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loftmama's Avatar loftmama 06:54 PM 11-03-2005
Mandy, Sorry to hear about your dear little one's injury. I know that must've been so hard. Hope he's better soon!

Shanti, I've just printed the recipe. Thank you again. I'm ready for a break from all my heavy dairy recipes! Eating bunches of nuts and dried fruits today.

Kerc - That flickr site is awesome. In the time it took me to upload ONE photo on my earthlink acct, I uploaded SIX! Do you make your photos public? Private? How do ya'll decide? I've relatively new to posting pics.

Halloween '05

Saskiasmom - This is our track workout, althought I run 1/4 mile each time.
We will do circuit tomorrow with 800m run in between. Order of the exercises: Step ups, crunches, push ups, Fences, jumps (2nd set), super man, and lunges. You will need to end up with lunges each time.
This is our latest crazy exercise: Holding Breath It's for improving lung efficiency. Here's coach's explanation:
Gilbert: I want you to read this because he was my coach in 1996-1998.
We were a big number of marathon, 10km, 5km ,1500m and 800m.
Training with gazelles exposes you to world -renown coaches.

World-renown Brazilian track coach Luiz De Oliveira has trained
champion runners like Mary Decker and Olympic gold and silver
medalist, Joaquim Cruz. De Oliveira claims his breath-holding drill
allows middle and long distance runners to improve their endurance by
adapting to increased levels of lactic acid. "I have a breath-holding
drill that I use once a week," says De Oliveira . "I try to drive the
lactic acid up quicker than it would in a regular race. That way, my
runners get used to it. What I have them do is take a running start,
then inhale and hold their breath when they hit the starting line,
then they run for 25 meters. They work on technique while holding
their breath. When they reach the finish line, they exhale and
breathe normally."

De Oliveira then has them jog back and do the same drill for 30
meters, then 35 - all the way to 90 meters. "Everybody's capable of
holding their breath for a very long time. But you've got to do three
of these sets. By the final set, you're going to become very very
tired. It's hard to hold your breath at that point. But if you use my
drill, you will see results."

De Oliveira has another drill where his 400 and 800 meter runners
hold their breath for just the last 30 meters, simulating the end of
a race when they're most tired. At this point, they have to pick up
their speed and work on their form. "The most important thing you can
do in the race," says De Oliveira, "no matter how exhausted you get -
is to maintain your form."
I can't remember who wanted our strength training regimen. I'll go back and look, then pm you.

Naughty Dingo's Avatar Naughty Dingo 07:02 PM 11-03-2005

My 1 1/2 year old had 4 stitches under her chin a couple months ago. I and a nurse held her down and she did well. DP is a master of crazy kid entertainment and kept her attention. Afterward we made a big deal out of her Booboo and fussed over her. We even gave her treats. Now if we ask where her booboo is she points at her chin.

I think if you fuss over him and tell him how brave he is he will do fine. These yung'uns do great with it.

kerc's Avatar kerc 07:10 PM 11-03-2005
ok I am SOOOO craving black bean soup. And we have a new blender so we might just have it for dinner.

Leah is 5 weeks old and I'm at work, dh is home with her and we're introducing the bottle today. Eeek. I can't believe it. I'm sooo wanting to call and see if they are all ok, but I know I've only been gone an hour!

And that hour has been the most productive hour I have had at work in about a year. A friend of mine (also a phd student) works from after her son's morning feeding at 5 until noon. I may begin that regimine as soon as we are in a scheduled pattern. I must finish this darn degree.

Snow predictions for the Morning here. We spent my morning moms group meeting discussing ways of managing winter here in the great white north with itty ones. I'm itching for a little snow and some skiing. In the meantime I might be forced to bring the nordic track back into the house because I just can't deal with having boobs and running. Especially since they seem to change volume by the minute so sports bras are not easy to fit/find. A few more weeks and things will even out, I'm sure.
Naughty Dingo's Avatar Naughty Dingo 07:21 PM 11-03-2005
Hi runnin’ Mamas,

We had beautiful, sunny 70 degree weather today. I can’t believe I ran in a T shirt and Capri leggings in November. My friend’s LLL meeting ran late, my kids totally disintegrated, and I had a meltdown so the Y was out of the question today. It was for the best, this weather was meant to be taken advantage of. I did a slow hour. Will do that program to check the mileage, but I bet it was around 5.

