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JessicaS's Avatar JessicaS 09:34 PM 06-21-2010
This isn't about what unhealthy food you find gross but perfectly reasonable food that you DO NOT LIKE

I don't like canned tuna, crab and I am not huge on lobster. I do live in the middle of the country (in beef country) and one cannot even buy non-frozen crab here so that might have something to do with it.

I dislike liver intensely.

rhiOrion's Avatar rhiOrion 10:14 PM 06-21-2010

I HATE lettuce. I think lettuce is a total UAV.

I love spinach, though- go figure.
woodchick's Avatar woodchick 10:31 PM 06-21-2010
I can't even think about shrimp without getting queasy. I'm also not fond of mushrooms.
Storm Bride's Avatar Storm Bride 10:33 PM 06-21-2010
Mushrooms. I find them absolutely disgusting.

I've been a picky eater in my life, and I'm over a lot of it, but I just can't stand mushrooms.
ledzepplon's Avatar ledzepplon 10:39 PM 06-21-2010
I like almost all foods, but I really don't care much for corn once it's off the cob. No corn salsa, corn soup, chunks of corn in other food . . . it really grosses me out. For some reason I do like corn on the cob, though.

Also, I'd say that I'm not a fan of organ meats, except fois gras on occasion. Or some meatier fish, like swordfish or shark.
Magelet's Avatar Magelet 10:42 PM 06-21-2010
I HATE green peppers. Most of former "I hate x, y or z", I've started to like in the past year. Cheese, mushrooms, being examples. (Though I still hate stinky cheese.)

not too much else I think...
ledzepplon's Avatar ledzepplon 10:47 PM 06-21-2010
Originally Posted by Magelet View Post
I HATE green peppers.
Oh, I forgot that one. I hate green peppers, too! But I do love yellow, orange, and red peppers!
Rosehip's Avatar Rosehip 10:53 PM 06-21-2010
sun dried tomatoes
Sayward's Avatar Sayward 10:59 PM 06-21-2010
There's nothing that I consider food that I dislike. Really I'm like the antithesis of a picky eater!

However, I find the idea of eating flesh and dairy to be totally horrific.
BetsyS's Avatar BetsyS 11:02 PM 06-21-2010
The only food I really disliike is fennel. I just can't seem to develop a taste for it, though I try it about once a year.
cristeen's Avatar cristeen 11:07 PM 06-21-2010
Everything i think of, there's an exception.

Liver - but i love duck liver flan
mushrooms - but only when they're raw
salmon - but ive enjoyed it 3 times in my life, so im learning
turnips - but i enjoy braised baby turnips

i honestly cant think of anything without an exception.
nolansmummy's Avatar nolansmummy 11:08 PM 06-21-2010
sweetened coconut (i like unsweetened)
baked beans
brussel sprouts, and lima beans- their texture is just weird
but really, i'm not very picky and will eat anything if offered (except meat).
Fuamami's Avatar Fuamami 11:09 PM 06-21-2010

Ewww. I just hate that rubbery texture.
eclipse's Avatar eclipse 11:14 PM 06-21-2010
beets. Just, yuck. DD loves them, but even cooking them makes me gag.
bandgeek's Avatar bandgeek 11:14 PM 06-21-2010
Arduinna's Avatar Arduinna 11:17 PM 06-21-2010
Cooked spinach
StrawberryFields's Avatar StrawberryFields 11:21 PM 06-21-2010
Chicken legs and thighs. Occasionally I try cooking with them anyway but I can barely choke it down.
Bokonon's Avatar Bokonon 11:25 PM 06-21-2010
Olives. I try them once every few years and remember why I don't like them.

I really don't like green peppers either, but tolerate them in small doses.
annethcz's Avatar annethcz 11:33 PM 06-21-2010
lotus.blossom's Avatar lotus.blossom 11:35 PM 06-21-2010
tomatoes. which is weird because I used to love them, but I haven't eaten a good tomato in years (and yes I do grow them in my garden still)
spinach (unless its in a smoothie) it makes my teeth squeaky.
bleu cheese
plain yogurt
Artichokie's Avatar Artichokie 11:54 PM 06-21-2010
Llyra's Avatar Llyra 11:55 PM 06-21-2010
Shrimp. Especially little ones. Like eating bugs, I think.
tinybutterfly's Avatar tinybutterfly 12:04 AM 06-22-2010
Mushrooms ( except for morels) cream of mushroom soup and soy milk.

I forgot. Beets. Don't like beets.

I am still trying to like fish.

I can eat tuna, catfish, fishsticks or a little salmon, but anything else tastes too "fishy."

P.S. I haven't HAD a fishstick in years, but I do like them.
InMediasRes 12:07 AM 06-22-2010
I have a texture problem with things that are squishy or wiggly, which includes eggs, yogurt, cottage cheese, pudding, jams/jellies, jell-o, avocado, eggplant, mushrooms (although I have some exceptions for that one), oysters and the like (except for clam chowder), and tofu. I also have a love/hate relationship with bananas.

That list has actually shortened a lot over the years.
2xy's Avatar 2xy 12:34 AM 06-22-2010
Another one here who hates beets. I like most foods. I'm really not a picky eater at all and will eat everything from snails to brussels sprouts. But beets taste like dirt to me, and the smell of canned ones makes me gag. I think most canned vegetables are gross, but like most everything fresh or frozen.

I don't care for Italian sausage or breakfast sausage, but can choke them down if need be. I like sausages like kielbasa and chorizo.

I don't like baby corn. My husband thinks it's strange. Neither do I like the little black mushrooms some Chinese restaurants use, but I love other mushrooms.

I think a lot of people who dislike tuna (unless they hate all fish) have never had good, fresh tuna. The difference between a tuna steak and canned tuna is like the difference between a pork chop and a hot dog.
Arianwen1174's Avatar Arianwen1174 01:54 AM 06-22-2010
I like the flavor of things like crab and shrimp, but can't stand the idea of them because crustaceans creep the heck out of me! I'd never make it through a meal at Red Lobster, even if no one at my table was eating any of those things. My anxiety would be through the roof!
Jaxinator's Avatar Jaxinator 04:56 AM 06-22-2010
Raspberries. Bleh.
JessicaS's Avatar JessicaS 05:02 AM 06-22-2010
Originally Posted by 2xy View Post
I think a lot of people who dislike tuna (unless they hate all fish) have never had good, fresh tuna. The difference between a tuna steak and canned tuna is like the difference between a pork chop and a hot dog.
Oh I do like tuna sashimi or seared tuna. I just don't like canned tuna.
Momalea's Avatar Momalea 05:18 AM 06-22-2010
I abhor caraway seeds and just the thought of tapioca makes me queasy.

Love beets though! Raw or cooked, but not the weird jelly/canned beets.
amberskyfire's Avatar amberskyfire 05:59 AM 06-22-2010
I cannot stand either parsley or cilantro. NASTY! How do people eat that stuff?! Every time I eat something and either of them is somehow "hidden" in it, even in small amounts, I get physically ill.

Barbecue sauce also makes me want to be sick. My husband slathers it on everything. I can't eat in the same room with him when we have chicken because he has to dunk it in both barbecue sauce AND ranch dressing at the same time. (but I guess neither of those are healthy)
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