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zmaman's Avatar zmaman 04:04 PM 11-09-2011

thank you all for your comments. :)


Thank you for the last one of Chai Rooibus... I will most surely try it. So glad I don't have to give up my hot cuppa!! :)


Magali's Avatar Magali 07:52 AM 11-23-2011

Originally Posted by karika View Post

Personally I feel caffeine is in the same vein as cocaine. It is not healthy in the ways it is delivered in this day and age (as a freestanding compound injected into HFCS and carbonated water and preservatives, otherwise known as soda). It is especially not good during pregnancy and while nursing your child. You can get fair trade, organically grown, naturally (water) decaffeinated coffee nowadays. You can also safely have chamomile tea, but other herbal teas are not recommended in pregnancy.
I like Chai tea also (or did before becoming caffeine free back in 99). My sister sent me a canister of tea bags called chai spice or something. When I saw the first ingredient was black tea I figured I would have to wait until my baby was 4 yo to use them. But then I found out you can decaffeinate anything yourself. I put boiling water over the bag and let it steep. Then pour that off and use the same bag to make a cup for me to drink. I am not sure which culture does that, but they have a 'tea ceremony' where they pour boiling water on the same leaves about 4 times, only drinking the tea from the fourth time...

I have to ask, have you ever done cocaine?  Comparing caffeine to cocaine is just ridiculous...sorry.


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