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Hi everyone,
I'm about 5 months post-partum and feeling a little upset about my body. Actually, feeling a LOT upset about my body. I am exclusively breast feeding my little boy and loving that relationship but I am constantly hungry. I've talked to the ladies in my LLL group and they all say that I should eat if I'm hungry but I'm starting to really be upset about the way my body looks and the numbers on the scale. So, in order to combat this I'm trying to lead a healthier lifestyle and would eventually love to be at the level of healthy eating that you all seem to be. I have taken a few steps in this direction
1. gave up High fructose corn syrup
2. no more transfats
3. reduced the amount of processed foods in my diet
4. no more fast food
We also get an organic vegetable delivery and I try to eat organic as much as possible. Can you ladies give me some more ideas to work on? I'm trying to be OK with my new body but I'm still having some issues with this. Any help would be appreciated.

DS 12/08/09

DD 04/20/12

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I'm just starting down this journey myself, and wanted to share the little I do know.

1. IMO, it should be a lifestyle change - not exact "rules" and not a diet. A diet is about things you give up. This attitude can last a short while, but after longer periods it is just no fun. I mean, me never having deep chocolate fudge ice cream ever again (or corn syrup or transfat or put whatever in the blank here...) is just not realistic. However, me cutting down on this ice cream from once a week to once ever month or two, and then eating a much smaller bowl, but really ENJOYING it, well, that is doable and I still feel good. My lifestyle change is less oils, less meats, more vegetables and fruits, exchanging white rice, white bread, white pasta... for more beans, lentils, various other grains.... But I still have white rice sometimes. Your lifestyle change will be something different, that is best for you and your body, but whatever it is, it should be a gentle guideline, not set in stone or blood.

2. Exercise really helps. I will NEVER go to the gym. Many people do and love it, but me being on a treadmill or bike that never actually gets me anywhere is just beyond stupidity for me. But when I am at work all day, then pick up the kids, make dinner, get them to bed, then am on the computer again... well, my body feels like cr*p. So exercise to me is just incorporating small changes. Now that it is warmer, I pick up the kids every day and we bike home. We also bike or walk to the grocery store sometimes, instead of always taking the car. FWIW, the quality of our time is also improved doing this, so it has a double benefit.

3. 5 months pp is really short time. While I was bf my DD, I was CONSTANTLY starving. BF takes up HUGE resources, more than pregnancy! So eat, just eat healthy as you say you are.

FWIW, when I gained the most weight, and felt the worst, was when I had stopped bf, but was still eating as if I was. And getting no exercise. The combo was just BAD in every way. My DD is 3, and starting this february, I started changing what and how I eat, and exercise, and I feel about 25% better. I have more energy, need less sleep, am refreshed in the morning, am not so edgy or sad at work, and have lost about 8 kilos (17lbs). The lost weight is actually the least impressive thing, it is the energy and overall wellness I feel that has had the most impact.

Good luck. You will only feel better!!!
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Sounds like your making great changes.

I disagree to an extent with the PP. I think the ONLY way to go is to entirely eliminate all processed foods from your house to start. (If it is a "processed food" that you could make at home, but don't have the time, it doesn't count. If it's got weird ingrediants, or otherwise couldn't make at home, it goes). Then, once you have been off them a really long time, if your out, and you want an oreo, you can get a snack package and eat it, but once you get over them (and stop eating much sugar) you really won't want processed foods anymore.

I would try to increase your healthy fats in your diet. It will provide the nutrients AND calories that you and your babe in particular need, and fat makes you feel fuller (I don't know that it will help much with the perpetual ravenous-ness of nursing a 5 month old, but it will help more than not eating it). Butter, coconut oil, extra virgin olive oil, fatty meats, all of the animal fats (and coconut oil) are filled with saturated fats for your lo's brain, and great for you, and they will help you feel fuller, provide calorie denseness, and nutrient denseness, and will help you absorb fat soluble vitamins like A and D.

Caroline, partner to J, post partum doula, kitchen manager, aspiring midwife, soon to be nursing student, mama to my furbaby, someday a mama to not so furry munchkins, G-d willing
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i am trying to do the same thing, and it has been a tough road. i tried to cut sugar (my biggest challenge) all together at one time, and that did not work for me. i would manage to not eat it for a day or two, and then gorge myself when i couldn't turn it down any longer. what did work for me was to keep some alternatives to the processed sugar on hand (honey on bread, fruit and nuts), and let myself have a treat once a week. another thing that has made it easier for me was to try and enjoy the shopping, cooking, and eating process. I enjoy going to the farmers market and buying things i know are good for me, and as fresh as they could be. knowing the nutrients i am putting into my body makes me happy as well. I work full time, and dont get much family time, so i really enjoy cooking and baking with my girls now, and i LOVE watching my girls eat the healthy food we cook together. after a while, the processed stuff just does not sound as appealing as it used to. and i try to remember that even if you eliminate some of these things from your diet, you are doing better than most!

Leah- mama to Audrey born 12/29/03 and Gwyneth born 4/1/2009! Soon to be TTC #3!
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