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ZeldasMom's Avatar ZeldasMom 03:20 PM 09-03-2006
kate~mom, I am so sorry to hear about the dog bite. I can't believe those people's response to hearing that their dog bit you was to say that s/he is fine. I have a dog and would be angst-ridden if she bit someone. I would be really irked about having to go on antibiotics. I hope that dog doesn't live in front of a place you run by a lot.

Janessa's Avatar Janessa 04:13 PM 09-03-2006
Kate~mom---ouch that really sucks. I can't stand it when people have dogs off leash. I don't care how nice friendly whatever they are. Keep them on a flipping leash. gah huge pet peeve pun intended.
Poppywise---that must have been terrifying to hear your sweet baby say. He's lucky to have a mom/family that will work so hard to give him the skills to cope in a healthy way rather then ignoring or laughing it off.
Shantimama---I can undertand being upset but it seems like she's overreacting some, hopefully when things are calmer you guys can talk and help the kids work/talk through it.
Babybugmama---I'm close enough but there is no way I can run 7 miles yet

My update. I ranW4D1 um thursday I think and it was awesome except that I ran out of route before I was done lol. So for my run today I'm planning on adding almost 1/2 a mile, which makes me very happy. I was stressing a bit last week about getting up to 3 miles in time for the end of Oct, but now I feel like it shouldn't be a problem since the more time spent running vs walking the more route I need to add. I can't wait for Seth to get back from golfing so I can run my new route
Welcome to the other C25K newbie I'm sorry my brain has misplaced your name lol
eksmom's Avatar eksmom 04:21 PM 09-03-2006
Kate~mom I am horrified to hear what happened to you! We have two dogs and I would be an absolute wreck if they ever bit anyone. I can't believe the man's response. I'm glad the sheriff will be paying them a visit, and I hope they take the responsibility they should and pay your bills. Unfortunately, they have already proven themselves to be irresponsible pet owners. Let us know how it works out, OK? How does your hand feel today?

I have to say though, I am quite impressed you ran 3 more miles after being bitten. That is pretty hardcore.
MonikitaUT's Avatar MonikitaUT 04:39 PM 09-03-2006
I made it out the door for 4 this morning! I hope I'm coming out of the slump.

Zeldasmom! Regarding shoes, you should only put 300-500 miles on a pair of shoes. This includes miles run, walked, going to the grocery store and walking around your kitchen, so if you are wearing your shoes for more than just running you should plan on them wearing out a lot faster. I only wear my shoes to run in and I keep track of my mileage to know when to toss them. I used to be able to put about 400 on a pair when I was in my 20's, but now I can only do 300 (and sometimes less). I can tell when I need new shoes because my knee starts hurting, in the exact same spot, when they have worn out. And don't worry, it does get easier!! We have lots of success stories here of newbies who end up running marathons. Just stick with it and it will get easier.
1jooj's Avatar 1jooj 05:06 PM 09-03-2006
OMG kate~mom, I hope you stay infection-free and I would have been TERRIFIED. I can't imagine these people will pay the bill...but maybe after a visit from the Sheriff, they might realize they need to. Good luck.

Welcome Zeldasmom! I'm lucky--my running shoes are so dorky-looking, I'd never wear them without the full costume! When I use mine up, I have this cool body toenails start turning black and falling off to remind me. You'd think I'd be better about timely replacement, but I still tend to put about 100miles more than I should on a pair.

Keep it up Janessa! You'll make it fine, as long as you stick to it! I ran a marathon less than a year after I got to where I could run 3 miles.

Poppy, my ds is a worrier, too, and also says very disturbing things sometimes (like after he does something wrong and is thinking over his actions). I've begun to try to verbalize more when I am tired, frustrated, or need help, declare tasks difficult and ask for help, that kind of thing...but I am still concerned about it. He's very sensitive, and I hate the thought that he'd ever hurt himself.

cReb and I ran 13.1 this morning. She fell, you guys. She was nearly a block ahead of me ("my running partner is sooo fast...I'm scared to run with her..." uh huh), and she must have seized out, and her foot caught a cracked sidewalk corner...mind you, this was at about 12.8, so I was basically running with my eyes closed...anyway, I looked up and there she was, all splayed out on the sidewalk. I seriously hope her shoulders and wrists are OK. All I have is ongoing calf cramps. I got off easy.: <--That's cReb having a seizure. I got home and did some cross-training, too. So that's kind of like a brick, right?
aguacates's Avatar aguacates 05:41 PM 09-03-2006
Wow...this thread sure moves fast! Kate-mom, How scary! I refuse to run past houses that have biting dogs. My neighbor has two vicious(sp?) German Shepards, well three really, but only two that bite(one who has biten dh more than once), and I won't run that way unless I have my two dogs with me, and I have to add, I would be absolutely horrified if either dog bit someone, and would seriously have to consider putting them down(as hard and sad as that would be), in my experience, once dogs bite, they will bite again.

