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Frankly Speaking's Avatar Frankly Speaking 12:38 PM 09-21-2004
The title of this thread has always bothered me. She is not making him get circumcised, she is blackmailing him.


laralou's Avatar laralou 02:01 PM 09-21-2004
I am moving this to Religious Studies since discussion of circing for religious reasons (no matter the age or the motivation behind it) isn't allowed in this forum.
Benji'sMom's Avatar Benji'sMom 05:58 PM 09-21-2004
"A bris milah for a circumcised male is a "drop of blood". Drop of blood does not work if there is no prior circ."
Well, I learned something new - I hadn't thought about converts who were already circ'd - DUH!
ms. nearocean's Avatar ms. nearocean 04:00 PM 10-01-2004
eghads ! and yet so well put. Why did that explaination truly sound like the mutilation
going on over in africa, or more? places. isn't that the same place where men with aids think having sex with virgins will cure them? i was never truly convinced of the innocence of "erotic" behavior, and gm rings with such a perverse charge to me. I'm shaking, now
Meiri's Avatar Meiri 01:03 AM 10-02-2004
I would hope that the Rabbi who would be doing the bris, and helping him in the conversion process, would be upfront with him about the requirements and nonrequirements. I would expect any doctor to whom he goes for the circ would lay out all the risks and possible consequences. I can't help but hope he goes to a doc for this if he decides to go through with it.

I have little hope for a marriage based on such coersion however.

Any chance you could anonymously mail him some information?
Tanibani's Avatar Tanibani 01:27 AM 10-02-2004
Originally Posted by Meiri
Any chance you could anonymously mail him some information?
I wouldn't even be anonymous. I would mail this thread! Just so he could read the other side and other people have to say about it. Especially considering how HORRIBLe the consequences can be as per Frank & ThomasL's stories.

You have nothing to lose. They are/were acquaintances. You could really help him here and prevent a lot of pain for him.

So what if she "comes after you." yes, she'll be angry. Fine. That's her ego. Whatever. You are not trying to hurt them, you are trying to help. If she can't see that, that isn't your problem.
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