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shantimama's Avatar shantimama 06:27 PM 01-03-2006
homebirthmommy - I love the comparison to asking someone for a date- that is exactly what it feels like Are they saying yes to my invitation because they like me or just because they feel sorry for me and are to nice to say no? I look forward to the day when someone initiates something with me instead of the other way around.

mamabeth - I am a crock pot lover. What kinds of recipes are you interested in? I have lots of good ones and I would be happy to pm them to you or send them to you, if you like. My favourites are dahl, black bean soup, chicken soup, spaghetti sauce, beef stew, chili (veg or meat) - and I have some yummy appetizer/dip and dessert recipes too.

kerc's Avatar kerc 06:33 PM 01-03-2006
Originally Posted by kpinny
While on the one hand I love the new diversity in my friendships/acquaintances (vs. all science geeks), I haven't found the kind of people I just want to go hang out with all day after 3 plus years. So, keep working on it - make the effort, it takes baby steps I guess.
you just come here toget your science geek fix, any time you want.

I too have friends issues. Mostly in that many of the people I know who WOH are not people I really want to hang with and I don't have time during the week to hang with my SAHM friends. Also I find it really tough to host a playgroup in my house...we just don't have space for more than 2 or 3 kids to play, supervised. As you all know my life is really busy and I think that turns a lot of people off to trying to be friends. And finally, I'm living the limbo life -- will we stay here? are we only here for another year? do we move this summer? I've been living this sort of life since about 2 yrs ago.

I WILL get off my butt today to exercise and I WILL write three more paragraphs on my paper this afternoon while Leah is home with dad. Here goes....
JenLove's Avatar JenLove 06:38 PM 01-03-2006
PO6 ~ Oh my gawd! I can't wait to read all about it.

Yesterday, I did about 30 minutes of yoga here at my house. I finally got a mat for Christmas, so who can pass up using that?

I just got in from a run. Yes you heard it. It was a slow 1.5 miles, but dang it felt good.

Tomorrow's plan is to go to the yoga class at the fitness center.
party_of_seven's Avatar party_of_seven 06:57 PM 01-03-2006
I know it sounds crazy, but I have 30 hours to finish....that's totally doable. Even if I slow down to 15 minute miles that puts me finishing in 12.5 hours. I can walk a 15 minute mile.

Sure my feet will have so many blisters that my feet will be unrecognizable, but hey, I get a medal if I finish...blisters heal...medals last a lifetime.
eksmom's Avatar eksmom 07:42 PM 01-03-2006
Po6 - WOW! You go! You rock!
loftmama's Avatar loftmama 08:10 PM 01-03-2006
Originally Posted by party_of_six
OMG!! I am insane!

I just signed up for a 50 mile trail run in one month.

I think I am even more excited about it than the 1/2 marathon. I figure that if I severly injure myself doing the 50 miles I will have 11 months to recouperate before the 2007 marathon. It should be fun has a 30 hour time limit. I only want to finish, and I figure there will be plenty of walking involved in getting to the finish line.

I was running with a friend yesterday who does Ironmans. Her last Ironman took her 12 hours! I was totally stunned. And you're going for 30! Where is it? In Texas? When? I'm a Texan, maybe I'll know where it is.

Oh and about the finding new friends issue that HBM, Shantimama and others have been discussing... We're expecting a Spring move now. DH flies up next week to research and I fly up in Feb. I've been e-mailing every link I can find for more info. I got in touch with a bicycle shop and passed along my concerns for a workout group. They have them there and are have begun e-mailing me the details of their workouts. It's a triathlon group and she said they are all parents and not necessarily hardcore. So, I'm hoping to hit the ground running looking for friends this time around instead of waiting a year like I did on this most recent move. It gives me something to look forward to. Now we'll just have to wait and see how it really goes.

The weather here in Austin in 87! Can you believe it? I had to turn on my A/C. This time last year, it snowed. Bizarre!

Crockpot lover here, too, but it's in storage b/c I thought we would have moved before winter! Not that I need it in this heat.
loftmama's Avatar loftmama 08:13 PM 01-03-2006
one more thing, those of you doing a half together: grnmtnmama, k~smom, eks mom, in april, where is it? i might be in your neck of the woods by then.

shantimama, any snow yet?
party_of_seven's Avatar party_of_seven 08:36 PM 01-03-2006
Loftmama~ Its the Rocky Racoon 100 and 50 Mile Trail Run , and its in Huntsville State Park.

