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So I am at a decent weight but 10-15 above my average, I have a friend's wedding to attend in less that three weeks and really would like to look my best!

I am looking for quick weight loss tips to loose a healthy amount (1-2 lbs a week) but maximum amount until then, even if its only 5-8 lbs. I am already Paleo but probably eat too many carbs in the form of veggies (carrots, plantains etc) 


heres what I have already started doing since the beg of the month


25 minutes of HIIT 3xs a week

35-60 minutes of yoga daily (so far!) 


(also, i just started becoming more active, been a sedentary doctoral student lately ;)


any other tips would be greatly appreciated!

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Herbalshakti join the club !! I am pretty much suffering from the same weight problem and its annoying when you are surrounded by smart slender friends and family members and your husband keeps pressurizing you to fit in (trust me that's even more urgent than a friend's wedding :/ ). I am not a very knowledgeable person myself and iv really just started searching the internet for weight loss techniques. Iv visited a number of good forums and websites, like this one, to help myself and some really proved helpful like for instance Weightlossedge.net gave me a fair idea about which of my eating habits were doing the harm.

I suggest you need to first focus on what kind of foods you eat and how you're going to arrange for burning the excess calories and stuff. So in a nutshell its supposed to be the effective management of what you eat and not just simply avoiding food.Hope you have got what I mean.

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Great workout plan! You can even up your hiit cardio workouts to 5 times a week...I promise you that isn't too much but it will make a bigger difference! I used to opt to do mon-fri and then if I had time on the weekends I would run, walk, or do some exercises with dumbbells. Doing yoga daily will be great for your muscles, especially when you're first starting off with exercising regularly. Try to cut as much sugar as you can out of your diet...that will help entice you to eat as healthy as possible. A snack here and there won't hurt either, just don't create a habit of eating anything you want just because you are working out.
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Drink 2 glass of lukewarm water with few drops of lemon early in the morning are very much helpful in weight loss. I have experienced this procedure and believe it really works!!!
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Meal Prepping is an amazing way organize your week and lose weight. It's like getting those preplanned meals by Jenny Craig, but you make them yourself in Tupperware and portion out exactly what you want of your own quality ingredients. I follow a whole food diet with no dairy or yeast. I make most of my plate veggies and add a small portion of meat, good fats, and whole grains.
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