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Originally Posted by Rhonwyn
The pictures of Jesus at our church (United Church of Christ) depict him as a Jewish/Middle Eastern Man. I would not consider that black or African. A person of color and not blond, blue eyed but other than Sammy Davis Junior, I don't know of any other black Jewish men. I am sure there are more. Especially the Jewish people from Africa that have imigrated to Israel.

Sammy converted to Judaism late in life. There are lots of Blacks who are Jewish and who live in the United States. My cousins who are black are of Jewish descent and very proud of their heritage.

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Originally Posted by DaryLLL
Abimommy, you used the Acts of Pilate as the actual words of Pilate from the 1st century. The Acts of Pilate was a forgery from the 5th century CE, perhaps composed from fragments from the 3rd. In no way can it be taken as the words of Pilate himself, or a historical descriptor of anything.

It may have been written as a refutation to another earlier Acts of Pilate, which was a pagan compostion which put Xtianity in a poor light.

You also quoted "Gamaliel" from a document called the Archko Library, a 19th century forgery.


I was just quoting what I ran across..if I knew anything about it I would have commented.

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