Poppy-from the perspective of someone who used to cut herself in high school, it seems like you are modeling and saying and doing and reading all the right things. Does your ds have a counselor? I went through several terrible ones, but then I had one that really helped me change the way I thought about and consequently treated myself, and is still a family friend.

Shanti- What a hard time! Would it be possible to get together at parks or other neutral places for a while to avoid the stuff being ruined issue of your older dd, and maybe let the other mama cool off a little to get to the point where you might be able to discuss the problematic dynamic?

Wendy- Are you remembering my running with eggs story? About Karen, have you read Reviving Ophelia? Zoe just turned three, and I have such a hard time seeing the playground politics developing already.

On to running, I'm going out to do my long run when dh comes home. Although long for me is 4-6 miles , short runs for some of you. I'm trying to just listen to my body and see how it feels, since I will most likely be running in this drizzly rain.

Okay, it just took me an hour to type all that with baby on lap. Nora will only sleep on my lap these last few days due to huge top teeth coming in, and the clinginess that has set in from learning how to crawl away from me. I hate typing one handed!

Geofizz's Avatar Geofizz 06:11 PM 09-03-2006
Thanks Abby. I also requested Raising a Girl based on a recommendation from the comments of in a recent post. post here
Janessa's Avatar Janessa 06:20 PM 09-03-2006
just finished my 'run' lol still doesn't feel like I can call it that in a few more weeks though it will just be running I increased my route cause I ended up home to early last day. My nike plus thingy says I covered 2.5 miles I think its more like 2.3 though. I need to figure out how to calibrate it I love gadgets but hate figuring out how to use them.
loftmama's Avatar loftmama 07:00 PM 09-03-2006
Well, I wish I had something to post about running, but I don't. Except, I "plan" to run tomorrow morning. Seriously, if the girls don't knock on the door, I don't run. I'll have to seriously motivate myself if I ever want to run a race again.

Poppy, Is it possible he was simply trying to just get a reaction? Also, didn't you just move? Our previously perfect son showed signs of transitional stress after each of our moves that seriously disturbed me. Fortunately, we haven't moved in over a year and he is thriving. If he was just trying to get a reaction, maybe talking to him about the particular language he uses could help. I think ds also said some scary things, though I feel sure looking back that he was just language that he had heard someone else say when that person got a big reaction.

Kate~mom, I can't believe the carelessness of those dog-owners. I have to say they remind me of the owners of the dog that bit me while running years ago. I also had to visit the sherriff, get pictures taken, the dog was tested, etc. According to reports from other neighbors, these owners were neglectful enough that no one was surprised that the pit bull got out again. Sorry to say, but due to someone who loves me very much and cares about the welfare of the children and elderly in the neighborhood, that dog's life ended relatively soon after he bit me. That dog was deadly.

Oh, ds2 is waking and crying. I wanted to respond to everyone. Back later.
InstinctiveMama's Avatar InstinctiveMama 08:46 PM 09-03-2006
Hi! I am so happy to have found this thread! I am a SAHM in Cincinnati. I have a three-year old and am 15 weeks pregnant with my second baby. I ran the Flying Pig Marathon in May. The last time I ran this summer was the day I found out I was pregnant...until today! As I enter my second trimester I am regaining some of my energy. I ran a VERY slow 2 miles today. It felt great!

