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I believe in reincarnation....as energy cant be destroyed only changed I believe that applies to "souls" as well. I also look at pregnancy as a trial period where the mama and baby's souls are kind of feeling each other out and either one may choose that it is not a good time for birth. If the baby is miscarried or aborted (and I am not saying people should use abortion for birth control or as a "simple" solution) I believe that energy goes back to the source/divinity either waiting to come back and try again or transforming into a new identity and going to someone else. I dont think the soul necessarily immediately leaves, in some cases I believe it may stay around as a spirit child for quite awhile...

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In reading up on cases of reincarnation especially the ones from Carol Bowman's Returning From Heaven it seems that if a soul intended to born to a certain mother it will wait until the conditions are right. If a soul was meant to be born a baby and a miscarriage happened that same soul will wait until another body is formed. Based upon this if a miscarriage happens but eventually a pregnancy results in a healthy baby it is a pretty good assumption that the healthy baby is the same soul that was to be in the miscarried ones. One way or another the soul is going to hook up with its chosen mother even through adoption if a normal pregnancy is not possible. There no coincidences in this universe which is full of life and order.
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I have always speculated that children who die get to end up as children in heaven. So we can enjoy them as perpetual idyllic children and they can enjoy a perpetual idyllic childhood.
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I don't have a religion, but I read a lot about them. =P

Anyway, I think that everything is a part of God (and that God is more than the sum of everything). Our souls are like a drop of water in the ocean that is God's infiniteness. When we are unborn babies, our souls are like that slow-motion picture we've all seen of a drop of water falling, and if a baby's body dies before it is born (or maybe even just after birth), its soul was never fully separated from God in the first place (I don't think our souls are, either, but our consciousness and our "sense of self" lead us to believe we are) and that drop that is the baby's soul continues to exist, as a part of God, just as before. And, since our bodies will someday die, and our souls will be revealed once again to be an aspect of God as infinite, we will, in that way, "be with" everyone/everything else - without the illusion of separation (the "self). In that way, we might even be "closer" to those who have died or have never been born than with those who are currently living in the finite world we perceive.

Ay, I sound so new age-y, I know. But this is how I can best make sense of the Infinite. It's difficult to comprehend and put it into words, because it is beyond words and beyond comprehension. My mind is finite, what can I say?

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Originally Posted by cappuccinosmom View Post
I believe my two miscarried babies are part of heaven's population now.

What I believe about heaven informs the rest of what I believe about my babies.

In my belief, in heaven we will have perfectly formed, whole, disease-free new bodies. We will not age (aging for eternity would be a pretty scary prospect!), but simply remain whole and in that perfect state forever. Age does not matter in heaven, and while we will know each other, our human relationships will be different. Not husband-wife-child relationships but cohabitants in the presence of God. Believing that, I'm not envisioning meeting a 13 week old fetus, but a perfectly whole and fully formed being. I don't know if we'll all be the same age, or if we'll be different ages.

This I believe as well!

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I'm Christian, and that's all I've ever been. I grew up Baptist and am now Non-Denom. So, that's what my perspective will be coming from.

My husband and I have researched this, as have his pastoral family members, because we are infertile and had to make a decision about fertility treatments.

First, the Bible says, "the secret things belong to the Lord." I take that to mean that some things the Bible doesn't answer for us, either because we won't like the answer, or we might take advantage of it. That being said, I think the Bible is very unclear about what happens to an unborn baby.

I believe what I grew up being taught about what you guys are calling the "age of accountablilty". Basically, each child has their own age where God knows they can decide whether to accept Him or not. For each child, this is different. For some, it may never come due to developmental issues. If the child dies before they reach this age, I believe Jesus' sacrifice covers their sin and they're allowed into heaven. So, I believe I have a child that I lost at 9 weeks gestation that I will meet when I get there.

There is also a group of thought that God knows if the child would have accepted Him after they reached the age, but if they died before that age, He would just say, "You would have accepted me when you were ... 21, so you can go to heaven. I think this is a bit of a stretch, I choose to believe my first explanation.

I'm so sorry for your loss...

Once again, Chesapeake me!
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I also believe they will be in heaven with perfect bodies..

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Originally Posted by zech13_9_goforgold View Post

If you are asking this question because you are dealing with a miscarriage of your own, then I am very sorry. There is a pain wrapped up in such a loss that only a mother can feel.


To answer the op - I know my children are waiting for me in heaven.
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Originally Posted by merpk View Post
Jews believe in reincarnation. Our souls keep coming back until they fulfill every mitzvah, or until they reach a high enough 'level' that they're done with their job on this plane of existence and they don't have to come back anymore.

So with each of my miscarriages I was reminded that the soul that came down to me only needed a short time to complete its tafkid, its purpose, and it must have been such an incredible human in its previous incarnation, so holy & pure a life, and such a gift to have been the ima (mother) to such a holy soul for the brief time he/she needed to be here ...

It helped.
I love this. I have really thought about learning as a soul on a particular plane and then moving on. This captures that belief perfectly.
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I remember being a young teen and hearing some Catholic moms talk about their losses. And one mom mentioned the teaching salvation through blood...that if one was not baptized/Christian but martyred or otherwise victimized, the soul could enter heaven. I often wonder if miscarriage or stillbirth is a form of salvation through blood.

A part of me likes to believe that maybe God knew ahead of time that the baby would not make it, and maybe He did not give the baby a soul. It sounds funny just saying it...wishful...b/c people die all the time and they certainly had souls before dying. But especially with very early miscarriages, or ones where you never heard a heartbeat or can find anything...it makes me wonder and wish.

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