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denaverbena's Avatar denaverbena 03:58 AM 03-17-2010
My DD has some food sensitivities ~ Wheat, milk and eggs. I'm looking for a creative recipe for a treat to make her on her first birthday. She also doesn't eat any sugar. I'd be ok with adding a little natural sweetener though. I've made her some rice flour waffles, but baking with alternative flours/grains is new for me. I thought maybe I could make rice muffins with a fruity yogurt topping (She can eat yogurt, cottage cheese, and keefer)
What else could I try? Thanks for the help!

organicmidwestmama's Avatar organicmidwestmama 12:21 PM 03-17-2010
kjbrown92's Avatar kjbrown92 12:46 PM 03-17-2010
For DD2's birthday, we just did make your own ice cream sundaes, and for myself and my kids, we had the Purely Decadent Coconut Milk ice cream (made with agave).

I have a carrot cake recipe that doesn't have those things. I don't remember what I used as the sweetener, probably palm sugar.
denaverbena's Avatar denaverbena 03:32 PM 03-18-2010
Thanks ~ Would you mind posting your carrot cake recipe kjbrown, if you have it handy
Koalamom's Avatar Koalamom 09:52 AM 03-25-2010
Subbing for ideas since dd's 3rd birthday is soon and she is egg, dairy, gluten free and wants a "purple" cake.
elizawill's Avatar elizawill 05:44 PM 03-25-2010
what about this vegan chocolate cake?

it's egg free & dairy free. you could substitute the flour with almond flour & the sugar with a natural sweetener.

ASusan's Avatar ASusan 06:05 PM 03-25-2010
The cake thread

in the allergy forum is great. I was about to make the cake again tonight!
tanyalynn's Avatar tanyalynn 08:32 PM 03-25-2010
This recipe was recommended in another thread, you'd need to use an egg replacer, Ener-G or flax goo maybe?

It looks so moist and decadent. I'm going to try it for DS's birthday in a couple weeks, need to do a test run soon.
ju1ia's Avatar ju1ia 01:46 AM 03-27-2010
my husband and kids love a good popcorn cake, but it does use marshmallows... I bet you could find some natural ones at whole foods or the like. it is simply a giant rice krispie treat with popcorn instead of cereal. mix in nuts or candies and press into a bundt pan.
user_name's Avatar user_name 01:44 AM 03-28-2010
For our son's birthdays I either build or carve a watermelon sculpture and decorate it with other fruits he can have.
His first such "cake" was tiers of watermelon circles (progressively smaller from bottom to top), with between-layers of sliced bananas, decorated around the base with unpeeled whole bananas, and decorated on the top & ledges with strawberries and blueberries. We added his two candles with banana-slice holders and topped it with an adorable Curious George figure amongst a nest of blueberries & banana slices. It was magnificent, colorful, fun -- and he still remembers it to this day!
Another favorite watermelon "cake" was a carving inspired by his love for watching his big cousin play video games and the "watermelon carvings" Google Images search I did the day before It said, "Happy B-day III" in Guitar Hero lettering and really turned out wonderfully.

If you'd like to try your hand at watermelon carving, there are also plenty of great ideas on the watermelon promotion board (again, Google is my friend...)

HTH & happy b-day to your little one!!