I don't plan on taking 30 hours either....hopefully somewhere around 12-13 hours. I have 30 hours to finish because that's how long they are keeping the trail open for the 100 milers.

You should sign up too. Be crazy with me.
loftmama's Avatar loftmama 08:57 PM 01-03-2006
po6, okay so I'm looking at the pictures and talking to myself in my head and i'm just wondering, now why are you going to run 50 miles? i mean, if i thought i could run 50 miles, i'd sign up for the freescale marathon in feb. you and crazy sallyz who wants to run an ultra.

I'm guessing it will be fun, right?
eksmom's Avatar eksmom 09:28 PM 01-03-2006
I'm doing a different race than the other April 1/2ers... mine is in Charlottesville, VA... here's a link. I'm trying to ignore all language about "scenic" and "rolling hills."
kate~mom's Avatar kate~mom 09:52 PM 01-03-2006
kanga, grnmt (i think, did you say definitely yet?), and i are doing this one
JenLove's Avatar JenLove 10:03 PM 01-03-2006
Originally Posted by eksmom
I'm doing a different race than the other April 1/2ers... mine is in Charlottesville, VA... here's a link. I'm trying to ignore all language about "scenic" and "rolling hills."
That looks beautiful!!!
grnmtnmama's Avatar grnmtnmama 10:07 PM 01-03-2006
party of 6 - way to go! that race looks like a blast. i can't wait to hear how it goes.

Kate - i haven't yet committed to the 1/2, but i'm hoping to do it shortly. i have to check my new work schedule and make sure that i'm not traveling or anything.

my poor climbing partner suffers from Menier's disease (spelling could be quite wrong) and is going through a bout tonight, so climbing is cancelled for tonight. but tomorrow i get to pick up my new backcountry x-country ski package that my in-laws got me for christmas. and it's supposed to snow at the end of the week so .
kpinny's Avatar kpinny 10:44 PM 01-03-2006
ok, here's my link - I haven't found the 2006 info yet...loftmama if you're in the speculator area by then, you'll be a 2-3 hour drive from this race.

I love looking at the races everyone is gets me psyched to get out running!

moonshine - like the nike ad - JUST DO IT!!! sign up - you'll be great!

Bearsmama's Avatar Bearsmama 10:53 PM 01-03-2006
Thanks for the nice welcome. I'm getting LOADS of inspiration from every mama here. I'm finally through reading the thread, and it looks like many here have the same small children challenge. I was using that as my excuse until I see those with three and four kids who still manage to fit in a run.

And Moonshine-Thank you! I didn't even know you could silent sub-that's how informed I am.

And Geofizz-I guess I'm just famous for letting it all hang out and posting desperate-sounding threads.

Still trying to come up with a plan to fit in a run/walk a few times a week to get started again. Hmmmmmmm?????

And I LOVE hearing about all these 1/2 marathons. I really need goals, I've realized that about myself. So, what are the odds that a pretty out of shape mama could run even a 5k by the spring???

Thanks again, ladies.
HomeBirthMommy's Avatar HomeBirthMommy 11:05 PM 01-03-2006
Bearsmama-it is difficult to fit in runs with small children. My older dd is in kindergarten and my younger is in preschool 2 days a week. I make sure to run those days-I don't commit to anything during those times as it's MY time. On non-school days I am ready and waiting at the door when dh gets home. I put my running clothes on, stretch, etc. so the mintue he gets here I just go. I have also found that I love to get up extra early on Sunday mornings and run before church. It's very peaceful out and it gets me in the right frame of mind for the day.

About the 5K, I started running the week before Thanksgiving and I ran my first 5K Dec. 17th. It was tough and I was slow, but I ran the whole thing and was really proud of myself. It really helps me to set goals and to put them on here for accountability, kwim? The team challenge thing has inspired me to meet my goals b/c I feel like there are people out there counting on me.
Thanks ladies for the support and inspiration.
2babybees's Avatar 2babybees 11:37 PM 01-03-2006
Hey mamas!