Mamas, I am feeling so messed up lately. I am tremendously sad. I am having a really hard time communicating this to my friends and husband. I don’t know why but I just can’t find words to put to it. The only place I share is with my board Mamas here at MDC. I guess I don’t want to stress DP out and be a downer to my friends, because what can they do about it anyway? And 2 of my three closest friends are in their first trimesters of pregnancy, I am so happy for them but every time I think about them, my brain starts accounting for time the way I do when I am pregnant, and I have to stop myself because my pregnancy isn’t going any further.

I feel like the only control over my life is through what I eat and exercise. I am carrying about 15 pounds of extra weight. 10 of it is from this recent pregnancy, as short as it was. I have a feeling like if I can lose that weight, it can erase some of the pain ad grief I am feeling. Like it will bring me back to who I am. I know that is messed up and won’t work but I am too afraid to let it go and give up on it. I have no control over my body right now, this is the only thing that makes me feel like I do.

Everything else seems totally out of my control in my life, and really I don’t feel like I have a life. I feel like all my life is right now is stuff that I have to do and am obligated to. I am so disappointed to have lost this baby. Like Mandy was saying the other day, I am a person who lives for goals and planning to achieve my goals. The ultimate in this process for me is a pregnancy. I think my running in part has taken over that place that the pregnancy had. But I still feel really lost now without that baby. I also feel like I have nothing to complain about when I think of my friends IRL and on the boards who have been in/are in related situations. I feel a lot of guilt for feeling my woes.

I really am missing my yoga class. It was a sanctuary of emotional support for me and no other class has been like that. But, it was a prenatal class…

My runs are also the only thing that is making me feel good these days as well. I don’t want to go a day without getting out even though I have such a fatigue at my core. I am just so sad and know only time will make it better, but I want to do what I can each day. My friend says I need to back off and take it easy but I am so afraid to do that. It is the only thing that is keeping me up right now.

My run today was hard not because my body was sore or tight, but I had this tight, achey feeling at the back of my throat the whole time that I get when I am about to cry. The tears have been right there all day today.

OK, sorry for dumping this all on you. This is so totally OT. It has been in my head all day and I needed to tell someone.

I hope you all have great runs today. I'm gonna try and chill a bit.

Love, ND
kerc's Avatar kerc 07:26 PM 11-03-2005
ND ---> I've got to run and have no words right now, but I wanted you to know I was thinking about you this morning (before I read your post too!).
JenLove's Avatar JenLove 07:55 PM 11-03-2005
ND - I'm glad you feel you can share this with us, and don't feel sorry for "dumping" on us. We are here for support, in whatever form it may be needed.

Mandy - Sorry to hear about you little guy. I was in 3rd grade when I got a gash on my head (right near my eye), and I remember it as just another "day off of school."

Ok, DH is out biking. I'm going for a run.. it's 70* here!
lucenamama's Avatar lucenamama 10:06 PM 11-03-2005
Oh ND, thanks for sharing exactly where you are, thank you for your honesty and trust in us. You've been through so much and I've found especially as a mama it's like we're so busy and so used to being busy that it's hard to give space to the flowing of hard, sad, sometimes undescribable feelings. Just in what you posted it's clear you have so much awareness about what's going on. Sometimes when I'm feeling like I hardly have room to breathe (in my lungs, heart, and mind), I try to find the tiny bit of ease in this breath, then this breath, then this breath. Anyway, I know you're a wise and thoughtful mama who probably knows this. Wish I could just give you a big hug.

Grnmtnmama, to you and your DS, poor lil guy.

Kerc, hope the day went well for your family.

Loftmama, thanks for the info. Will have to ask my coach about the oxygen dep. I'm the one who asked about strength training, but what I really need is a routine I can do at home w/free weights.

ETA: are the children of everyone on this thread cutie pies or what?

Saskiasmom, thank you for the kind thoughts.

I feel less like a turtle today. My coach said he definitely did a typo and that my goal on the track is to do 2.5 laps in 4:40, NOT 2:40. Definitely more doable.

