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chicagomom1977's Avatar chicagomom1977 10:33 PM 05-21-2009
My DS is 22 mos. We never eat red meat so I am worried about his iron levels. We do eat chicken though. He also doesn't eat a ton of food (like fortified cereal, etc) Has anyone tried Floradix for their toddler? Any other ideas?

organicmidwestmama's Avatar organicmidwestmama 02:05 AM 05-22-2009
chicken has iron, im not sure if it has as much as say, a steak, but i believe it does have some. do you have reason to believe your son is anemic? is he bruising easily, lethargic ect? a simple blood test can be done at the doctors to check his hemoglobin levels and determine if he is indeed iron defiecient.

egg yolks are high in iron. dried fruits are also high in iron, and cooking in cast iron pans will increase iron in the food you eat from them. greens have iron in high amounts, such as kale, spinach, broccoli ect.

the iron in fortified products like cereal is not easily assimilated and used by the body as it isnt really in its natural form. but floridix is great, good tasting and all, but i dont know if its good to gove iron to a kid unless they for sure need it.
chicagomom1977's Avatar chicagomom1977 11:42 AM 05-22-2009
Oh really? I didn't know I really have no reason to believe he is anemic. I was just curious what other people did. Thanks!!