked a lead pipe, I didn't even realize it till later. Ouch. The wind picked up. Brrrr... It was the kind of chill that gets in your bones and you can't get it out. I spend the second half of the day with goosebumps hovering with a blanket and a book in front of the fire. Read a lot but am enjoying feeling fit and don't want to lose it! Grrr...
kerc's Avatar kerc 06:08 PM 06-15-2013
Too busy to post much.lofty a camping trip in July to midway between us sounds a h*ll of a lot like that crazy hot trip years ago to Illinois. Maybe we can hi five on your return trip to down there.
Plady's Avatar Plady 08:49 PM 06-15-2013
Originally Posted by kerc View Post

let's play a game. (err, positive camp-counselor in me): let's pretend you were planning on doing a long bike ride with a friend. long as in ride your freaking bike across the state of iowa. So 8 days of bike riding. Insert family circumstances (not mine). Now you're not. (Well I guess I could go alone, but it would be more fun with the couple I was planning on riding with).  Here's the game: you have a bit of cash and suddenly 10 open days. What would you do? (Lofty are you home 3rd week in July? Plady? Sorry Ohioans, we will ahve just returned from the state).

I'll be here.  I'll be co-teaching theatre camps all day and have a wedding on that Thursday but the guestroom is open and available! coolshine.gif


Originally Posted by bec View Post

And 100 squats to boot!  3 days in a row!  Here's to a firm ass and being able to run up hills!


Bec you're hysterical.  I love that whole story.


Real and Gaye - hug2.gifon the local craziness.  I'll have to track down that TAL.  And, back to Real's mention of radioactive dust, could there be any connection?  Or is the Denver area really not any crazier than other areas?  


MelW- Thanks for the tips!  I forgot to update that I did book us into Bella Pacifica for three nights.  In the end the proximity to town and beach turned the tide from Uclulet and the hot tub cg.  Where are you staying?  It sounds lovely!  Beautiful girls!


Towson, glad your dad is feeling better.  lol.gif  I've seen some things like that with my dad, awkward pretty much sums it up but it's a good lesson in not having control over everything.


Sparkle - I'd either go someplace familiar like Ireland or someplace new and exotic I've always wanted to see like Vietnam.  I hope I'd go to Vietnam.  Sorry about the violence close to home.


Geo - Ugh!  I'm sorry that you keep having to retread old ground, hopefully this will all lead to new and useful insights.


RM - Wow!  You sound ready for your new responsibilities though, I'm sure you'll do great!  Love the pink bike!


Jo - Peace.gif


Lofty, and all, thanks for the commiseration and thoughts about dd.  I hope it was more painful to watch than to experience.  She would definitely prefer one or two good friends but she's had that and it goes through cycles of being okay and then the other girls just dumping her.  She's getting more resilient, I'm really proud of her for keeping positive but it was hard to watch.  However, she's just joined the swim team (with Ali G, smallest yet most enthusiastic new member) and two of the boys on the team just love her.  They play at the pool a lot and 'fight' over her which I'm sure makes her feel good.  And they are nice kids, I honestly prefer that she have boy friends at this age because the boys are just not doing the snarky who-shops-at-Justice stuff and I can see dd just relax and be herself more around them.  Of course, at school the boys too are more self conscious about who they play with and how they play so I know it's not the perfect solution, but for now at least she has a comfy haven.


RR: Nope.


NRR: Just spent 2 nights camping with the girls on the island.  We had a beautiful site and the weather was perfect.  They are both great campers and we had a good time. I'd been a little apprehensive about going without dh (he's in St. Louis visiting his mom) but it went really well and I think we all felt good about having a girls only trip.

Realrellim's Avatar Realrellim 11:01 PM 06-15-2013
Originally Posted by bec View Post

Made it back to shore without being molested by any fish with ill intent
biglaugh.gif I'm glad you got back safely. Nice brick!

tjsmama--thanks for the bike advice, and WTG on the ride! I came down Bear Creek Canyon (in my car) today and it blows me away that people ride that, as in, they are cool in ways I don't think I will be anytime soon. Someone was telling me that Deer Creek Canyon is a lot more popular because it has shoulders, whereas Bear Creek Canyon really doesn't.