Off day. Tried to do some push ups and really will do some core work (really really) before dinner tonight. I've been inspired by the cold weather too -- we're having New England Boiled Dinner tonight followed by pumpkin pie (all made by moi from scratch). Ok, maybe some of you aren't as jazzed about corned beef and cabbage as I am but this Filipina never had it as a kid so I think it's kinda exotic .

I'm jealous of you 70* mamas -- cold rain here!
Runningmommy's Avatar Runningmommy 10:29 PM 11-03-2005
ND, my heart goes out to you, I wish I had the right words to say. I am thinking of you This is definitly the place for saying things like this, we are a great support group. For me, just getting it out in words, spoken or written can help a lot.

Grnmtnmama, so sorry to hear about the stitches! Hope you and your ds are feeling better.

kerc~snow predictions! Yikes! I enjoyed a t shirt day and woudl love it if the weather were like this all winter. But alas, I know snow will come to Indiana too.

Got to get kiddos down for bed as they had no naps today and played outside for hours. We have another no nap day tomorrow and Saturday so church on Sunday should be interesting.

Morning Running Buddies~ anyone joining me in the morning?
sparkletruck's Avatar sparkletruck 10:38 PM 11-03-2005
Originally Posted by lucenamama
Sometimes when I'm feeling like I hardly have room to breathe (in my lungs, heart, and mind), I try to find the tiny bit of ease in this breath, then this breath, then this breath.

corned beef and cabbage sounds damn good to this honkey, too bad my Dh hates any food with "tang" - this includes anything with vinegar, even mustard (which I love). DD once asked, "why do boys hate mustard" I said "not all boys, just daddy"

finally went to the dentist since mentioning the need for it 3 mos ago. Turns out the tooth I thought was on its way to a root canal is fine!

ND - oh do I feel you. somtimes my goal is just one hour at a time, then one day at a time, then a week.... time heals.
pumpkinseed's Avatar pumpkinseed 11:30 PM 11-03-2005
ND-oh my- I am so sorry you are going through this. I just wanted to let you know that your feelings are very real and to let them out. Whatever you feel-express that emotion. I can't tell you how many runs I had where I cried the entire time after I lost my angel. I bled a lot (4 months) after my missed miscarriage-I was 13 weeks-had a lot of problems. I "knew" I should have listened to my body and take it easy-but it is so hard when running is what keeps your mind clear. Running is what got me through it-it was the one safe place that I could be honest with my feelings. I don't mean to make this post about me-I just want to say that I think you can still get out there and clear your mind and take it easy at the same time...just go slow or walk-just get out there in the fresh air-and let yourself feel whatever you are feeling. Again-I am so sorry you are going through this-its so much like a roller coaster-thinking you are coping well one day and feeling miserable the next... to you- just be honest with your feelings. Thanks for trusting us with your feelings-this board is truly are an amazing group of women...
kpinny's Avatar kpinny 11:41 PM 11-03-2005
ND - A cyber hug to you. It may be easier to keep it all together at home and with your friends and only express yourself here, but you may be missing a true relationship growth opportunity by not sharing this with your dp and your close friends at home, especially dp. I know this from first hand experience.

I knew I married a good guy and all, but 8 mcs in 8 years was really depressing and making me feel "freaking psychotic" (my words in a breakdown to him one night probably 4 years ago now). He was sensitive to my feelings each time, of course always wanting to say just the right thing or fix me somehow...but that night he just broke down with me saying he had no idea of the depth of my feelings until then. It was probably a two way street there, me not sharing my feelings as fully as I should have, and he not picking up on what I thought were obvious signs of distress. It really took us to a whole new level - my appreciation for him soared and his sudden comprehension of the infertile person that was taking over an otherwise happy me was some strange moment of clarity.

As far as close friends, that is hit and miss, I think it depends on their experience - some just can't understand, some have been there too and can help you more than you'd imagine. For me, I think I was helping my friends more than they helped me (how should I deal w/ so and so's mc? what should I say to her? I know you know all about it, what kinds of things are the wrong things to say? etc.). However, there is some therapeutic benefit there too, b/c in reality they were asking me how they should deal with me - I hope that makes sense, I'm not as eloquent as many of the gals on the board here.

