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Arduinna's Avatar Arduinna 11:38 PM 02-01-2009
you know I'm not sure, because I didn't realize there was more than one, but now I see there is one labeled childrens hmm. I think I'll do a little more web checking. to Halo Works I've heard their ads on A Body of Truth podcast. I've been to their site before but never ordered from them.

Tradd's Avatar Tradd 12:12 AM 02-02-2009
In any case, get on Halo Work's email list, because they'll often send discount codes, or offers for free shipping, etc.
Fay's Avatar Fay 12:27 AM 02-08-2009
Originally Posted by Arduinna View Post
one more question, if it says Latin rite it doesn't mean it's in Latin, correct? It is referring to Latin rite as in not Eastern rite Catholic?

Rookie here, I'm still learning the terminology.
Arduinna, you were correct in your original assumption. The Latin Rite is one of 23 churches in the Catholic Church...the other 22 churches follow the Byzantine Rite, or Rite of Constantinople. All 23 churches are under the authority of the same Pope.

There are many different Masses within the Latin Rite, as described by Stacy. Many Catholics are unaware of the existence of the Byzantine Rite, so it is often assumed incorrectly that "Latin Rite" refers to the language of the Mass. Pope JP2 called the two rites the "two lungs" of the Church, and he encouraged all Catholics to experience the diversity of the Church firsthand. Because the 23 churches are in full communion with each other, Latin Rite Catholics may receive Holy Eucharist at Eastern Catholic churches and vice versa.
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