MelW--sounds like a fun trip so far, and love the pic!

1jooj--bring on the 10-miler (in a few weeks). Do you think you'll get there before or after Ramadan? (During it sounds rather painful, but that could just be my wussy self.)

ETA: x-posted with Plady, but no, I don't think plutonium, uranium or any of the other crud is responsible for craziness. I'm quite convinced that most major national revolutions, riots, and random crimes are at least partly heat-related. There aren't a lot of North American countries that celebrate the beginning of a new government in the winter, yk? Add in the fact that it was snowing on May 1 but 100 degrees by June 9 and well....there you go. This line of thinking is a spin-off of something my meteorology prof said about crime and the Santa Ana Winds. He also once speculated that Colorado's high suicide rate might be due to the extreme weather variations (this was at a college in NW Indiana, but it stuck with me).

RR: Mountain trail run! I was expecting more of a rolling hill setting like in some of the other area parks, but this was steep with nearly 600 feet of climbing in 1.25 miles. There was walking and gasping for air, but with a nice view at the top. I got on a nearby and much more manageable trail after that. In sum, 1760 feet of climbing over 5 miles. I'm hoping it will serve me well for the mountain half-mary in a couple of weeks.

NRR: The kids hadn't driven DH out of his mind by the time I got home, so I worked in the garden for a bit and then headed out to the bike stores. I test drove one at one store but wasn't entirely thrilled. That one was a tad too big; the one that fit better was also notably heavier. I don't want heavier. So then I went to the other store to test drive the bike I'd seen on Friday and yeah, it was sweet. I looked at a couple of other cheaper ones, but they also were notably heavier. The sale was pretty good and they were running a deal where you get 30% back in store credit. That's a lot of credit (enough to drop the price of the bike down to below what I was looking to spend), so it will pay for bike shoes, pedals, spare tubes, etc and if I work it right, will leave enough to get R a bigger bike too (when she finally learns to ride on 2 wheels, which is one of my summer projects). They run a ton of sales, so if I can combine the credit with sales, it will go a long way. And the best part? The bike came with platform pedals and toe clips, so I can use those until I get clipless ones. orngbiggrin.gif
bec's Avatar bec 01:38 PM 06-16-2013

RR: Father's Day ride for just under 40 miles today.  It's so funny the perspective difference.  Real, you talk about a 1760 foot climb.  I had just over 50 feet of climbing here (and thought it was a pretty hilly ride) and Map My Ride thought it was so noteable it gave me an award (I have no idea what for, but it was 24 points!).  lol.gif  I might have trouble in the mountains!  It was a really nice ride, but my main riding partner (same running partner and HIM training partner that I have talked about) were on pretty tired legs.  We have been bumping around from pace group to pace group to find the right one, and are struggling a little with that.  Today's group was not too bad, but there were a few that were scared to draft, so (if we were behind them) would fall far behind the rest of the group.  That was a little frustrating, but a little coaching and they started doing better.  The other was that there was a much faster biker who had started out with his wife (who ended up dropping back and forming a smaller group of ladies that were having trouble keeping up) who was very annoying to ride with. He kept on going out of order of the pace line (wouldn't wait for his turn to pull, but would zoom the line of bikes to get to the front, where he would only coast on the downhill, leaving everyone to struggle up the uphill, where he would get way far ahead).  It made it difficult to have any rhythm or consistent speed, and people were not able to take their fair share of pulling (I like being in the front of the line because it really challenges me).  Plus he kept on talking about all the winter rides he went on, etc.  Really, just showing off.  It was annoying.  eyesroll.gif  Anyway, it was good. 


NRR: Came home, showered and made homemade biscuits, eggs and bacon for a Father's Day brunch. eat.gif  And after, took a 2 hour nap!!!  This is the 2nd big nap I have taken this weekend.  Life is good, indeed!