I loved JenLove's story about coming after a mc - I wept thinking of how she'd take it when I ever tell J she came after 8.

hugs again to you.

on a running note - I jogged across the parking lot at school today and felt like I could give birth any minute now - no more jogging for me at all!

2babybees's Avatar 2babybees 12:00 AM 11-04-2005
ND- s you are in my thoughts. I can completely empathize with the need to run everyday as I have used it as my center during difficult times. I've even had a few good cries during a few of them. Respect the core fatigue, even if it's just for one day. Even if it means only going for a really long slow walk by yourself.

grnmtnmama- from you and your ds!! They are resilent. Trust me you were way more traumatized than he was.

JenLove- How was the run? Glad to see you getting out!!

Loftmama- What darling kiddos!! And oxygen deprivation...interesting...hmmm. I'll have to try this sometime later in my training.

Poppy- I'm so glad my words inspired you! You definitely are a runner. It is hard with kids and work and life etc. It's all about arranging schedules and finding those 20 or 30 minutes. They are there you just have to squeeze them out!

Mamabeth- Glad to see you popping in. Take it easy! Relatives are the most stressful thing after having a babe. We love to have them visit but can't wait for them to leave! You deserve a break!

I am still battling this darn cold. I shouldn't have run I think today but I did. It turned to be only 20 minutes and then I got stuck by a train just two blocks from my house. This is the hazard of running in my neighborhood. Today it was stopped for at least a mile blocking all roads, and it was getting dark, and I just wanted to go home, so I climbed up and jumped over it. This may not seem monumental but I habve never done it before, a bit of a phobia of mine. We live in an area of a lot of train crossings so I experienced *a lot* of train safety education as a kid and basically got the crap scared out of me about trains. Really to be a hard core runner in this area you have to be willing to do it and I knew this day would come. So the train didn't move and I made it over, rather ungracefully and I got home before it was completely dark.

I'm off to take a shower and put myself to bed early. Maybe tomorrow this darn cold will finally breakup. I did buy a new box of EmergenC at Walgreens today- on sale! Yummy Tangerine tomorrow. you all!
eksmom's Avatar eksmom 12:28 AM 11-04-2005
ND I thought about you on my run tonight. It was warmish for November and absolutely, completely still. It made me wish for the same kind of calm and peace for you. I wish I could say magic words that would make it all better. Please feel free to vent here anytime. We feel honored that you trust us enough to let it all out.

2babybees that is awesome that you climbed over the train. Just reading your description of it made me nervous.

I am sure looking forward to tomorrow. It's an off day for running, and DH and I are going on a date! We're going to this restaurant I've been wanting to take him to for ages, and then we're going to a high school football game. It's really the marching band I want to see. They've built another high school since I've been gone, and my old band director went to the new school. I haven't seen him or the band since I've been back (a year now) and I am looking forward to it!
JenLove's Avatar JenLove 01:27 AM 11-04-2005
to everyone. I think we all need some lovin'.

Thanks for asking about my run. I ran for 20 minutes and then I did a cool down walk for 10 minutes. It was really beautiful outside. It was sunny and the wind was blowing the leaves across the sidewalk in front of me. My calves were really tight during the run, so hopefully I'm not sore tomorrow.
Naughty Dingo's Avatar Naughty Dingo 01:59 AM 11-04-2005
Oh Mamas, I am crying tears after reading your loving posts. You have given me much to think about and so much support.

Kpinney, thank you so much for sharing. You are so right, I talked with DP when he came home and he grabbed me up in a big hug. He is so positive in his thinking, and so calming. He is a good balance to my fire of emotion. It felt good to tell him how bad I was feeling.

And Pumpkin, Thank you too. It is so complex and so changing. I appreciate so much you telling me about your experience. I really relate to everything you said. It feels good to feel not alone. Thank you for that.

Mamas, thank you from the bottom of my heart for making this safe space. I am relieved it is here.

Tomorrow, I think i will take a day off, and if it is bad weather, I will go to the Y and float in the water. I am longing for the feeling of water around my body. It is like a soothing hug. But I will only go if it is bad out. If it is nice, I will go out and play with my babies.

Love to you Mams, ND
Runningmommy's Avatar Runningmommy 09:28 AM 11-04-2005
ND~glad to hear that!