Any other pregnant running moms out there?
grnmtnmama's Avatar grnmtnmama 12:26 AM 09-04-2006
hey guys!

not caught up, but i've gathered that Kate had a run in with a very bad dog. i personally have strong feelings about dogs like that. i bet it's not the first person it's bitten, nor the last. grrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

no running to report. maine was fun, went for a good walk one day but no real exercise to note. hoping it stops raining so that we can go for a mtn bike ride tomorrow, but we'll have to see how it goes. am way behind at work but planning to knuckle down until i'm ahead of things so that i can concentrate on the other businesses as well.

well come InstinctiveMama - there are a few other pg running mamas here and a few that are walking or wogging or just plain getting by until they can be active again.
doctorjen's Avatar doctorjen 12:50 AM 09-04-2006
poppy - I wish I had some answers for dealing with perfectionist tendency children, as my own older dd is very much like that. We didn't even try to go bowling for years, as every attempt resulted in her either crying or so angry that we had to go home. Recently, we were able to go bumper bowling and she managed to focus mostly on helping her baby sister bowl and there were no tears. She has a hard time in some situations - like bowling, practicing piano, but does well in others - like swimming which she actually is not very good at, but persists seemingly without feeling the least deterred. I don't really understand at all what triggers her perfectionist tendencies and what doesn't

shanti - i agree about seeing if you could meet at more neutral locations for a bit. I know it's hard when it's your child that seems to precipitate an incident. We've struggled some with older dd in that area, too. I'll be interested to hear what Geo thinks of the book she ordered - I'm wondering how to help dd learn to deal with the world more and more as she gets older.

eksmom - been meaning to send you a hug for a while. My dad struggled with depression for years, and it was hard on my mom and I, but I still can't imagine how hard it would be to have dh be the one with depression. I hope the individual counseling will help you both.

No running for me, for a whole week now. I just don't feel like it, if that makes any sense. I have been so tired for no reason (except I think it has to do with all the transitions going on around here - ds to college on Wed, little dd to preschool on Thurs, new computer system at work, and even older dd back to school and the constant worrying about her friend and peer group struggles again. Blech. I'm going to run tomorrow. There. I said it in public; I hope it will help me do it!
wawoof's Avatar wawoof 02:10 AM 09-04-2006
Kate~mom - I'm so sorry about your dog bite

OTOH, I cringed both at the dog bite story and everyone's reactions to it. I have a dog that bites (mostly other dogs). Maybe some of you have kids who have impulse control issues and have bitten from time to time? Did you put them down? Did you expect the parent of the bitten child to send the sheriff to your house, rather than politely asking you to pay for the injuries? You may argue that it's not the same, but for us it is. When we adopted our previously abused german shepherd nine years ago, we accepted responsibility for him for the rest of his life, just as you did when you had your child. He wasn't aggressive when we got him, and we're sad that he's become aggressive over time. He is a wonderful, loving member of our family, who unfortunately is also a bit mentally unstable. We've done dog training programs, etc, etc, to curb the sporadic aggression he's developed, and we do everything possible to prevent him from hurting anyone, but occasionally accidents happen. When they do, we apologize profusely and do what we can to make amends. Outide our house, our dog has only bitten other dogs twice, never people. We don't have our dog off leash in public places. We warn people that he can be unpredictable and may bite before they choose to enter our house or approach him on leash, and we let them know how to interact with him to minimize their risk of being bitten (put your hand out and let him smell it - kate~mom, you did the right thing, don't step over him, etc). Anyway, from the fact that these dog owners had their dog running free, beat their dog, and didn't apologize, it seems that they are quite irresponsible. But believe me, it is also very difficult and heartbreaking to love and parent an aggressive dog, so I just wanted to share that side of the story. Like many of you, I beat myself up thinking that there's some different parenting that would have prevented this aggression. Maybe there is, but we've done the best we can and just have to live with it. Hope I still have some friends here :.
Geofizz's Avatar Geofizz 02:31 AM 09-04-2006
As the most anti-all-things-dog person here, I think I agree with everything you said, Amara. The difference is the actions of the owners here. I know you and Dave to be responsible dog owners. You have an agressive dog and you act to ensure that your family, neighbors and friends stay safe and that your dog is loved and cared for. I struggle with dogs because I don't know if they are restrained (you can't always tell if the dog has an invisible fence) and I've had really bad experiences with "don't worry, he loves kids" dogs. You guys make sure your dog is restrained and you don't put your dog in situations where you aren't sure how he'd react.

Taking the biting child analogy further, if you have an agressive child, you apologize about the incident, act to avoid situations that will lead to problems and try to make things right if something does happen. In this case, kate~mom ran 3 miles home in the rain with a bleeding hand.

