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JayGee's Avatar JayGee 08:02 PM 12-02-2007
Okay, I couldn't stand it, so I started a new thread ! Anyone racing this month?

No exercise for me today, but DH took DD1 and DS and a friend to the Y for open swim, so DD2 and I have been hanging out at home. I cleaned the playroom, so DD2 is engrossed in toys that she forgot existed !

Happy December!

grnmtnmama's Avatar grnmtnmama 08:18 PM 12-02-2007
hello new thread!

a bit of snowboarding done, but it was very cold so I wasn't that into getting frostbite for such icy conditions.

ds is being quite the PITA today. really, enough already.
modmom's Avatar modmom 08:37 PM 12-02-2007
Subbing-no run today- great run yesterday.

Happy December
JenLove's Avatar JenLove 08:38 PM 12-02-2007

I just got back from run #1. DH and I are going together for run #2 after dinner. It should be interesting with the melting snow turning to ice by that point.
kangamitroo's Avatar kangamitroo 08:38 PM 12-02-2007
we had a brief romp in our <1" of snow today. dd was excited but also a bit disappointed when she had to concede i was correct, that it was not enough snow for a snowman. i let her drink a ridiculous amount of hot chocolate afterwards, and she had her sugar crash during the Nutcracker performance we went to see. oops.

now she is snoring on the couch.

can i skip making dinner tonight and do a core workout instead? something about bundling up in snow pants (yes, <1", but i am a weather wimp). makes me feel enormous.
Geofizz's Avatar Geofizz 09:18 PM 12-02-2007

I'm thinking popcorn tonight instead of running in the sleet...

I got an alarm clock today. Gah. I haven't used one regularly since college. I've started oversleeping my 5:30 am wake up time, and I gotta get more work done, especially this week.
kate~mom's Avatar kate~mom 09:20 PM 12-02-2007
hola! subbing.
VeganCupcake's Avatar VeganCupcake 09:22 PM 12-02-2007
towsonmama's Avatar towsonmama 09:22 PM 12-02-2007
Subbing. Thanks, jaygee!
loftmama's Avatar loftmama 09:39 PM 12-02-2007

aguacates's Avatar aguacates 10:00 PM 12-02-2007
I'm so excited, we are expecting snow tonight! lots and lots! I am from Montana, I love snow It makes me happy to see everything white. Yay. Okay, must go supervise wiping.
1jooj's Avatar 1jooj 10:32 PM 12-02-2007
OMG I LOVE Chex mix...I think one year that WAS my gift for the holidays. My mom made me like 2 ice cream pails of the stuff. Totally extra Worcestershire. I love it when Cheerios and wheat Chex are totally soaked in Worcestershire. Mmmm...

I ended up NOT making chai biscotti...instead, I made choc chai muffins. Think the chai bread, with cocoa and choc chips. But extra spicy. Yum.

And I swear there's nothing more to the recipe...just eggs, flour, sugar, salt, flour, baking powder and whatever fun you decide on.

Yeah, this cold weather makes me want to CARB LOAD.

Bright side, I ran 6+mi on the TM, averaging under 10min miles. If I can find a little more time to do that, I can keep a handle on my weight over winter. If I can just keep away from all the stuff I'm compelled to bake!:
JenLove's Avatar JenLove 10:43 PM 12-02-2007
Those muffins sound heavenly.

Off in a few minutes for run #2.
babybugmama's Avatar babybugmama 10:55 PM 12-02-2007
I'm still hacking. I swear I think I'm actually getting worse. I broke down and went to the market to get some cough medicine (I checked kelly mom to see if it was okay for nursing). It's store brand robotussin...any one know of something I should, but didn't find on kellymom?

It really sucks because I basically haven't run since thanksgiving. I had two little 20 min runs. But that was it. The cough wakes me up at night and then I'm up for like an hour and a half to two hours coughing. I think it's a vicious cycle, between E and my cough I'm not getting rest so I can't recuperate.

Ugh Ugh Ugh.

We did get our Christmas tree today. It's really pretty.
1jooj's Avatar 1jooj 10:59 PM 12-02-2007
BBM The ongoing joke at work is that the hacking is a great core workout. You'll have your 6-pack in no time.: Sorry, mama. Lots of liquids, hot showers, and maybe try the Vicks Vaporub on the feet trick.
kate~mom's Avatar kate~mom 11:03 PM 12-02-2007
Ok, munchkin 1 is asleep - grnmt, something must have been in the collective air this weekend, bc my ds was also a complete disaster from the moment he woke up. munchkin 2 is reading. i've given her permission to stay up until she finishes harriet the spy, which may be 5 minutes, maybe half an hour. we'll see. i cannot keep that kid in books. i need to take out stock in barnes & noble or scholastic and maybe i'll make my money back

i ran yesterday! i had run 4 back from the car dealership last weekend, which was not so fun. on saturday, i met up with a group i've run with in the past, and had a great time. we did a VERY hilly 10 in 1:23. it's a great group - about 80% women, with a random guy or two every week - and fantastic personalities, conversations, etc. we run within a relatively comparable time range, too. four other people from the group are running boston this year, so it will be a fun winter. since dh probably won't be working a ton of saturdays anymore, i should be able to make it out to meet them.