I did 7.27 miles today after work. I am still sore but it was fine. Actually I feel a lot better than I did before I ran oddly enough. Did not push the pace at all and still ran it in 9:30 pace. I am getting excited about the 10 mile race on Sunday. I can't even believe I am running a 10 mile race.

PO6- The race sounds awesome. I could totally go for something like that in a few more months. I'll need to do some investigating. YOu rock mama!!

Bearsmama- Getting out and running while having 2 kids(or more) is incredibly hard. I have started and stopped more times than I can count since ds was born. But this time (he's 18 months now) I have been on track for almost 3 months and I keep promising myself I am not going to stop. It does get easier as they get older. Just take it one run at a time.

EKs- I admit to being completely training guide free. I think it is awesome that you follow them. I am far less disciplined. I have read the cool running one and it is kicking around here someplace. It will be so much fun with all of us training together!

Moonshine- Sign up!!! It is the most empowering thing! You can do it! I was a runner for years on and off and never did a race. I've done three in the past 2 months. I can't believe what I have been missing all this time!

grnmtnmama- Hope the bike space works out! Glad you are getting some runs in!

Kpinny- I love your positive spirit these finals days of pregnancy...Is there a stalking smilie?? We are waiting too

JenLove- You ran and got a mat?! What a week indeed! Glad to see you around!

Shanti- I too identify with the friend issues. And I definitely have been on those dates! It was so much easier when I was in school and surrounded by people that I knew I had some sort thing in common with. I'm still searching but it is also my goal to get out there more. AND BTW: for the runs! You must be feeling so much better!

Saskia- Been meaning to tell you thanks for all the positive vibes these days. Glad to see you've gotten out for a few runs too!

BBM- How you feeling??

Patti Ann- Hoep you enjoyed your day off from running and time with the family, I know I did with mine!

ND- Keep popping in so we know you're doing okay! Glad to see you been getting a few runs in!

Loftmama, HBM, SallyZ, Pumpkinseed, 1jooj, DrJen, K~E's, lucenamama, kerc, Runningmommy, AprilDawn, Anthansor & everyone else: Hope 2006 is starting as awesomely as it can! Get soem great runs in everyone!
kangamitroo's Avatar kangamitroo 12:26 AM 01-04-2006
pof6-- you get the prize for wicked inspiring running goal! (this week, anyway. i'm sure some other mama will come out of the woodwork and wow us again
i might have to make you a little crown out of foil. where do i send it?

i need to get to bed. i have been sitting amidst my small pile of runner's world back issues (subscribed to keep me motivated almost right after i started running). i am scribbling notes on training for 13.1, and salivating over the ads for the full 26.2. i better get some sleep, or my feet won't be running much tomorrow.

today i finally signed up for swim lessons. 4 half hours, starting thursday. and i had to pay up front, so i know i'll do it. i mentioned ages ago, i used to love swimming but am awfully sloppy. i don't breathe right, because when i learned, i had a fear of water up the nose. we'll see.

thanks for the inspiration, mamas. i'll try for personals next post!
eksmom's Avatar eksmom 12:32 AM 01-04-2006
2babybees, I think I'm gonna do my first lunchtime run tomorrow. The only way I won't is if something unusual comes up at work. If I don't run at lunch tomorrow, I am not sure when I'll get it in since DH is working until 6:30 again plus after work I have to take my dad to pick his van up from it being repaired. I just mapped out a 4 mile downtown route on Gmap pedometer. Oh goodness... I just looked at the elevation... up 980 ft. in the first half mile! Anyway, I'm going to pack my bag right now... hold me to it, OK?