In other news, I'm surprisingly nervous about boot camp in the morning.
wawoof's Avatar wawoof 02:51 AM 09-04-2006
Originally Posted by Geofizz
In other news, I'm surprisingly nervous about boot camp in the morning.
Wendy, thanks for your reply about the biting dog issue. It definitely sounds like the dog owners in kate~mom's case were not at all sensitive or responsible, and I just wanted to point out that not all owners of biting dogs fall into this category. It's a complicated and painful issue for all involved. I'm so sorry you've had bad experiences with dogs that have let you to dislike them. I felt the same way about cats growing up - we had awesome dogs and horrid cats, who would either run and hide or bite.

Umm, what's boot camp? I find it hard to believe that you're joining the marines
Geofizz's Avatar Geofizz 02:58 AM 09-04-2006
Community Boot Camp is a crack-of-dawn work your tail off exercise class. It's a franchise (or something similar) that's offered all over the place. My sister does it regularly and tomorrow is a "bring a guest" day. I'm her guest. I gotta turn out the light and go to sleep now.
Balancin1's Avatar Balancin1 03:13 AM 09-04-2006
I agree 100% that the key thing is the actions of the owners. All (ALL!) dogs will bite if their bite threshold is crossed, some just have really high bite thresholds (the dogs that appear to be "bomb-proof".) But this situation reminds me that in so many attacks where serious injury or death occurs, you read that there were prior incidents with the dog biting when it got loose and the owners were negligent about keeping it under control. In this situation the responsibility lay with the dog owners to offer kate~mom some assistance and remedy for the bite and since they did not I will applaud her allowing to be sent or sending the sheriff. The next victim could be a child or the next bite could be more serious and at least there's been some attempt to steer the owners right (not that that is much consolation when one of those awful attacks occur.) In a more just world, there'd be some way for enforce the owners to be responsible.

I do understand where you are coming from, wawoof, actually I feel some solidarity with you. Both my dogs are pretty reactive and I would classify them both as having med/low bite thresholds, meaning I don't trust them not to bite in certain situations, which we avoid. I'll spare everyone the lengthy paragraph I just erased on my further views on the subject and leave it that I think loose dogs are a dangerous public nuisance even as I love my dogs like crazy. I as a dog owner would not depend on an invisible fence as they don't protect your dog from others getting in or stop a dog willing to take the shock.

ETA: crossed posts: wawoof, exactly, it isn't the dog biting but the owners letting it run. I really truly believe that all dogs will bite under the right circumstances and heck the dogs that wouldn't under most don't deserve to be out running loose and unprotected either.

Back to running, I did not do my LR this weekend and am debating just going into the rest week on my schedule ahead without trying to make it up tomorrow. I am aching in one knee and sore all over and don't want to aggravate these things further. I may have pushed too hard the last week, or I may not be stretching enough.
wawoof's Avatar wawoof 03:49 AM 09-04-2006
wendy - good luck at boot camp!

balancin - thanks for your thoughts on dogs & aggression. i agree with what you wrote. i do think it's nice if there are some places where friendly dogs can be off leash (dog parks), but don't think it's acceptable for dogs to run wild elsewhere, unless it's on an unpopulated trail or private land or something. i used to live in boulder, colorado, and i think their open space policy on dogs is very reasonable. off-leash dogs must not be aggressive and must be under the owner's voice control (a very high standard, but attainable for some dogs and owners with a lot of training). park rangers can stop dog owners and test the owner's ability voice control their off-leash dog. if the owner fails, they pay a fine. if the owner passes, all is ok. this helps insure that dogs don't "run wild" and disturb other people/dogs. because our dog is dog-aggressive and we keep him on leash, our concern is making sure off-leash dogs don't approach him and get bitten. often, one of us has to "run interference" to stop the off-leash dog before it gets too close (while explaining to the owner that our dog is not friendly and will bite their dog if it gets too close), and that should not be necessary if the other dog was under appropriate control by it's person.
eksmom's Avatar eksmom 07:45 AM 09-04-2006
Wawoof, the biggest issue I took with kate~mom's experience was the reaction of the dog's owners. I could not believe that they didn't offer to help her, invite her inside, get something for her hand, call someone, etc. etc. etc. I just can't imagine having such a laid-back attitude when your dog has just bitten someone who incidentally was trying to do the right thing to keep the dog from getting hit by traffic. From their reaction I can only assume that they are not responsible pet owners, and I feel sorry for their dog. The dog is being cheated, IMO - denied the opportunity to live with someone who controls it, trains it, and cares for it properly. All too often the dogs in these situations are the ones who pay the price (with their life), and I think it's very sad. You're doing a commendable thing for your dog, and I wish more pet owners were like you.