my knee REALLY hurt last night, although it was fine during the run. i iced it and it's been good today, so i'm starting a maintenance training plan on tuesday and will start official boston training in either late dec or jan - haven't totally decided which plan to use.
towsonmama's Avatar towsonmama 11:10 PM 12-02-2007
bbm~ I've also become a firm believer in Vick's vaporub. Just the smell of it makes me feel better psychologically now.

jooj~What's the trick with vaporub on the feet?
towsonmama's Avatar towsonmama 11:17 PM 12-02-2007
Okay, you coffee drinkers...I have an ugly Diet Coke habit that I'm determined to beat but I NEED caffeine in the morning. I've tried tea but that's not fun enough because I drink it the rest of the day. I'm looking for a special morning boost. I bought some instant coffee for the black forest cheesecake recipe (you inspired me, Po7!) and I'm going to try that tomorrow with some gingerbread-flavored creamer. Is that a horrendous mistake? Instant coffee sounds kind of sketchy to me but I don't have a coffee maker and can't afford a new Starbucks habit. Any advice?

I can't even believe I'm writing this. I've hated the smell of coffee my entire life but just recently it intrigues me. I think it's the chemicals in Diet Coke that are scaring me to the darkside.
athansor's Avatar athansor 11:21 PM 12-02-2007
Subbing...even though I never keep up
I've been doing a lot of walking, cycling and yoga, and hope to start bringing some running back into the picture soon. I'm starting to get that big energy boost of the second trimester!
Geofizz's Avatar Geofizz 11:27 PM 12-02-2007
What about something like really fancy tea for the first-of-the-morning cup? My hands down favorite is Pete's Pride of the Port loose leaf tea.

Coffee: I don't have a coffee maker. I use a coffee cone and #2 filters. The filters+grounds go straight into the compost.
JenLove's Avatar JenLove 11:49 PM 12-02-2007
I think instant coffee is icky except in iced coffee.

Do those instant drinks like cappuccino powders have caffeine in them?

Run #2 of the day - complete! Next week I will not save 2 runs for Sunday!
moonshine's Avatar moonshine 11:50 PM 12-02-2007

Trying to recover from our seriously busy weekend. Two sleepovers, one birthday party, and one playdate. : There was also some red wine involved, which made today a bit :
poppywise's Avatar poppywise 12:11 AM 12-03-2007
i've been wanting to try this toddy cold brew coffee for a while now...i hear it makes great coffee

jenlove - why 2 runs instead of one longer one? just curious how your distances are going since we're c25k grads and all was it icy out for the second run? bbrrrr

jo - i made biscotti today-yum! loving it...maybe too much. going to whip up another batch tomorrow.
JenLove's Avatar JenLove 12:20 AM 12-03-2007
poppy ~ I'm still doing the Christmas contract that reads 2 weightlifting sessions and 3 runs a week. So in order to get my 3 runs in this week, I had to run 2 different times today. I almost feel like I'm cheating. Next week I'm going to get in some good distances. My LR is still at 3. I'd like to do 4 or 5 next week. What about you?

Yes, it was icy in spots tonight but not too bad. I have a feeling the roads are going to be glazed over by morning. Snow Day anyone?
eksmom's Avatar eksmom 12:39 AM 12-03-2007
Originally Posted by 1jooj View Post
OMG I LOVE Chex mix...I think one year that WAS my gift for the holidays. My mom made me like 2 ice cream pails of the stuff. Totally extra Worcestershire. I love it when Cheerios and wheat Chex are totally soaked in Worcestershire. Mmmm...
Me too, and my mom took the wheat Chex out because she thinks they taste burned w/ the W. sauce.

Originally Posted by kate~mom View Post
munchkin 2 is reading. i've given her permission to stay up until she finishes harriet the spy, which may be 5 minutes, maybe half an hour.
That is my all time favorite book from childhood. I considered myself a spy for several years after I read it. I refuse to see the movie because I don't want it to ruin the book for me.

Geo, you and Janessa could take your runs to GA - I bet they'd be appreciative!

