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sdr's Avatar sdr 02:33 PM 02-17-2010
I have a lot of health issues .So I am trying to eat healthy and thought , the money I spend to buy organic foods could help me out .
I have a Whole foods near my house and I shop there occassionally .Pretty expensive and I have been reading mixed reviews about the frozen vegeatable and the foods in general in whole foods. What is your experience with whole foods?

FloridaBorn's Avatar FloridaBorn 02:36 PM 02-17-2010
I've never been in one. The closest Whole Foods is a 30 minute drive away. A locally owned natural foods marketplace I used to go to every once in a while went out of business after that Whole Foods opened.
cristeen's Avatar cristeen 02:39 PM 02-17-2010
For certain things that I can't find anywhere else (or anywhere nearby at least), WF is great. But I don't do the bulk of my shopping there. CSA, Farmer's mkt, local butcher, local bakery, small local HFS get the bulk of my business. Only if I can't find what I'm looking for in any of those places do I go to WF.
Arduinna's Avatar Arduinna 02:47 PM 02-17-2010
I love it, they carry a ton of things I can't get anywhere else.

They have the best selection of organic produce available locally ( we have basically no agriculture anywhere near us). I buy my olive oil there because they carry the brand I love. Organic non homogenized milk ( I wish I could get raw but I can't), organic cream without stabilizers, yogurt, buffalo and other meats in fact it's the only place I will buy pork chops as theirs are actually moist when cooked, wild caught fish, paté, fresh olives, a huge variety of imported cheeses and our only local source of raw milk cheeses, kerrygold and Parmagiano Reggiano butter, maple syrup, bulk bin items, nuts.
mama1803's Avatar mama1803 02:51 PM 02-17-2010
I was very excited when Whole Foods opened up in my area a few years ago because my ds suffered from some very severe food allergies to milk, eggs, and peanuts at the time (has since outgrown all except for peanut) and I thought it would be a great resource for speciality foods that I had read about but couldn't find at our regular grocery stores. I was also interested in incorporating organic foods into our diet and none of the regular grocers offered organic foods.

I have been disappointed in Whole Foods Market. I've shopped at a few now as we moved to a different state recently. None of the ones I've shopped at offered much in the way of organic produce. And their prices are high. If I'm going to buy conventional produce I can do that for cheaper at a regular grocery store. I did like their vitamin and supplement section. I rarely go to WFM now as I can find most everything I need at either a local health food store, farmers market, or regular grocery stores that now offer a pretty good selection of organic and speciality food items. I also buy alot of stuff online at www.iherb.com.
ShadowMoon's Avatar ShadowMoon 04:29 PM 02-17-2010
I shop there often, (I have 3 within 20 miles if my apartment ). I also shop at my local hfs, farmers markets and the "regular" grocery store. I've learned how to save cash at WF by avoiding buying items there I can get for less at the other stores, waiting for sales, buying in bulk and in season, etc. I enjoy shopping there despite the issues.
MeepyCat's Avatar MeepyCat 04:35 PM 02-17-2010
They're expensive, and it drives me crazy that even at the height of local apple season in New England, all the apples at Whole Foods are from New Zealand.
Magelet's Avatar Magelet 05:04 PM 02-17-2010
If they are the only source you have, I guess they're ok.

I haven't shopped there in forever even though there is one right nearby. Almost everything is horribly expensive, we have locally owned stores that are cheaper and nicer and have better food, and they're food isn't that great. Most of their organic produce is from organic huge farms, not local farmers. Their meat isn't that great. Too many processed foods. Corporate puts out too many.... message stuff (mostly their insane president, I think he is).

If it's all you've got, great. otherwise, so not worth it.
mommy2maya's Avatar mommy2maya 05:14 PM 02-17-2010
I am not impressed. I find that at our local WHOLE FOODS store has a lot of shelf space dedicated to decidedly UNwhole foods, AKA processed foods. While they might be 'healthier' and might be organic, they are surely not whole foods. Also, I find their prices to be artificially high. I can get the same things at trader joes for much cheaper.
serenbat's Avatar serenbat 05:17 PM 02-17-2010
..you have to watch (IF it matters to you) I found that WF brand of organic frozen veggies (for example) some come from CHINA, while I can get US organic at my local grocery chain-it makes a difference to me, a lot less $ too,
organic meat (where it comes from is also another issue)

-we are a family that reads, some it doesn't seem to matter as long as it says ORGANIC
Klynne's Avatar Klynne 08:58 PM 02-17-2010
We have a WFM close to use. I rather drive an extra 10 minutes to another state to shop a locally owned, local produce, mostly organic, grocery. Whole Foods prices are terrible and produce quality is below average. I've also heard that they make life difficult for local farmers (always trying to press the prices down). Is there a co-op that has a drop point in your town? Some of our chain stores sell organic stuff that is cheaper than WFM (which makes no sense). The only positive thing with WF's is their sales. When they have an item on sale, it's usually a good sale!
JessicaS's Avatar JessicaS 09:21 PM 02-17-2010
I buy some dairy, seafood and some bulk stuff there but even my normal groceries stores here are starting to have more local produce than WF. I do not really like to buy produce there.

I don't have a lot of options in my area, I am considering just driving 45 minutes to the co-op now and then instead.
es1967's Avatar es1967 01:02 AM 02-18-2010
I Love WF's. I do not buy everything there either. All veggies I get from an organic buying club which seems to be cheaper. We have a Greenwise (Publix's Whole Foods) and they have better specials on produce too. The produce at our WF's is mostly organic and very fresh.
I buy alot of bulk foods and really like their 365 brand. No matter what I buy I always spend $40 (or more)at Whole Foods- I always joke that I go for 3 things and never pay under $40. Love shopping there!
claddaghmom's Avatar claddaghmom 01:21 AM 02-18-2010
I don't shop there. It's far away, expensive and seems, well, cliche.

I shop at a local farmer's stand and a local health store, both family run. The local health store just started stocking new chaper and grass fed beef.
PTmorgan's Avatar PTmorgan 01:23 AM 02-18-2010
I love Whole Foods. I have found the meat, seafood, and produce to be much better quality than what I can get at our local supermarket. The meat and seafood is also sustainably harvested.

I prefer to use our farmer's markets and veggie CSA when in season, buy raw milk from the dairy farm, get most personal care/herbs from our local HFS (cheaper and greater selection).

The premade food is where I end up spending a lot of my money. It looks so good and is so tempting that I end up giving in and getting something.

So, it's a love/hate thing with us. Love the food, hate the huge amount of money we spend.