JayGee's Avatar JayGee 03:29 PM 06-16-2013
DH decided that for Father's Day, he wanted us to help him clean the basement. Let me tell you, that man knows how to have a good time rolleyes.gif.
bec's Avatar bec 04:15 PM 06-16-2013

Really excited.  Just came up with a training schedule for my 9.5 year old DD for a half marathon (she's been pestering me about it for a solid 6 months and is a pretty good little runner).  I looked into the Galloway schedules, and found the beginning one to be exactly what I was looking for.  I did do a little modifying on it.  She is going to top out at an 11 mile long run instead of the called for 14 miles.  I'm excited, and she's excited. 

bec's Avatar bec 08:40 PM 06-16-2013

JG - hold him back!  He's living the high life! lol.gif


Can I just add another day of 100 squats!  It may be getting easier to do!moon.gif

Plady's Avatar Plady 10:04 PM 06-16-2013
Originally Posted by JayGee View Post

DH decided that for Father's Day, he wanted us to help him clean the basement. Let me tell you, that man knows how to have a good time rolleyes.gif.

Hmm, I wonder if our dhs could be related?  I was actually kind of happy that dh wasn't here today, Ali G and I volunteered at the local marathon for about 10 minutes until the pack had run through our intersection, then we had breakfast at a nice restaurant sitting on the deck overlooking the harbor, then we picked up C from a slumber party and went home and tidied up a bit.  Then I had to work a local private school graduation (12 grads) and the girls wandered around town together and went to the library.  When I was done we went to see Man of Steel.  It was the kind of day I love but which would make dh very anxious that we wee spoiling the kids or too busy, or having too many 'special treats' all in one day.  Maybe I should call it Mother's Day since Mother's Day nearly always conflicts with dh's birthday for which he'd prefer to clean the house.  


Nic - I thought of that Mother's Day/Birthday conflict when I saw that it's your birthday today.  So glad you got a good run in.


Bec you are just on fire!


Real  -Congrats on your new ride! bikenew.gif


Shanti - wave.gif


Lofty - Ow! Careful swimming while numb, that sounds like </lifeguard voice> it's just not safe!</lifeguard voice>

loftmama's Avatar loftmama 10:12 AM 06-17-2013
Kerc, finally looking at maps. I think you're right re: mid-July / Heat/ Illinois camping trip. Sigh.

Nickarollaberry, is it your birthday? birthday.gif

Plady, yeah, no more getting in the water till it's warmer or wetsuit arrives. Your day in town sounded marvelous, treats and all!

Bec, you are a machine! 100 Squats!!! clap.gif

Not much to say. I woke up with a rare migraine that makes me feel nauseous and dizzy. Not much working out happening since we've been so busy working on the property, moving many, many, many cords of wood, and then doing schoolwork with the boys. Definitely not having a vacation just doing work in a beautiful place. Wish I knew why I woke up with this weird headache. Wonder if Aunt Flo has anything to do with it.
Nickarolaberry's Avatar Nickarolaberry 10:48 AM 06-17-2013

Thanks Lofty. Yes, yesterday was my birthday. It was crazy busy. I did my own personal Happy Birthday To Me Private Half Marathon lol.gif early in the morning because I wanted to see if I could do better on a decent weather day than the train wreck of a race I had two weeks ago. I did pretty well, considering no course support and no company and I had to stop at the Mobil station to buy water: 2:04 and change. Still shooting for a sub-2 but it at least seems in reach. I am going to look for a fall half and/or full to see about those goals; clearly summer racing isn't for me. After that dh ran a morning Father's Day 10K, then I took dd1 and a couple friends to a bat mitzvah, then took her to my school's commencement ceremonies, then home where I made my own cake (gluten free/vegan baking even from a mix being clearly out of dh's skill set). I got a lovely poster and some cards from the kids, and they bought me new tablecloths. nut.gif


which is odd considering i raced in the heat all the time when we lived in FL but I guess there my body was acclimated to it; here we seem to fling between temps in teh 50s and temps in the 90s. eyesroll.gif.