ETA: OK, Gmap pedometer says that the elevation increase in the first mile or so of the route I usually run in my neighborhood is ~1140 ft... so maybe 980 isn't as whopping as I first thought. :
shantimama's Avatar shantimama 12:32 AM 01-04-2006
hollysmom - are you around these days? I forget when your baby is due. I am sitting here reading about all these mamas who ar doing races together and wondered if you would be interested in coming up north for the Shoreline run - I think it is in June. You can do either 5 or 10K. dh did it last year but I wasn't feeling up to it at the time. I am aiming to do the 10K but I will settle for 5K if I keep hitting health roadblocks like I have been for the past few months.

dd (6) and I went for a walk together after supper. She wanted to run a little bit and it was a blast. She was wearing snowboots and we were holding hands and she was totally thrilled with herself. What a cutie

My other dd (almost 8) is still struggling. Her mood swings are intense and she has a cold so feels crummy. Nothing tastes right to her because of the stuffy nose so she doesn't want to eat which just perpetuates the whole cycle. I miss the days when she was little and a little : could solve any problem. I think she does too - at one point today when we were trying to find something that would taste good she asked if I could squeeze some mommy milk into a cup for her. When I told her I didn't have any more, she was outraged and headed off into a new tirade about what a terrible mama I am - her exact words were, "How dare you call yourself a mama if you don't even make mommy milk any more? You're fired." I may have to remind her of this moment 2 or 3 decades from now when she is worn out from nursing her own little one. Apparently 4+ years isn't long enough

No snow yet. It is hovering around the freezing mark but no sign of real winter beginning any time soon. I remember a couple of years ago January starting out like this - balmy weather the firat week and then suddenly plunging to -30C and staying there for a month. I'd be happy with -10 or 15C and 2 or 3 feet of snow.

And to all of you who run with little ones. I didn't even try until my youngest weaned - and she was 4 years old then. Until that point my exercise consisted of pushing a double stroller around town with a little one in the sling. I wish I had known all of you then - but apart from drjen, I don't think any of you were mamas yet!
2babybees's Avatar 2babybees 01:04 AM 01-04-2006
Shanti- Where is the Shoreline run at? I don't quite know where you are...I am planning to do the 1/2 marathon in Toronto in Sept I believe. Are you (were?) in Toronto?
cRebRun's Avatar cRebRun 01:07 AM 01-04-2006
Good evening, ladies!
I have to say that I'm loving getting to know all of you...what a wonderful sense of comraderie and support!
I work four ten hour days, and am still trying to adjust to this schedule. It's only my second week of it, and I have been concerned about managing to fit in my running, time with my girls and husband, and a *little* time for me. I'm planning on doing my long run with 1jooj on Saturdays, then five milers on Sunday and Monday if my knees will not rebel (I usually stick to two days on, one day off to rest them)...then I'll only have one day during my work week to come home and get on for another five miler (I work T-F). Anyway, I ran tonight after work and it felt wonderful. Stretching my legs after ten hours at a desk is bliss. The only downfall is that I didn't get off of my treadmill until almost 7:30 and still had to eat...then only had a half hour or so to spend with my 2.5 yr old before it was time to get her to bed. Then we had a MAJOR tantrum, which is not a very common occurrence here. She's finally in bed and the three month old is on my lap, now starting to fuss. Must want to finish her bottle. So, I hope to have her in bed by ten so I can sleep and start all over in the morning bright and early. Ahhh, how I'd like to be independantly wealthy... But alas, I must work to pay for daycare and the car I bought on Saturday....oh, right, and food for the kids and dogs, I suppose
OH! Am I supposed to be sending my milage to someone????
shantimama's Avatar shantimama 01:09 AM 01-04-2006
2babybees's Avatar 2babybees 01:15 AM 01-04-2006
Originally Posted by Shantimama
I used to be in Toronto. Is that where you are? I have fantasies of someday doing the half in Toronto. Who knows, maybe I will surprise myself and do it this year. How long does it take to train for a half? Maybe I could come and cheer you on at least!

The Shoreline Run is about 3 hours NW of Toronto.
Nope I'm in NW Ohio, about 4 hours from Toronto. Dp is canadian(born and bred Edmonton) and his grandmother and uncle live in Brampton and Islington. We spend whatever holiday time we can there. You totally have time to train for the 1/2 in Sept! From what I have read it is a totaly fun race and caters to walkers even. They open to course real early so one could actually power walk the entire marathon and still finish "on time". Think about it because I will be there!
loftmama's Avatar loftmama 01:21 AM 01-04-2006
Shanti, I'm so glad you're feeling better. Your 6yo sounds like a cutie. And the story about the 8yo is a great reminder for those of us who nurse what seems like forever. Then we don't and it's harder to fix everything. Sigh.