Jenlove~glad to hear you had a good run last night, hope your calves worked the kinks out and feel fine today.

getting on the TM as soon as ds3 is done nursing. Stilll stuffy nose but sore throat gone. YAY for vit C and eachinacia!! Anyone running with me?
party_of_seven's Avatar party_of_seven 10:57 AM 11-04-2005
ND!~ I wish I had some words of wisdom for you. I do know that running has pulled me through some difficult times too. I had some very turbulent teenage years, and if it wasn't for the control and peace that running brought me I don't know if I would even be here. If running helps you get through it then I think you should run.

How do some of you drink more than 1 emergen-c a day?? It totally messes up my digestion if I do. I can only have 1 a day and sometimes that's too much.

I wish I had more time, but I need to get myself off to work. Ds's birthday party is will be a full house. I'm looking forward to it...I bet he is too. I can't believe that he is going to be 6!

Corben as a baby (he weighed 10lbs at 1 week old!)

Corben now
babybugmama's Avatar babybugmama 11:15 AM 11-04-2005
Erica You will always feel the sadness and the loss, but there will come a time when you can bear the intensity. I think running is a very healthy way to cope. I can think of times in my life where I ran the pain/anger out - sometimes it would be for 90 min runs. Take care of yourself and love yourself as if you were a babe needing gentle love and affirmation. You are a sweet soul.

I haven't run since sunday. Different reasons for different days. I did get a blood draw on wednesday. They told me my hormone levels were where they should be. I am still spotting. I am running today though, later. I think dd is getting really sick and I don't want to take her out in the jogger. Natalie had her three year checkup yesterday...She's doing great! Weighs 34 pounds and is 38 inches tall. (75th and 95th respectively) She's always been a tall girl. She wowed the ped when she drew a picture of a person...two eyes, a mouth, legs, arms and hair. She's amazing.
grnmtnmama's Avatar grnmtnmama 11:24 AM 11-04-2005
ND - don't discount how traumatic a miscarriage is. your feelings are absolutely normal. even though we know in our hearts that it happens for a reason, it's a devastating event that no one else can feel quite the same way because in the first trimester a pregnancy is such an internal, private thing. i think you should feel free to run and to walk and listen to your body and talk to it and make your peace with it.

ds is doing much better. even though it's not my style, we bought him a new digger on the way home from the doctors and that made everything okay. he's pointing out 'owies' on the foreheads of his trains and bears which is pretty cute. i'm doing much better at this point too. i wish my knee didn't hurt as i'd like to go for a run, that would certainly make me feel better. but i'm resting.

party of 6 - Happy Birthday to Corben!

marathon photos are up - i really don't like any of them, in most of them it looks like i was walking and i can assure you that i wasn't. and another pet peeve is that because of two different starts the clock at the finish line shows my time plus 30 minutes. oh well, at least my legs look great in the first photo :LOL
Hollysmom's Avatar Hollysmom 12:54 PM 11-04-2005
Just wanted to pop in and say a quick

ND Please take care of yourself and give yourself as much time as you need to heal. I think about you all the time.

grnmtnmama - Great pictures! You look amazing.

To everyone who posted pictures of their! They are all so cute!

Still not doing much in the way of physical activity except throwing up (sorry tmi). As soon as I feel better I am getting on that treadmil. I'll keep you posted.
sparkletruck's Avatar sparkletruck 01:15 PM 11-04-2005
none for me, but DS just walked across the kitchen

He was up to 4 wobbly steps yesterday after starting at 1 last weekend. Then yesterday he started clapping at the park. he'd go down the slide feet first and then clap at the bottom (we have started clapping this week when he has taken steps). This morning he stood up, started clapping and then started walking toward dh . He wobbled after a few steps, regained his balance and kept going! Then he had 2 pancakes w/ almond butter for breakfast! 10 1/2 mos. My baby

