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Originally Posted by HomeBirthMommy View Post
Geo- Any word on FIL? They are in my prayers.
Thanks for the support everyone. We're in a bit of a tailspin here -- mostly existing lack of sleep and job stress got compounded 1000 fold.

No news yet, and I don't expect any news until after DH gets there. I think he's scheduled to land ~noon OR time. Of course, there's a thunder storm parked overhead right now, so I'm not sure if DH is on the plane yet...

I just washed a pound of strawberries so I could get dressed and drink a cup of coffee. I told DD she could eat as many as she wanted and she could feed DS as many as he wanted.
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Geo - I'm so sorry, if there's anything I can do...I know I can't teach for you. But I'm here...not too far from where you live.

Megan - Ugh. I feel your pain sistah. I feel your pain. I like what others wrote before, the days are long, the years are short (or something like that ). I hate when dh wakes me up snoring. Especially when E is actually sleeping! It's just somehow worse.

Patti - I didn't realize that was the outfit you gave us! Thank you, it's one of my favorites. We got several outfits as gifts and unfortunately it's all mixed up as to who gave us what...It does fit him - it's a 3-6 month outfit. Which was very smart on your part! Not having feet help a lot. That's why he outgrew a lot of outfits, too tall for them. I think the cloth butt helps too.

Some may have missed this, so I'll ask again, does anyone want some small/newborn cloth diapers and a few wraps? I'd like to keep them in the family.

doctorjen - no worries! I'm tickled pink that they thought he was nummilicious too. Your quilt gets used a lot. A playmat, a cover for the car seat when we're going out in snow/rain, diaper changing station, and oh, of a blanket For some reason with this birth I think a lot of you. I think it's because I read so many of your birth stories while waiting my turn. That and a book called labor day (birth stories) I think gave me a lot of courage. I still feel like my birth was so powerful and I felt so completely in control. I'm still high from it.

Shanti - I think the quilt is delicious. I just want to sink into it. All those intense and soft blues. I love it! What an awesome gift.

We LOVE fancy nancy!! I think it is such a cute story. And it gives me heart to continue supporting my own fancy nancy. We have similar rules, you can wear dresses, but have to wear pants, heavy tights underneath. It seems to work and dd doesn't mind. I do ask that she leave her dress ups at home, but now I'm asking myself why... . I guess I need to think more about that because I think it's more about me than her.

Monikita - I love the pic of you on your blog (I love running)...there's a hint of sassy attitude it.

So, I'm finally beginning to think about running again. I have a plan in one of my running books that is for starting (back, over...). It's really easy. I think it's time. My middle is still jello...but I have lost a little more weight. I'm waiting until dd is out of the bathroom to weigh myself. She has taken to weighing herself if the scale is out I went on an elimination diet and I think that tipped the scales.
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Oh Geo I can hear the pain in your words. I hope you can find peace somewhere today. If you need a call pm me your number...I can call right now even...

ds is sleeping (in his bassinet!!) and dd is taking a shower with some eucalyptus oil - she's stuffy.
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ladies, this is my first official blizzard. snowing sideways this morning. no school. I am SO STOKED on the snow day. Wahoooooooo! (and dh is home with the kids too so its a real break).

Geofizz, my heart just breaks, it is so tough to to not know what's going on with that situation. from Erin

Kristin -- mom of Erin (11/5/02) and Leah (9/29/05)
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I just caught up so behind. I e-mailed you. My other kids are home sick today if there is anything I can do please let me know. Want to come to dinner? Want dinner dropped off. Anything
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Geo -

Poppy - Those pigs are so cute! I had a Guinea Pig named Winnifred when I was a kid and those cuties brought back some really sweet memories

Shanti - That quilt is amazing!

Patti - He is just beautiful!

Megs - I hope you are getting some sleep right now!

BBM - We LOVE sleeping babies

kerc - Glad you finally got your snow!

Well, we are supposed to get freezing rain here!

Have a great day everyone.
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quick pop in here....

geo -- I'm so, so sorry to hear about your dh's dad. I can only imagine... my dh is so close to his dad ... somehow we are never ready for our parents to be in trouble - they are supposed to care for us. Hang in there. And another big for your dept situation. That one I can imagine. Stay strong. You'll work through it.

drjen - for your work too. While your dept may be in upheaval or crazy, I know your patients are still getting the fabulous dr that you are. You did choose the right profession (well, an alternative would be running your own birth center but either way, you're a people helper).

poppy -- laughing at all the guinea pig drama! I had a little piggy when I was a kid. Black with a couple of brown spots. She was sweet but I did not take the best care of her :

bbm - your little guy is delish!

no stories of my own on the little girl clothes front -- my dd is pretty good about opting for something in her drawer and isn't really picky. If we fight, it's usually about her hair - to fix or not to fix. Unkept hair really bugs dh but I don't want battle with dd everyday. Some days we do, some we don't.

Haven't run all week. First it was the weather and sickness in my house. Now I'm having an internal battle to keep from getting the same gunk. I have a bit of congestion but nothing major. I'm taking in vit C and garlic as fast as my system will allow. The family is on the upswing so hopefully they'll stop coughing on me before my body caves and gets really sick.

Need to write a report I've been procrastinating for too long. Must do it today. But, my reward is I get to go to the mall this afternoon and use a gift certificate and get my hair cut/colored (yes, I color my hair). I'm growing out a cut I got last year and I am soooooo hating my hair now. I'm almost considering pulling a Britany just to end the misery. That or breaking all mirrors in the area.
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Geo, I missed your post yesterday. Thinking of your family and FIL. I can't imagine the not-knowing.