Had dinner at my parents and watched the original Rudolph afterwards. Geez, everybody at the North Pole, Santa included, had sort of a hateful streak! Am I just weirdly sensitive that I don't enjoy that movie very much?

BBM I hope you are on the mend soon!

towsonmama, have fun w/ the black forest cheesecake! I'm not a big coffee drinker and definitely not a coffee snob, but I think you can get something like a Mr. Coffee coffee maker for ~$20. That's what, like 4 trips to Starbucks?

athansor, glad you are starting to feel better w/ the second trimester!
poppywise's Avatar poppywise 01:29 AM 12-03-2007
Originally Posted by JenLove View Post
poppy ~ I'm still doing the Christmas contract that reads 2 weightlifting sessions and 3 runs a week. So in order to get my 3 runs in this week, I had to run 2 different times today. I almost feel like I'm cheating. Next week I'm going to get in some good distances. My LR is still at 3. I'd like to do 4 or 5 next week. What about you?
ah yes, the contract! good for you! i am only at 3.5 miles and i think my half-marathon training program has me upping it to 4 this week or next on my LR day. i am trying to squeeze in one more run a week - so 4 times instead of three, but it will be short, like 1-2 miles.
doctorjen's Avatar doctorjen 01:54 AM 12-03-2007
Hey, does anybody want a Runner's World Training Log (paper, not online type thing)? I got one as a gift for re-upping my subscription and I log on Excel. I'd be happy to mail it if anyone wants it.

I ran 4 miles this evening - 2 runs in the same week! Seriously, I have to get going again. My appetite somehow goes through the roof when I don't run enough? Had a pretty fruitful day, though. Played the piano in church, then got the rest of my hose decorated - we already had the tree up, but got all the rest of the ornaments on and took out all the other indoor things. We sort of gave up on outside lights as our house is just shaped wrong and too much of a pain to hang lights. Grocery shopped, did several loads of laundry, and managed to finish one Caroline mitten in between playing the piano this morning at different services and laundry this afternoon. Even got in a run. Now, since I was a bad doctor and didn't finish all my charting on Friday I have to do some before bed, and then hopefully some snuggles with dh. Someone please yell at me to run this week!

eksmom - I was thinking of kaleidoscope yarns, then was wondering if I should choose knitpicks and get some needles, but I decided if I do the kaleidoscope thing I can spend all my gift on yarn without guilt!
Megs_BK's Avatar Megs_BK 02:50 AM 12-03-2007
what up, Dingo mothahs?

Re: coffee. Well. It is truly the lifeblood of my existence. I love it. Love thinking about it. Love making it. Love drinking it. I brew it nice and dark and put lots of good 1% milk in (or a mix of milk and eggnog right now!). Don't give me no flavors or no instant or no other corruptions. Just good, strong coffee. I get the big bags of beans at Costco (currently doing a Sumatra French roast that I really like) and I have a burr grinder. My coffee pot is nothing special -- just a little 4-cup drip maker -- but it works just great for me. I like French Press, too, but that's a bit too intense sometimes. I have a great espresso maker, too, but no longer have the patience to prime the pump, pull the blank shots, froth the milk, lower the temp, pull the shot.... you get the picture. Parenthood ruined my home latte habit.

Still happy about my nice little run yesterday. Hope to get out there twice during the week ahead and once next weekend.

OK, going to sub and then close up the computer.
babybugmama's Avatar babybugmama 09:20 AM 12-03-2007
Ah Robotussin my friend... It didn't help 100%, but instead of waking up every couple of hours coughing I only had one spasm at around 1a and it didn't last as long. Even though I'm still coughing I already *feel* a little better. I knew if I could just get some rest my body could get on top of it.

How cold do you think is too cold to take bugs in the jogger on runs? I have this sleeping bag thing that they get zipped's just really cold this morning with wind. But I'm worried about my race saturday and the lack of running.
Geofizz's Avatar Geofizz 10:08 AM 12-03-2007
I'm glad you got a good night's sleep.

Do you have a rain cover? I'd use that for the wind. If not, clothes pins and blankets can make a cover that keeps out the wind.

I sent DH to Target yesterday to get some sort of craft-in-a-box for DD to make for great grandparents. I was thinking some sort of hokey "make a Christmas ornament" kinda thing. He came home with a box that had two "make your own book" books in it. DD drew a few pictures and then we printed out photos from the last year. Under each one, she wrote a sentence. She loves to draw fireworks, so she drew some, then wrote "I loved the firwrks in Juli."

The last picture was her and me. She drew hearts in between us and wrote "I love my mom."


She is currently working on the second book, which will go to her grandma.

So, for $12, we got: 2 gifts, 3 hours of entertainment for DD, enthusiasm for writing at home.
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