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JennaH's Avatar JennaH 08:46 PM 10-01-2009

Just want to get opinions here. I'm so picky about my cottage cheese. I was previously buying Robinson Dairy which is a local CO operation. They don't use hormones but are not organic, and I'm realizing going all-organic and preferably from grass-fed cows is the way to go.

I like the milky part surrounding the curds to be thick and creamy. The problem I had with a few different organic brands was that it was watery (yes, the 4% kind, too). I think I tried Horizon and Organic Valley and also another one that had acidophilus in it which I didn't like. Any other suggestions for me?

Thanks for any help!

Holiztic's Avatar Holiztic 05:37 PM 10-02-2009
We get our cottage cheese from the same farm that we get our milk (raw, organic, grass-fed, whole) and it is the best cottage cheese I've ever had (only one I've ever liked). I thought they were all just watery with lumps. This stuff is so creamy. If you open it and turn the container upside down... nothing happens!

I would guess if you learned you could make it like this. I hope to learn soon to save us some money! But as of right now I don't have any tips or resources to give you!

Whenever we run out of cottage cheese from the farm and try to find some in the health food store we never even get out the door with one based on the ingredients!

Good luck!
MRJmama's Avatar MRJmama 11:48 AM 10-03-2009
I have not found any store brands that I like here either. Let us know if you find something good!
gdggfgfg's Avatar gdggfgfg 11:03 PM 12-06-2013

Kalona SuperNatural cottage cheese is great.  Much better than the watery Horizon/Organic Valley cottage cheese.  Natural Grocers sells it for $3:50-$4.00, which is higher than other brands, but the quality is much higher.  Kalona is the only cottage cheese I buy now. Of course, something straight from a farm would be great, but if your talking about something you can buy ata local store, Kalona is as good as it gets. :thumb