Geo - woo, have fun at boot camp!!

DrJen - hope you get that run in today. You've got so much going on! Thanks for the hug.

OK, I'm going to post my goals for the week in hopes that it will help me stick to them. I'm going to call this my comeback week.

Monday - 4 (waiting for it to get light outside), maybe a short ride if time
Tuesday - 5
Wednesday - 4
Thursday - ride to/from work
Friday - 7
Saturday - 11
Sunday - bike ride
Runningmommy's Avatar Runningmommy 09:50 AM 09-04-2006
I agree with the dog situation, it's about the owners poor reaction and not helping her, making sure she was okay, calling for help, etc.

I'm also in agreement that it is hard for the parents of the children that bite/hit/etc. Ds1 used to get hit/pushed/etc. ALL the time when he was around 14 months and I was really upset when other kids would do that to him. (he was also 11 weeks premature, and it was the first time we had him in a group setting - a playgroup, and he was my first) a few years later, he became the hitter/pusher/etc. and that was just as difficult and heartbreaking. I dont' raise my children to hurt other people, yet it has happened.

Okay, eksmom~those sound like great goals.
aguacates's Avatar aguacates 10:06 AM 09-04-2006
Originally Posted by wawoof
I cringed both at the dog bite story and everyone's reactions to it.

Wawoof, I really hope I didn't offend you by saying if my dogs were to bite a person, then I would have to consider putting them down. I was really talking about my specific dogs, not all dogs who bite. I also have a dog, Rita, who is violent towards and bites other dogs. We never take her anywhere, other than walks on a leash from our house. Really. She will flip out on *every* other dog she meets. She gets along with our other dog, Moxie, because we got Moxie when Rita was still young enough to accept other dogs. She has never shown any aggression towards humans, but we are extra extra careful not to put her in situations where she is stressed or tested. Rita is 100+ lbs, and badly injured my step-mil's pug when she was still a puppy (just under a year), we (of course) payed all the vet bills, and felt absolutely terrible, and since then(she is now 7) she has not had access to being in public with other dogs. Other people in the past have brought their dogs over to our house, despite our warnings, and my insistance that she was not to be trusted. She has flipped out every time, pretty predictably. And now I will not allow other dogs over *at all*, which has caused huge issues with dh's mom feeling unwelcome because she can't bring her dog. So....I hope that clarifies my statement, and makes it clear that I don't support putting down all dogs who show aggression, and that I do think that dog owners have a huge role in whether or not their dogs are dangerous to others. And Wawoof, you sound like an amazing compassionate dog-family.

So, now on to running...I managed to run 4 miles yesterday in the rain, then just started feeling kind of wet, and my achilles area on the inside of my right leg/ankle was kind of bothering me, and I really didn't want to risk injury so I decided to cut it short. When is it okay to run through a little discomfort and when do you need to stop? It started bothering me almost immediately when I started running, but I kept stopping to stretch it out(which didn't really seem to help), but through the course of my run it would get better and worse, and was never really painful, just kind of bothersome. But I have a pretty high pain tolerance, and OTOH a tendency to over-analyze everything, so I never really know which part of myself I should be listening to. What do you wise running mamas think?

JenLove's Avatar JenLove 11:16 AM 09-04-2006
Missbliss & Instinctivemama

eksmom ~ Great goals!

Geo ~ How was bootcamp? My cooperating teacher leads one of those in my area.

kate~mom~ How is your hand?

loftmama~ Did you get a chance to run?

1jooj ~ You did a "runnex" yesterday. Way to go!