Having some existential birthday angst, as usual. Well maybe it's just regular existential angst compounded by having a birthday. Trying to figure out if it's worth going back to school to do something else (read: law school) so at least I could make decent enough money to support me and my kids if need be. I'm so tired of being constrained in my choices by not having sufficient earning potential. I don't want to be a lawyer very much, at least not a regular kind (academic/teaching I could see) and I am allergic to 12-month desk jobs, but...I don't know. I am going to get in touch with a grad school colleague and see if there is any viable way to resurrect my academic career short of going back for another ph.d. but I doubt it. I've been out so long, and getting back in requires a university/college to work at in order to be taken seriously, which requires publishing to get a job at, and publishing requires being at the university to be taken seriously...you see the problem. Possibly an adjunct appointment but then I can't work full time at my current job and make at least a little bit. Kind of a catch-22.




Sorry about my whining.


Goals for my 45th year (I just turned 44 yesterday! HOW did that happen?!) as far as fitness/running go: sub-2 hour half; sub-4:45 full; first triathlon.


No clue if I have any of those in me really but why not set goals? 


Back to my melancholy cave. Bolt.gif

sparkletruck's Avatar sparkletruck 11:12 AM 06-17-2013
Nic - Happy Birthday!! I totally hear you on all of it. I hope you can find some insight from the colleague

MelW - thanks for the link smile.gif

Kerc - I guess I would do something northwest, like a visit to Plady and MelW territory...

Jo - yay for getting back on the wagon and the decrease in inflammation and having the kids on board. Woot! I hope you figure out a workable plan for Ramadan

RR: bike intervals 60 min, run/walk intervals 20 min. Felt pretty good considering I went to bed at 1am and woke at 6:30 after an epic day yesterday...

NRR: .... during which I was at a climbing gym in UT for almost 10 hours, from 8:30-6:30, then to the airport to catch a 2-leg 8:30p flight that got us home at 12:30a. DD1 competed in "Divisionals" this weekend; semis on Saturday and finals yesterday. Our Division is CA, CO, NM, AZ, UT. Its the most competitive one in the country. Long-story-short, she came in 5th (first 3 were from the "excellent" Boulder team) and got an invitation to Nationals. joy.gif right? Well, sort of. Nationals are 4 days long (2 qualifiers, a semi, and finals) and are in Atl Georgia. I just looked at flight prices bigeyes.gif and that doesnt count staying at a hotel, renting the car, and eating out for every meal (which I hate for many reasons. I just spent two days trying desperately to find a NON fast-food restaurant. Yuck.) Its 4 days of living at a climbing gym and out of a bag over my shoulder. A lot of stress (thankfully, both her semis and finals this weekend were done before 10am, so I only had to endure the Cortisol overload for a few hours each day). It's just a lot. I really want Dh to come with, but we just dont have anyone to watch the other two, and the expense for all 5 to fly - ugh. Dh and I calculated how much we spend on climbing per year and it is shocking. I JUST wanted her to climb to her potential, which I knew was Nationals level; I dont actually want to go to Nationals! bag.giflol.gif

edited to add: Hey Mel38 - wanna drive over and meet me there? lol.gif
JayGee's Avatar JayGee 12:26 PM 06-17-2013
Plady - I'm glad my DH isn't the only one. He's not capable of relaxing until all the work is done. Which I usually appreciate, to be honest wink1.gif.

sparkle - congrats to your DD for making Nationals! A tough decision for you though. Ugh.

Nic - Happy Birthday!!!!! Good luck with your future-plan making. Personally (and I'm 45, so I know...) being in the mid-forties isn't my favorite age.

Lofty - may the headache go away quickly. I have one too greensad.gif.

Jo - glad you're still on the wagon. I'm not. And I feel like dirt.

RR - walked 3 miles at the Y this morning.

NRR - Both DDs have Vacation Bible School all week and DS is doing a surf-rider class with two friends all week, so I have my mornings free. Now to find my motivation to actually DO something with those free mornings.