Kate~mom, great pictures! You look so fresh and happy!

Shanti, that is a gorgeous quilt! The colors just pop, so if it is toned down, I bet IRL, it's amazing!

Megs I hope you finally got some sleep! I hope you are sleeping in right now!!!

Schatz, You need to show us pictures of the new 'do! Four years ago I had my very long hair chopped off very short. I loved it for a while and once cut it super short and spikey! I've been growing it out again for a couple of years and only recently can I fit it back into a ponytail holder. The growing out is so tedious and painful! I empathize with you!
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Hey, anyone want to start a march thread? I can't think of anything snazzy to say about March running...

Callie, mom to Nora (12/7/05)
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March into March I am not witty at all though
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I am not very creative with words, so I will let one of you pick out a good name for the March thread (a Holla out to Reb!)

I went for a short 30 minute run yesterday while K was napping. It was warm-50!! But we still have tons of snow on the ground-lots of trees here-so a lot of the paths are still covered. It was tons of fun running in the snow with shorts on

Geo- to you and your dh's family-have you guys heard anything recently? How awful for you to have to deal with work crap at this time.

grnmtnmama-how is your dad doing?
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is there a march thread yet? i cant think of anything either.

schools closed early today due to tornado watch.

: :

mamab and hbm, how's your weather today? do you have tornado watches too?

someone advised me to put the bike helmets in the downstairs bathroom [which our bunker down spot] and make sure the kids have shoes on. and i certainly won't be without my laptop

anyway, just checking in, gotta go check the weather channel again.

mom to ds (11) REPlaySkateboard04HL.gif and dd (9) hearts.gif

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Yikes Poppy! It's not bad here right now, but I checked just to be sure and we ARE under a tornado watch. Thanks for the heads up! My girls are still pretty scared of storms after the tornado we had last year-they grab flashlights and head for the basement at the first clap of thunder. Could be a long night...:

Paige, mama to three girls, (10), (8) and (3)
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Greetings, y'all. Today would have been another great day for a run (and goodness, I am sure I can't go that long now after not running for so long), but had to scramble to get the kids to school on time and then get ready for 2 massages. My second client is here from St Louis for medical treatment. 7.5 years ago she jumped from a burning building onto concrete and pretty much destroyed her feet. Since then she has had 27 surgeries to repair them. She is now coming to NY because after 23 surgeries in St Louis didn't work, she is now coming to "the best." She just got a heel replacement, which is from someone's femur (the ball)! She also has one side of her rectus abdominus on her other heel. She was also one the chirpiest clients I have ever had. Has a 2 yr old and is going through a divorce. Apparently due the stress, etc of all she has been through and her H was not very supportive of her trying to keep her feet.

Kind of made me stop and take a bit of stock, ya know?

Ok, off to get kids.
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It has been pouring all day. At carpool it was an absolute downpour and dd's shoes were totally filled with water.

Geo..Thinking of you.

ok..SS, whoever you are..I'm giving you a big hug! I do like your packages! I recieved some Indian Chickpeas curry, and almond biscuits, emergen-c in flavors I haven't tried yet, and a couple of packets of protein shakes...I love smoothies so those will go right in!

looked at another house was pretty good..i really liked it. I have gotten used to a huge closet and this one was pretty small..but the rest of the house was really neat. The back yard was big..which is great but it does back up to a flood plain.

Oh man..this is funny...dh asked me to get after him if he doesn't run! essentially he's asking me to nag him! I love it.

Guess it'll be treadmill for me tonight because no way am I running in this weather.
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Just checking in... I have been thinking of Geo and her family all day.

I've been home with EK today... she ran a fever in the night last night. She seems to be doing better today. She is missing a b'day party at McDonald's right now. I have mixed feelings about that... she so far knows of McD's as the "M Store" and nothing else... I was dreading bursting that bubble but I also hate that she's missing the party.

OK I gotta go find the rooster that goes on top of her barn.

Katherine, mama to Emma Kate (7) and Griffin (3)

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Add me to the "can't think of a fun new thread name" list. I'm trying. Almost there. Just not quite.

Wendy and fam have been much on my heart this morning, too. And holy cats, Moonshine... yeah, I'd say that lady's life is one of those "instant perspective" stories.

Patti inspired me to add pushups back in to my regimen. Man. I'm out of practice! Am I the same person that benched 125 a year and a half ago? Pushups were always my achilles heel in ROTC physical fitness tests, but I am wayyyyy out of whack right now. But, I've been here before and I"ll get back up on my reps. They are such a great exercise.

We just had a lovely long walk to the nearest bakery/coffee shop. I used the stroller today just to see how I liked it and because it was, well, a really long walk. it was OK, but the sidewalks aren't stroller-friendly. I feel soooo not MDC using the stroller! And it's a PITA at the start/end of the journey. But pretty handy in the meantime. I don't think my daughter's secure attachment to me will be compromised by some stroller time now

Mommabelle -- good luck with the solicited nagging! I've gotten after Dan lately about not rowing. A major reason we sprung to buy the good machine was that he said he'd definitely do that for exercise. So far... I think he used it twice the first week we had it home. And then nada. But maybe I'm not making it very possible for him to use it... I tend to do the "Hey, you're home, you're on baby duty now" routine.

Megan. Student Physical Therapist. Married & Mom to Geneva (6/30/06). Recent transplant to the rainy side of the Cascades.
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Okay, here's the new thread! Happy March mamas!

A little bit grasshopper a little bit ant   energy.gifom.gif

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