Monday (today): Run 2 miles and bike 10 (backwards brick)
Tuesday: Run and lift
Wednesday: Off
Thursday: Run and lift
Friday: Bike
Saturday: Run
Sunday: Off
wawoof's Avatar wawoof 11:22 AM 09-04-2006
eksmom - thanks for clarifying your dog comments. your goals look awesome -i just suggest being gentle and flexible with yourself while recovering from surgery - if it doesn't feel good, don't do it! you deserve recovery time

rm - thanks for clarifying your dog comments, and sharing your experience with child aggression

jenlove - looks like a nice diverse workout plan

missbliss - thanks for sharing your experience with your aggressive dog. our dog's behavior sounds similar to yours, except that our dog was not aggressive toward other dogs when we got him. he was actually scared of almost all dogs, then we finally got him to make friends with some dogs at an informal dog park near our old apartment in Boulder. Then, we moved to MI with no dog parks, a neighbor's dog beat him up (kinda unintentionally - wrestling with a mentally unstable newfie is hazardous! we probably shouldn't have allowed it, but she seemed like a friendly dog at first, and we didn't want to deny him any dog interaction.), and we got another dog - a lab. Our shepherd loved our lab, but within a couple of years of getting her, he became aggressive toward other dogs. We did some training with a trainer that specializes in german shepherds, and now he's under control onleash rather than just going beserk when he sees another dog. Our lab's behavior actually made things worse because she was so enthusiastic about meeting other dogs that she would undermine our german shepherd's control of his behavior - she'd get all agitated so he would too. But our shepherd didn't become people-aggressive til after we had our first DS. We were actually afraid he would be aggressive toward our children because he had become afraid of kids before our first DS was born. But in true shepherd fashion, he's completely loving, protective, and tolerant of our children. For him, there is a night and day difference between people and dogs in his pack vs outside of it. Our dear lab, who was 3 years younger than our shepherd, died unexpectedly last summer .

Here is a sequence of pics of G approaching our dog, falling flat on his face (he was just learning to crawl), and our sweet doggie making it all better

I'm off for a morning run - wishing you all a happy labor day!
MonikitaUT's Avatar MonikitaUT 11:53 AM 09-04-2006
Originally Posted by MonikitaUT
Oh. My. God. I can't believe those pet owners. It is probably their fault that their poor dog is that agressive and out of control. They probably beat it and encourage the agressiveness. I am SOOOOO glad that a sheriff will be going to visit them! I'm pissed. Either they need to keep their dog contained, or the dog needs to be put down. I hope your hand is okay... I know how badly dog bites hurt. I'm so sorry this happened to you!
I still stand behind what I said about the dog being put down. They aren't taking steps to contain it or prevent it from hurting people! I think it is a totally different situation than Wawoof's dog. Like others have said, the responsibility is with the owners.

DH had a mastiff (165 lbs) that he rescued from owners who abused him. The dog was wonderful with him and his ex-wife, but often tried to attack the postal carrier, and kids who would reach through their fence to try and pet him. He made the very difficult and responsible decision to put the dog down. It broke his heart, but it was the right thing to do. The dog could have seriously hurt someone, despite the precautions they tried to take.

I disagree with comparing an aggressive dog and an aggressive child. You can teach and guide a child's behavior, and they usually outgrow the behavior. This is not true with mentally unstable, aggressive dogs.

I don't mean to offend, just want to clarify and say that we've been there.
moonshine's Avatar moonshine 12:12 PM 09-04-2006
Just wanted to pop on to say that I finally made it back out and ran for 30 min! Ran for the first time with my Nano. Way cool. Think that I ran further because of it. Course, I have the extra Nike thing, and I don't think it recorded my run. Hmph. Guess I have to read the directions.
poppywise's Avatar poppywise 12:16 PM 09-04-2006
Originally Posted by loftmama
Poppy, Is it possible he was simply trying to just get a reaction? Also, didn't you just move? .
thanks loftmama - i have been thinking a LOT about this thing since it happened and i think he was trying to communicate to me just how upset he was and this is what popped in his little head. i am not trying to downplay it at all, but the violent nature of it seemed very out of character for him.
and yes, we did just move and he just started kindergarten in his new yeah, he's been dealing with a lot lately.

i just want to thank all of you ladies for sharing your thoughts and experiences to help me with this. i love my little guy so so much, i just want so much for him to feel good on the inside

kate-mom - that sounded scary and i hope you are healing

i am coming down with a cold : -ugh. driving back home today, hoping to avoid massive traffic
eksmom's Avatar eksmom 12:30 PM 09-04-2006
Well mamas I am still waiting for that run. It is pouring rain, I have been back to bed, now I'm up and the hourly forecast says it's supposed to be this way until 1. I'm working at home today so I guess I'll just work until the rain stops. At least heat is not a factor.