I think I need to find a therapist who specializes in eating disorders. Twenty years of binge-restrict and I'm really, really done with it all.
sparkletruck's Avatar sparkletruck 03:20 PM 06-17-2013
never mind lol.gif
tjsmama's Avatar tjsmama 07:10 PM 06-17-2013

bec~I'm biglaugh.gif over your open water swim description. I've done a ton of OWS, and I don't think I've ever seen a fish! I don't know if you just had clearer water, or maybe just that you were looking for them. winky.gif

real~Congrats on the new ride! Now we can meet up and ride! orngbiggrin.gif

sparkle~Congrats to your DD! I don't envy the thought of a trip to ATL, though...wouldn't be my first choice of a trip in the summer! orngtongue.gif

I survived my three in a row, and now have a few days off to swim, bike, run, read, and sleep. A week in, I have now hit the point of DS's absence where I really would like to snuggle him for a while, but a week to go still. I've got a little time left to play, though. Tomorrow, I'm going to go for a bike ride, then meet a friend for an open water swim and then lunch. This is shocking, because it will be the first time in my 6 years of triathlon-ing that I have ever done an OWS as a practice and not in an actual race. orngtongue.gif Track and a bike ride on Wednesday, followed up by sushi lunch and match.com profile making with a friend (EEK, but it's time), and a concert at Red Rocks Wednesday night, before back to work on Thursday night.
Plady's Avatar Plady 07:17 PM 06-17-2013

JayGee - hug2.gif Sounds like a therapist might be the right tool for the job.  


Lofty - Yeah, hefting cords of wood is not vacationing.


Sparkle - Congrats on Nationals!  That's awesome!  There are a bunch of Dingos there, I bet they could steer you in the direction of at least some decent food.

What does dd think of her success?


Nic - I can see the rational behind the law school idea but ugh, it's a lot of time to get there.  Although I guess any fresh degree would be too.  Good luck with untangling the thoughts.


RR: None today.  Hopefully I'll box tomorrow.  I'm already over juggling working and summertime kids.  I'm putting too much on dd1 as far as watching Ali G but I don't see a lot of alternatives.  At least today she met up with a friend and they spent the day creating greeting cards and selling them to raise money for dd's "Wave Goodbye to Bullying" campaign.

1jooj's Avatar 1jooj 08:01 PM 06-17-2013

Sparkle, congrats to dd! That is pretty amazing. And yes (!!!) to what P said--some super Dingoes in ATL, fo sho.


Nic, I am kinda thinkin the same as P on law, esp if you were thinking an academic angle. I dunno, though. What about ed admin?headscratch.gif I think with some more sleeping on it you will come up with a good idea. I really do think so.


bec, YES, ha! On the fish. I swim in the ocean and we spend a lot of time in the company of the crabs and fish, but it never ceases to ook me out when something shifts under my foot or nudges me somewhere. I still sometimes scream. blush.gif But what fun!


JayGee, I really and truly understand. Some days are just a dragon to slay, aren't they? I recently read (most of) Radical Acceptance, and some of it spoke directly to me. But someone to help you with recognizing triggers maybe a little sooner so you can head off some of the crap before it comes down...yeah, that would be good.


Gaye, enjoy the time off! I hope you get some good swims, bikes, runs and maybe mostly sleeps! I cherish my sleep these days, and am happy when my kids sometimes declare (rather than "what are we doing tomorrow?"), "tomorrow, I sleep in!"


Lofty, that migraine sure could have to do with AF. I hope you feel relief already, and that you have some sweet relaxation ahead.


NRR: My sister is out of the hospital and doing well--great relief! I took her kids and mine to my parents' for Father's Day so she and her dh could have a little time together. Our hometown does a 2.5-hour parade. Weather was perfect and it was a nice day.


RR: Sticking pretty well to my very-few-runs plan. Three is a perfect number to shoot for, it would seem. Our social schedule is still nutso. 5 miles this morning (yay!), took an hour (waahh!). Going to need to begin doing some sort of real speed work of some kind. Not sure how I feel about that.


Off to bed with me. 'Night, Dingoes.