ND - I thought about you all night. I kept wanting to post more. Im so glad kpinny said what she did. It struck me that you havent formally grieved. You did the Griffin run for your babe too, but have you done anything to sit with what has happened and honor it in some way. Like grnmtnmama said, a msc is a big deal, no matter when it happens. Sometimes I think running can be healing, and sometimes I think it can be a way to run away from facing something; depends where your head is. Sounds like you are not honoring your grief and maybe trying to run from it/through it. Talking to DH is a great way to move into it and feel it. Also, relating to goals, it IS hard not to have them. I have a vague theory about needing to join the life force when grieving to get back into the flow of life, and for me the life force is creating something; working in the garden, cooking for someone, making art or a craft (knitting) - something that produces something that can be shared so that you are linked to others. This manifests most in pregnancy because you are connected to future and past and the moment and friends and family and community (strangers acknowledge you and welcome you in a way not usual). You are full of the life force. Maybe you can plant some bulbs for baby dingo to come up in spring, or maybe make a potluck with your girlfriends who are pregnant and share your feelings?

I dont know when I will run (wish I could join you runningmama). My achilles has been giving me trouble - too much too soon. So maybe a walking?

Have a good day all
kate~mom's Avatar kate~mom 01:21 PM 11-04-2005
hi all - i'm back! got a TON of work done this week, and while the next week is no easier, at least dh has off this weekend, so i should be able to get a jump on things over the weekend. man, splitting shifts (he works 3-11pm, i work in the am) is so good for the little ones (no daycare too early), but STINKS for getting work done. my days are so hectic, sometimes it is 11pm and i have no idea where the day went.

no running since sunday for me, and today is out also - but i will be doing my LR tomorrow - i *think my training schedule has me doing 1hr and 12 min. i'm looking forward to it!

personals to come - i took notes! but have to run to an appt.
loftmama's Avatar loftmama 02:09 PM 11-04-2005
ND: I'm so sorry. It sounds like you're doing everything you can to heal, but it's still a very difficult and emotional process. I think allowing yourself to grieve is crucial. Do you journal?

Kate~Emmasmomma, sounds like you had a great week. I'll be running with you tomorrow: 7 miles which will take me about 1 hr and 12 min. beginning at 7 am.

Saskiasmom - Yeah on the walking! That's so exciting! Take care of that achilles so you can get back to running with us on a healed leg!

Hollysmom - Sorry about the puking!

Grnmtnmama - Great photos. You DO NOT look like you're walking. That second photos with the leg muscles ripping while you smile and run is really great! Glad the little guy is feeling better.

BBM - glad your hormone levels are fine. What do you think your little girl is getting in the way of sickness? Hope it's not too bad.

Po6 - oh wow! What a handsome boy! Happy Birthday Corben!

Runningmommy - Great job runnign this morning. We had a very rough night last night. No run for me.

JenLove - glad you got in a run. Don't forge to stretch those calves!

eksmom - Have fun on your date! DH and I tried to plan a date tonight to see Martin Sexton and Nickel Creek in concert, but couldn't get a babysitter - so we're taking the kids! It's a small outdoor BBQ venue for all ages, so I'm hoping it works. I loved bands, too. Have fun!

2babybees - hope your cold is gone by now!

kpinny - Wow! What a woman you are. ITA agree about the sharing w/dh. It wasn't until we moved to a different country and I allowed myself to fully express the depth of my emotion, anxiety, stress and all to dh that our relationship grew to new depths. It was kinda scary at first to go to a place of unknown support (and to not compare that to the support of girlfriends) but incredibly worth it in the long run. Our men can totally amaze us if we let them, in my experience.

Mamabeth and Kerc - hugs to you and your babies.

Geo - how are you these days?

Everyone else: wave
mamabeth's Avatar mamabeth 03:12 PM 11-04-2005
grnmtnmama--you look great! ITA about the muscle photo--you are one strong mama.

ND-- you are amazing, mama...of course you need to grieve and there is no timetable or right way to do it. prayers and thoughts coming your way.

We walked last night and every day is a little bit better. I can make it around the neighborhood pretty well but it's still hard.

I hope this works...I tried flickr too and put some Halloween pics as well as the picture from when we did the walk for Griffin. It's the whole family shot.

Try this and let me know if it works.
grnmtnmama's Avatar grnmtnmama 03:48 PM 11-04-2005
nice pics mamabeth!
kerc's Avatar kerc 03:48 PM 11-04-2005
mamabeth you look great! what a sweet family.