Poppy I keep thinking of you and your DS. I had some similar times as a child but mine were most likely brought on by other people and didn't come so much from within. Still, I feel like I have been in his shoes and I just want to scoop him up and give him a hug.

OK, gotta get back to counting Xs. Fun stuff.

ETA: We went down to my work yesterday and fixed up my office. Hung a white board, set up a couple of lamps, rearranged some furniture. I also threw out a bunch of stuff that was there when I started the job, and I haven't touched. That always makes me feel more at home. Those ladies can be as mean as they want but I will have a nice place to be.
wawoof's Avatar wawoof 01:01 PM 09-04-2006
Originally Posted by MonikitaUT
I disagree with comparing an aggressive dog and an aggressive child. You can teach and guide a child's behavior, and they usually outgrow the behavior. This is not true with mentally unstable, aggressive dogs.
I'm sorrry your dh had to make that painful decision about the mastiff; I don't fault him for it. I think we have to agree to disagree about retraining though. I don't agree that dogs can't be retrained or that all children can. The lady at the kennel we currently send our dog to has trained him to *play with other dogs* there We haven't yet figured out what she's doing, but obviously it's helping. I think it's partly that we're not there for him to be overprotective of. And he's much less aggressive than he used to be, with training. Plus, sadly, some kids never outgrow or outlearn their aggression either - they become mentally unstable, aggressive adults. Looking at the rates of domestic violence and violent crime in our society, there are quite a few of those out there

eksmom - sorry about the rain - hope you can get out for your run soon

moonshine - yay about your fun nano run

poppy - hope you feel better soon!

missbliss - I forgot to post about your achilles issue before. I had this same injury years ago. The things that helped were initial rest, getting shoes with enough pronation control, stretching my calves and hamstrings, and trying not to run on roads/sidewalks with all the same camber (side tilt - it can make overpronation worse). The very informed people at the local running store said that achilles problems are usually due to tight calves and hamstrings, and this was totally true for me. After I started stretching my calves and hams regularly (yoga was best, and I also used a widget called a stepstretch), I never had any more achilles problems. Hope you find a solution!

Ran 4 this a.m. Didn't feel strong, but probably still recovering from Sat's brick.
eksmom's Avatar eksmom 01:11 PM 09-04-2006
Wawoof and Monikita, your posts made me think, and I just thought I'd toss this out... would it be fair to say that children biting is similar to puppy biting? OK so maybe puppies are more likely to bite than children, as I've never known a puppy not to go through that biting stage... but I'd say there's a link between both being young things and having to learn what's right and wrong when it comes to using their mouths. I don't know, maybe this is silly, but it's what popped into my head...
kate~mom's Avatar kate~mom 01:30 PM 09-04-2006
Originally Posted by wawoof
We don't have our dog off leash in public places.
i totally agree with all of what you have said. one of my own dogs is a rescue, and she is a BAD DOG . she has never bitten anyone, and is really good with us and the kids - but goes insane (jumping, intimidating barking) with people who she doesn't know (more so if the kids are around - protective, you know?). even so, because of the lack of control (whether it is self-control, or the failure of our training), she is NEVER off-leash anywhere but inside our home or inside our 6 ft. high fence. i don't know what she would do.

my gripes with the whole situation are the following a) not having the dog appropriately restrained for its level of training, b) hitting the dog repeatedly after the incident. i can even understand the lac of responsiveness to me, as it was an older teenager/younger adult who came down the driveway to talk to me - the mom (i think) was the one dealing with the dog. so understandable - not ideal or preferred, but understandable, imo.

in any case, my bite is healing nicely - the worse of the two punctures has actually closed together so it looks much better than it did the other day. my arm, on the other hand, still feels like someone punched me - from the tetnus shot.

on to happier topics . . .

dh and i ran a small 5K today - a fundraiser for a local recreation center. because it was advertised as "flat and fast," however, a lot of the faster runners around here registered. i didn't break 20 minutes, but was close! my final time was 20:06! average split 6:29, second overall (female winner was 18:10 i never saw her after the first turn ) and first in my age group. got a trophy - i'll have to take a picture later

but the real story is dh : a mere 9 months after quitting his pack-a-day cigarette habit, and 4 months after being on crutches, he ran his first race in 18 years and finished in 29:32!!!!!!! :
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