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tatsu15's Avatar tatsu15 09:36 PM 04-27-2010
Hey all

My youngest 12 month old seems to be sensitive to some dairy. So I am wondering will goat milk or sheep milk be a good alternative as far as calcium goes? I'm worried she won't get enough calcium.

Also where can I find A2 milk on Oahu, Hawaii? I don't think they sell raw milk here, but at least if I can find some A2 milk brands or yogurt that would be nice. Any ladies know of A2 dairy brands (for cheese, yogurt, milk)? Thanks in advance.

Magelet's Avatar Magelet 12:34 AM 04-28-2010
I'm almost 98% certain you won't find A2/A2 dairy in a "brand" in the US. You will only find it with small farmers who go way out of their way to make sure their cow's are A2 (most American cows are A1). IIRC from a friend who has an A2 cow, they have to send the cow's DNA to all the way to Europe to be tested, no one does it in the US!

Sheep or goat's milk are good calcium options. the truth is, milk isn't necessarily the BEST calcium option, and it certainly isn't the only one.

Bone Broth, canned fishies with their bones (like salmon, sardines, etc), and certain herbs and veggies can be good calcium sources.
wantingagirl2b#4's Avatar wantingagirl2b#4 12:37 AM 04-28-2010 Maybe that will help because children should not be given milk.