Kpinny, That monster run sounds...well, monstrous!
This is the toughest marathon course in the East with 5560 ft of total climb. No one will ever qualify for Boston here!
What a race!

Okay, here's my 3M 1/2 Marathon

My schedule has me running a 10-mile race this weekend, (like you 2babybees) on Sunday. But for some reason I've been filling really burned out lately. I don't know why. At first I thought it was hurting my knees. Then I thought it was the holidays. Monday's run was the first time like I felt my "oomph" return since before the fall. I was supposed to lift weights today and swim, which is normally really exciting, but I blew it off to clean instead. (Felt like I was Spring cleaning in this heat.) Which was great, iykwim, but I'm feeling really un-motivated. I don't know if it's all the hard talks dh and I have been having about an upcoming move and my stress and somewhat depression about it. Or if it's b/c I think Aunt Flo is supposed to be here in a few days, but that wouldn't explain all of last month. Anyway, I keep thinking about what Partyof6 said when came back after about a month of not running and flew, like her body needed it or something. So I'm envisioning me flying at some point, but now I just feel overwhelmed and tired. So, I'll see how I feel tomorrow and decide during the next day or so about the 10-mile race this weekend. I think I'm supposed to be tapering off my long runs.

Partyof6, what are your last 4 long runs like prior to your half-marathon? My last pre-race long run is 7, then 8 (counting backwards) then 10 (this weekend.) Just curious what you're last month of long runs are.
loftmama's Avatar loftmama 01:22 AM 01-04-2006
oops sorry for the double post. : i'm deleting it now.
moonshine's Avatar moonshine 01:49 AM 01-04-2006
Ok, so I am confused. I was checking out cool running last night and it said that new runners should be up to running at least 20 miles per week and running at least 6 months before signing up for a race, even a 5K. Would you all agree? It doesn't sound like it, if I read you all right.

Had a fairly good day that just kind of ended...well, rough. Think tomorrow is going to be sunny and I will call the sitter to come so that I can get a run in. Tomorrow is also DD's and DH's birthday, which should be fun.

Oh, and Bearsmama, silent subbing -- if you click on the Thread link, you can subscribe there, without having to post to the thread. Wasn't trying to be secretive on your thread, just enjoyed reading without having anything to add.
Naughty Dingo's Avatar Naughty Dingo 02:02 AM 01-04-2006
: Runners!

Po6 Woohoo Kickin' butt! I am so excited for you. You and Sally are out ultraMamas

We are really racking up the half marathoners. I am getting a little jealous if I may say so myself.

Shanti, I am glad you are feeling better. I lost your number a while back and wanted to call you.......... I love hearing about your kids, there is so much to learn in parenting. I guess it never ends does it?

Loftmama, don't know when the next DJ night is. Though we did have fun on New Years Eve. DP grew up listening to new wave and more modern stuff. No classic rock for him. Well, on NY eve he confessed to me his deep love of "Freebird" and we had to sit on the couch and listen to Skynard with him going " Wait for this next part, it's the best!" over and over Then we had a final slow dance to "Stairway to Heaven" before going up to bed haha it was so funny, fun, and sweet too. So my Mr. Dingo is a closet rocker after all.

I didn't get a real run today, buuuuuut I did get in some good little mini runs at a TM store : The Dingos are the proud owners of a New TM, hopefully it will arrive to Casa Dingo later this week. I am so totally excited Mamas.

Other than that, I have been knitting like crazy. I finished my gazillion Christmas mittens and made a vow to myself that I was going to knit for myself this year and I am off to a great start. I am also trying to not be on the computer as much, easy to do when I have a bunch of creative projects going.

Take care, ND
cRebRun's Avatar cRebRun 02:10 AM 01-04-2006
what do 'subbing' and 'subscribing mean?
moonshine's Avatar moonshine 02:16 AM 01-04-2006
Oh, ND, my Dh is a total 80s music guy. He is very proud of his knowledge of music of the decade. His knowledge into classic rock is definitely more limited. But I had to laugh because he HATES Freebird. There is a whole story about him at a dueling pianos bar where you could make requests and he lost a bunch of money trying to get Freebird to stop, but who ever was requesting that song had money to burn. It is a very sore subject for him.

crebrun, subbing or subscribing means that you get email notices when the thread gets added on.
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