I'm glad ya'll are liking flickr. It's my dh's site, some of his friends turned him on to it. We usually share amongst our family with snapfish -- much better as they can then buy their own prints :LOL

I just did a 30 minute walk around the inside of the university with Leah in a sling. She needed some calming, I needed exercise and I wanted to run by my friends' office.

Tomorrow is Erin's big third birthday. We are planning a big party. Big = 3 kids. But she's needing the social love. So tonight I have to clean up, finish her scarf she's been begging for and wrap the gifts (leah is giving her a my little pony, which she has been dreaming of for months! it stinks so badly that it has been in the garage for about 3 weeks degassing).

I jumped on the black bean soup bandwagon for dinner last night. Only our 20 minutes from can to table version goes like: 1 can of tomatoes, 2-3 cans of beans, 1/2 jar of salsa, fresh cilantro, salt, cumin. bring to a boil, blend in the blender, bring to a boil again. serve. 'big blue eyes' gave it a thumbs up and asked for five helpings (each was tiny bc I was hoarding the soup). She did eat it with chips instead of a spoon, but I was amazed.
loftmama's Avatar loftmama 03:58 PM 11-04-2005
Kerc - We're on for the soup this weekend, too. Flickr is awesome!

Mamabeth - What adorable kids. I can't believe you both have time to come here and post with wee ones.

Lucenamama, sorry it's taken me so long. I didn't mean to ignore your question. I just was trying to figure out how to explain as briefly as possible.

My coach has us really focus on our inner core. (Is that redundant?)

Upper Body:
5 different kinds of ab workouts: Chair Leg Lift (bent knee and straight leg)
Bent Leg Ab Board alternating with Lower Back Lift
Ab Bench and Power Crunch (where you twist your lower body lifting toward your waist on each side)

Lower Body: (ratio of strength should be 3:2)
Quads/Hamstrings (Quad Machine and a Hamstring Machine)
Alternating Hamstring Machine
Lunges with bar

Other Stuff:
- Burn your calf muscles. Do first with feet parallel, then with toes pointed out, and finally with toes pointed in. 10 reps. Do it till it burns.
- “Get off me” with arm weights. Stand and take one step forward. Back straight, relaxed shoulders, swing your arms, with elbows close, doing the “get off me.”
- Butt Blaster

Do 2 sets of all exercises, between 10 and 20 of each exercise depending on your comfort level.

He asks us to do these 3xwk. Twice is the best I can do.
sparkletruck's Avatar sparkletruck 05:37 PM 11-04-2005
beautiful pictures grnmtnmama, mamabeth, nd, kerc, pof6, and bbm
grnmtnmama's Avatar grnmtnmama 05:55 PM 11-04-2005
saskiasmom - way to go on the new walker! you must be so proud!

okay - warning dh vent ahead. my girlfriend who usually listens to me complain is unavailable, so you guys get to hear it. my dh is currently pissed at me because I didn't get home from work until almost 1:45 which meant he hat to go for his bike ride an hour later than he expected. i don't know why he thought i'd be home at noon, i told him simply that i had to go to work because of all the time i missed yesterday. he needs to realize that i'm hourly, and if i'm not at work i don't get paid. work trumps exercise. i'm happy to accommodate, but keep it in perspective. oh - and the house is filthy so i had to come home from work and bust my arse to do the housework as well. he needs to learn the role of the SAHD if this is how it's going to be.

okay, venting over. i'm doing abs and working with my hand weights in lieu of running. then i might ride my singlespeed to the post office.
schatz's Avatar schatz 06:05 PM 11-04-2005
just a quick check in -- I was off work yesterday and it's been busy here today. Great photos everyone -- it's so nice to put names and faces together.

ND -- big, big to you. Last year when I got pregnant with ds, one of my best friends got pregnant too and we even had the same due date. But then she mc at 6 weeks. It was really difficult for her and our friendship was a little strained -- she had been trying to get pregnant for a long time and was taking meds to help. It is totally understandable that you are struggling with your recent loss. Glad you talked with your dp. I don't really have advice but know we're here for ya and here's another

I haven't been exercising much this week thanks to the time change and the fact that it's pretty much dark by the time we finish dinner.

Happy running to everyone else -- please forgive my lack of personals.
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