MelW's Avatar MelW 09:22 PM 06-17-2013
Nic, big hugs. I hope you find a positive direction that brings money and fulfillment. Beyond the time investment, I've read recently about an oversupply coming out of law schools recently so I'm not sure it's the kind of "sure thing" financially that it used to be (the same can be said of nursing right now, too).

Plady, we stayed at Black Rock Resort. We hit the rainforest trail and the playground in Tofino before heading home yesterday, but I had planned so well with food and snacks that we didn't get to eat at Tacofino since there was a lot in the cooler that needed to be used up.

sparkle, good luck with the travel plans! I hope you both have an amazing time!!

tjsmama, have fun with the rest of the kid-free time, and good luck with the profile wink1.gif

Jo, I'm glad your sister is recovering well and congrats on the workable run schedule.

bec (I think?) how fun that your DD is doing a half joy.gif

JayGee, hugs. Hoping that you find a terrific therapist.

Hi to everyone else that I missed. iPad posting can be a hassle if I'm forgetful.

RR- Just a bunch of yard work today. When it's my only RR, I'm at least grateful for the reel mower.

NRR- Busy day of getting unpacked, laundry, groceries, caught up on the wild lawn, and our last fiddle lesson of the year. Tomorrow and Wednesday are 12 hour day shifts, Thursday is last minute end of semester stuff, and Friday my students write finals in both of my courses, followed by a 12 hour night. I have no other work booked after that until early July, so I took what I could get despite the stupidity of working day and night on Friday. I'll probably get to run and take myself out to dinner in between jobs.
Realrellim's Avatar Realrellim 12:15 AM 06-18-2013
Nic--happy birthday! I'm with you on the angst, both job and otherwise this week (my birthday is Thursday, so there's that too). The rational part of me notes that even freshly-graduated lawyers are having trouble finding work (not to mention that FT for a lawyer is more like 60 hours/week). On the university side, if you could find a FT research position (rather than teaching position), that could give you a platform for publishing and a leg back up the academic rung. That said, the market is ugly anyhow, so I don't think it's so much that you've been out of the university as that there's too many PhDs and too few TT positions and no end in sight to budget cuts. Another PhD won't change any of that, which is not much consolation, I know. Great fitness goals! If you shoot for a spring or fall half-mary, I think you'll do great.

sparkle--I am lol.gif at your dilemma about qualifying for vs actually going to Nationals, though I'd feel the same way in your situation. Congrats to your DD!

tjsmama--yes, we'll have to ride sometime...when I actually have any endurance or speed. Have fun with your ride tomorrow!

MelW--is it me, or are nearly all of your weeks packed solid? Kudos to you for keeping it all together. clap.gif

1jooj--glad your sister is out and it sounds like you had a nice weekend.

lofty--hope the headache is gone.

Plady--hope you're able to box tomorrow.

RR: 10 miles on the (new!) bike and then 3 miles pushing a sleeping J in the jogger. She's been clingy lately and went into hysterics when I tried to bike yesterday when she was getting ready for bed. The girls had swim lessons today but for reasons I don't understand, J was flipped out by having a male/female pair of instructors and didn't want anything to do with the male one. (Yes, I was the mother of the kid shrieking "mama" as he piloted her around the pool. eyesroll.gif ) I guess she thought it was going to be another parent/tot class and she'd have her previous swim teacher, an older lady? Maybe I didn't prepare her adequately enough. I didn't think it was an issue after she'd done several months of dance classes where they opened the door, said "come on in dancers" and she trotted off without so much as a backward glance. At any rate, when I came home from the bike ride J was begging to stay with me and I was happy to push her to sleep.

