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gilamama's Avatar gilamama 07:42 AM 11-06-2008
Originally Posted by avivaelona View Post
I know a little girl named Tal, its a pretty name. But it doesn't seem to have anything to do anymore with my grandmother. Is the masculine version of Kelila just Kelil (pronounced Keh-LEEL) ?

didn't you ask for names that have to do with the sky and things that come from the sky?

i know a boy named Klil (rhymes with steel).

Nickarolaberry's Avatar Nickarolaberry 10:35 PM 11-06-2008
We have a dear friend whose husband is Khalil (pronouced Kah-leel).

There is also Chananya, and Chananel.
avivaelona's Avatar avivaelona 02:46 AM 11-08-2008
didn't you ask for names that have to do with the sky and things that come from the sky?
No, not exactly I am trying to find a name that feels connected to my grandmother, and that works both in Hebrew and English (or at least has a close cognate in Hebrew and English). My grandmother had three names... a "hebrew" name that was almost certainly yiddish..

1).Kayla...which may be the yiddish form of Celia, or might be a yiddish form of Kelila, no name dictionary seems sure. She was called this in her earliest years.

2) Clara, which was on her birth certificate, but if she ever went by it, it was only for a short time, and

3) Claire which is what she demanded to go by from a fairly young age, on. Since Claire (Clare) WAS originally the masculine form of Clara but is now undeniably a woman's name, there is no male equivalent that works.

I did ask what the hebrew for Sky was because I was thinking that it might be something that would work for "Celia" But someone else added the idea of "things from the sky" They are beautiful names but I don't think naming the child Tal or Anan works that well...its gotten too far from honoring my grandmother Claire, you know what I mean?

BTW I know a sister set named Anani and Sahar. Pretty.

ETA...Chanan IS beautiful and would be another way of honoring her if Kayla was a variant of Chaya (though it seems not to be according to the experts) but none of those CH names get pronounced right in English, my husband can't even quite make the sound and Hanan is just not as handsome as Chanan. We used Chaim for my son only in his hebrew name because of this problem.
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