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asherah's Avatar asherah 10:06 AM 04-14-2004
Thanks hon.

karen ann's Avatar karen ann 11:29 AM 04-14-2004
I suppose we just have to agree to disagree here.

I simply see *nothing* related to goddess-worship (modern or ancient) in the historical Burning Times. The vast majority of accused/convicted were charged with either casting spells on their neighbors with the aid of Satan/Lucifer (a *male* figure in Christianity) or consorting with *male* demons (sometimes but not always Satan himself). I think this indicates more a misogyny, that women are weak to the sway of powerful male evil, than a fear of a powerful feminine force -- at least as far as it concerns the masses. I really don't know if I ought to bother digging up all my research on ecclesiastical crises of the time, the end of fuedalism and the rise of Protestantism, the use of the "witch" as a scapegoat to shift blame from Church and state for society's ills (and to elevate both Church and state). I have a annotated paper I wrote on the subject when I was in college, but it's stored in an old word processor in my basement and I don't know how many of my source materials are still in print or even still relevant in the face of new research. And probably a good 1/2 of my books were destroyed in a flood.

I'm starting to ramble so I'll go now and have another mug of tea and get the ol' synapses firing again. I'll probably keep reading this thread because I'm finding it interesting, but if I don't know if I'll reply again for a while. I feel like I'm taking up too much of everyone's time with my mutterings.
tricia80's Avatar tricia80 02:09 PM 04-14-2004
Well in the Goddess religion her male consort according to the church was "satan" himself..

as we dont believe in "satan" how can one work with "satan"?
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