The new bike is fabulous. It rides well and is so much faster (just like everyone says!). Now I'm in the thick of trying to figure out what kind of lock to buy, what kind of bike shoes (road shoes with the completely smooth sole or the kind that you can actually walk in for a bit? probably the latter...I like to check out things on longer runs and can't imagine biking will be much different), how to inflate the tires (clearly not with my current floor pump, though not for lack of trying...). Bikes and swimming always remind me how very simple running is. smile.gif

NRR: other than J being "that" 3-year-old in her preschool class, and probably also the youngest, the day was good. R the anxious child who has spent countless hours fretting about the very idea of swim lessons did not freak out and actually enjoyed it.
kerc's Avatar kerc 06:35 AM 06-18-2013

I'm going to quickly reply so I'm going to miss all sorts of you:

Nic and Lisa: happy birthdays!


on phd job market:  don't discount adjunct teaching as a way to build your resume. You won't land a job at an R1, but if you have a few years of AP teaching + some community college teaching/night teaching and were able to present (note not write an actual article, just present something), you would be well suited for a job at my institution.  Also:  my husband and I have each (he still does) taught as an adjunct in two different systems. The minnesota state colleges and universities are unionized.  When you teach 5 credits or more you are placed into the union payscale.  The union payscale includes # of credit hours of graduate credit AND # years experience. We put all sorts of experience down when we filled out our applications to be placed on the payscale. As a graduate student I was a teaching assistant for numerous years. I put those down, as did my husband. They gave me credit for teaching middle school. etc.  Anyhow point being that the FT pay for a faculty member with about 10 years of experience and a phd (working 9 months a year) is somewhere between 60 and 70 thousand a year. In minnesota. When you are PT they prorate it -- at 60k you're making $2000/credit hour. WIth no expectations of research.


Other system:  well, the pay isn't nearly as good. FT is like $40,000. But you should feel good about that because as a FT tenure track professor, with almost 5 years of experience they still brought me in at $48,000. And the guy who was hired last year?  $49,000. <snark>Hopefully once Governor Scott Walker privatizes the university system we all start making what we're actually worth </snark>. 


If you are really thinking about looking at that level of work -- my suggestions are to do a tiny bit of research, get one or two recent college/university courses under your belt and then when you write your letter address you recent work history --- you love teaching at the AP level and realize that you love working with college students.   Poly sci, no?


In the meantime:  if you're teaching AP next year, go on the Educational Testing Services website and tell them you want to grade AP exams.  Get your parents to help with your kids and go talk to poly sci academics. You get paid travel costs + close to $2000 for the week.


Also:  we have a friend with a phd in history from Carolina. She works as a paralegal and does the research end of stuff. If you have a phd in humanities, then you're trained to do that kind of research and she makes about 3 x what an academic makes. BUT she works summers and sometimes at night.




ok must get some other stuff done today.

bec's Avatar bec 06:38 AM 06-18-2013

Sparkle - Way to go for your DD!!!  Ugh, on ticket prices.  Is driving an option?  Is it cheaper?


Nic - I have near constant career turmoil.  I think your goals for the upcoming year are absolutely reachable.  You are so close to that sub 2 half! 


Gaye - The water was very clear.  But even in clear water, I have never seen a fish before!  Trying not to think about it.  Practice lake swims are critical for my confidence. That, and I need to build up a callous for where the top of the wetsuit rubs on my neck.  No amount of bodyglide helps that.


Lofty - I hope your headache is gone. 


RR: Yesterday was nothing.  Unless you count running after a troop of girl scouts all day.  Then, I did oodles.  I plan on running today.  Em has half an hour, and I have to meet with my C25k buddy for 25 minutes.  So, I'll have around an hour when all is said and done. 


NRR: Girl Scouts yesterday.  We were power badging it.  We finished 2 complete badges, all but finished another 3 and worked on another 2.  Some of the activties served for more than one badge, but it was still a busy day of flowers, navigating, geocaching, bugs, birds and nature!

sparkletruck's Avatar sparkletruck 07:30 AM 06-18-2013
Real - I used to have the kind of shoes that are plastic/leather (whatever; stiff) and always had sore feet or cold feet during a ride. Then I finally got some cloth shoes (same sole), and I am so much happier riding now, fwiw

NRR: yeah, bought the tickets yesterday. Rumor has it that they're moving rope Nationals to Denver next year... thanks eyesroll.gif (next year she goes up to the next age group and will likely not make it to Nationals)
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