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SweetSilver's Avatar SweetSilver 08:47 AM 11-08-2013

Didn't practice yesterday, but day before did a great session, and really focussing on not hurrying through it.  I give myself permission to do whatever yoga I can muster, but I managed to focus for 5 breaths in each position.  It made such a huge difference, and I have time this morning to do it again.


My nose has been all stuffed (no cold, possibly allergies) and the big drive yesterday had my ears stuffing up and popping even with the mildest rises.  Odd.  

MsBe's Avatar MsBe 06:11 PM 11-15-2013
Ahh, it is so difficult to build new habits! I have been every other day for the last few days and already it is eating into my self-confidence. Can I maintain a practice? Is it too uncomfortable? After just more than a week of daily practice I started having, umm, uncomfortable dreams, and so the next night I resist sleep and the following day I skip my practice (too tired), then I sleep well and practice, repeat... Anyone else have practice bring up regrets/ worries one thought were long gone? Did you just push through? What things make you NOT want to practice? Struggling...
SweetSilver's Avatar SweetSilver 09:28 PM 11-15-2013

I'm afraid the only thing that keeps me from practice is feeling lazy, or trying to make up some lost time because I *being* lazy...all morning!  That's interesting about the dreams and emotions.  Yoga is a lot about release, so it makes perfect sense that you are experiencing this.


I've been content with my every other day practice.  I did 3 practices in one week.  The last 3 days I've been sick, so today was the first day I did one sun salutation with crescent pose and pigeon pose on both sides.  And that was enough!  Counting diligently to 5 breaths for each pose has really been a revelation for me, rather than breathe in, move, breathe out move, like vinyasa.  That is really great for generating heat, but can lead me to shirking on each pose just a little bit to get to the next one.  Doing yoga on my own helps a little, but my relative inexperience benefits from taking multiple breaths in each pose to finish getting into the correct position.

SweetSilver's Avatar SweetSilver 03:11 PM 12-01-2013

So, How do you keep going?  


How do you pick it up when it's dropped off?


What time of day is the best time for you to do yoga?  A time where it's easy for you to not forget it or be lazy about it?


My yoga is still sputtering in fits and starts.  I've gained a good 10 pounds.  Ugh.  I am having such a rough time.  Some of the weight gain, I don't understand.  Some of it I do.  And even though my yoga has been spotty, I feel this last year has been an overall success.  Sure, I did more at the beginning of last year, but I haven't gone a whole week without doing something, and recently it has been at least twice.  This morning I knocked out 6 sun salutations and some core work.  About 10 minutes total.  


Just wondering where all you ladies are at with your routines.  Faithful?  Is it a long distance relationship?  :p  A temporary separation or a full-on divorce?


I think my relationship is in therapy.  Working on it.  

SweetSilver's Avatar SweetSilver 10:45 AM 12-05-2013
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