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kellid's Avatar kellid 11:46 AM 03-25-2010
i'm mostly concerned about food safety here. i put the roast in the crockpot frozen at about 10am yesterday and i forgot to turn it off before i went to bed. so it was in there for 20+ hours! it will be tender, i'm sure; but is it safe?

thanks! kelli

BettinaAuSucre's Avatar BettinaAuSucre 11:51 AM 03-25-2010
It is safe...but it may be extremely dry, because even in liquid, it can overcook causing the meat to be super tough.

Let me know how it tastes.
hildare's Avatar hildare 12:15 PM 03-25-2010
you can rescue a dry roast with pineapple juice sometimes...
kellid's Avatar kellid 12:23 PM 03-25-2010
thanks for all the help!