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Originally Posted by mamabeth View Post
the treasure map sounds interesting! I am definitely down with a household purge, but I'll be travelling that weekend. But I will be by myself so maybe I can take some time to do there a web site or anything with more specific instructions, or is that somewhere on the thread (did not have time to read thru it all).
It is the intention and positive energy behind it (in combination with the whole nature aspect, which I'm not sure what that one is for the Treasure Map) that draw the things you put on the map into your life. I mean really, gluing pictures of stuff you want onto a piece of cardboard board isn't going to do anything for you if that is all it is! (For example, that's what I did by putting it in the closet facing backwards.) You're supposed to put the intention into it every time you look at it throughout the year.

But basically, all you do is go through a bunch of magazines (or other sources?) and find pictures of things you really want to actualize in the next year of your life and glue them onto a poster board. It can be material stuff, like if you want a new car, put a picture of the car you want, etc. or it can be other things and you put a picture that represents what you want to bring into your life. Some people get really artistic and creative, so that the end result looks like art, but that isn't necessary. Then you hang it someplace you will see it often, and whenever you look at it you can either welcome the stuff into your life, say thank you to God like you've already received it, etc. Basically just put positive thought and energy into it. You don't need to worry about the "how", because the Universe (or God, whichever you choose) is in control of that.

I think that's about it. I'm sure Tracy could tell what the significance of the planetary alignment or whatever is, but I'm no astrologist! If I missed anything, or got it wrong, feel free to correct me!

And now back to your regularly scheduled running thread.

Monica, mama to Olivia (6)
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Hi from NY yall!

No RR here, but lots of walking, touristing, and eating...

tonite we're going to see DJ Jazzy Jeff (yall remember him) at the Am Mus of Nat History - how random is that?

I just had to come on to report how nice it has been to enjoy some yummy Starbucks that has been keeping me warm in the cold weather up here, thanks to my awesome Secret Sprinter sending me a Starbucks gift card!!! Thank you SS!!!!

okay back to eating and drinking too much :

Callie, mom to Nora (12/7/05)
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Originally Posted by poppywise View Post
ladies, i am worried about my running and the half coming up. with the minor sickness and travel, i am off my plan and have still not made it past 4 miles yet.
poppy, my half is just a couple of weeks before yours, and I'm only up to 6 (7 this weekend). I'm doing the hal higdon beginner program. It's really low-key and easy to play with, which is why I picked it. I was sick a couple of weeks ago and got pretty much wiped out for a week, but have been able to get caught up. You can do it!!!

Originally Posted by calicocj View Post
Hi from NY yall!

tonite we're going to see DJ Jazzy Jeff (yall remember him) at the Am Mus of Nat History - how random is that?

okay back to eating and drinking too much :
Callie, I'm so jealous! I NY!!!! We lived just outside of Manhattan for a couple of years and I loved it. We'd probably still be there if we could have afforded a house there. And I'm at DJ Jazzy can he be any good w/out the fresh prince???

I'm really intrigued by the treasure map thing. God knows there's enough things in my life I need to work on.

Re: the economy...I'm kind of worried, just because of my situation. It's looking like I'm going to have 3 years of full spousal support, with possibly partial support for another year. The amount is enough that I should be able to live comfortably with just cutting out some of the luxuries that I indulge in way too much. I'm worried about AFTER that. I just can't go back to my former career. The hours are not conducive to being a single mom, and the pay was terrible (but it was a "fun" career). I would probably *barely* be able to support myself, but not DS, and I would have to downsize our home significantly (and we're only in a 2 br condo). So, I have to figure out what I can do that will make me a decent amount of money, whether it's somewhere in healthcare or something else entirely (which would make me feel like crap that I have a master's degree that would be wasted). Ugh.

STBX took DS last night and today so I could ski today. It was a really nice day (sunny and 40) and I got some good skiing in until the last run. I don't know WTF I was doing, but I somehow caught an edge and took a rather spectacular fall. Thank god I was wearing my helmet, or my brains would be seriously scrambled right now. Well, more than normal. As it is, I think I possibly have a *very* mild concussion. Started out just a little lightheaded and dizzy, but now I have a pretty decent headache going. I would like someone to explain to me why it is that I can ski blacks, bumps, etc., but I always bite it the hardest on a groomed blue cruiser. :

I had it all planned out that I was going to take tomorrow as my day off and do my long run on Sunday, but now the weather report has changed and instead of being beautiful on Sunday, it's supposed to be beautiful (sunny and 70) tomorrow, and snowy/rainy on Sunday. Bleh. I guess we'll see how I feel tomorrow and if I feel decent, I might go ahead and do the run tomorrow so I don't have to freeze.

Gaye, single mama to Tyler (5/06) and Baxter the labradoodle
surf.gif bikenew.gif jog.gif Wait...I signed up to DO an Ironman??? I thought I was signing up to go SEE Ironman! nut.gif

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oh my goodness, gaye! i hope you're okay! take it easy, okay? that sounds really scary to me.

Homeschool Planet
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Hi mamas!! I just have a quick second to post. We are having a busy busy weekend. I found dd a piano!! We have to rent a trailer and make a 2.5 hour drive to pick it up though. I think it's worth it. I found it on is just what we wanted. DD is excited....which makes me happy. She is still sad and moody. Horses are her first love, and the piano is her second.

Anyway, it should be a fun road trip.
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I've been sticking with my Yoga lately. Learning headstands and handstands and all sorts of cool things about myself as I go along.

Last night I went the Y and ran/walked on the treadmill. I at least want to be able to go for good length runs when the spring weather hits. My yoga teacher (who has become a really good friend) and I are going to be taking spinning classes the Y too. Woot!

I love all the talk around here about Abundance. I have been doing a lot of visualizations and meditations around it lately. I am definitely doing the check thing!

I just wanted to let you ladies know if you haven't found it already... if you have Netflix, you can watch The Business of Being Born right on your computer. I'm off to grab some tea and watch it here.

Have a good weekend everyone!

Jen - Mama to V (b. 2-18-09) and AJ (b. 10-9-11) Wife to DH

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posting to report a 1 hr ski today. we got another 8" of fresh fluffy snow, so i put on my backcountry x-country skis and took the dog up to the forest for a little untracked skiing. it was beautiful and peaceful and quiet. just the kind of thing i wanted this morning.

hoping to do some abs this afternoon and hoping K's playdate goes well.
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mom to  dd1 (11) hearts.gif,  ds (9)bikenew.gif,  dd2 (6) dust.gif  , Daisy (4) dog2.gif
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