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How often do you do take-out and fast food?
We used to do it once every month or two. But now my husband has an hour commute each way and I have to pick up both kids who are now at different schools and sometimes there are play dates or other activities and.... ugh time has gotten so tight. So if we have run out of groceries or it is insanely busy, we go for take out pizza or falafel or thai or chinese. None of which is healthy, but fast and convenient. What used to be once every month or two is now almost once a week. I don't particularly like any of the food, but I do like the less stress and being able to relax and eat with my family, even if it is not the healthiest.
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I said once or twice a month, but it's really more like once every month or two.

I went thru a period like you are experiencing. Finally I said enough is enough, and just decided that if we ate late, we ate late. I tried to make double recipes of things so we'd have leftovers on hand, or cooking on the weekends to stock the freezer. And experimenting with fast easy meals. And meal planning - I find if I have a meal plan in place it's so much easier to go home and cook on autopilot.
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We pretty much have a standing date night on fridays so we almost always eat out then. Sometimes we have lunch out when we're running errands on the weekend. We go through phases of eating out more often, but rarely less. I just can't get it together to cook every single night.

Not momma yet, but momma to a ton of furry, scaly, slimy and feathery critters. whale.gifribbongreen.gif
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ok i voted never, because in peru, i never order takeout. i got parasites and was sick for 6 weeks in june/july and i do not trust anyone else to cook food to the standards of cleanliness that i need to keep myself healthy. refrigeration is a luxury here...

that said, in the US, i usually had take out once or twice a month. it's so expensive though! except for the little caesar's 5$ pizza....

raising my two sunshine children.

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We go to a local fast food restaurant once a year, when we come back from vacations. We do go to other "faster" food places, like the burrito place down the street now and then, but by "fast food" I think you meant McDonalds's, chain pizza, etc., right?

I'm pretty adamant about sitting down to dinner as a family every night. My kids aren't in activities that preclude that; it isn't how I want to live. I have plenty of time to plan meals and shop, so there's no reason for us to resort to fast food. However, I'm well aware that not everyone has that luxury.
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I like eating out once a week or so. We rarely do Wendy's unless we're on a road trip, but then again we go on a road trip at least 2 times a month. If we go out we go to almost-fast food places like our local Mexican restaurant, Chipotle, or Chinese. We always sit down and eat, but we can be in and out in less than 20 minutes. My kids don't have the ability to control themselves for much more than that. I don't remember the last time we had actual take-out or ate in the car, maybe a year ago.

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I haven't had take out/fast food/etc for a while now (a couple weeks), but thats mostly due to the fact that we simply haven't *gone* anywhere in a while, mostly cause' ds1 has a broken leg and its just not a lot of fun to try and haul him AND ds2 around, yk? Previously though, it was about once or maybe twice a week we'd end up at mcdonalds, mostly.
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When we lived in a more rural area we barely did take out because no place was close or delivered. Now outside Manhattan we have options out the BUTT - Thai food, Spanish, Mexican, Indian...sometimes I order cheap lunch specials to have for dinner. SO MUCH yummy stuff so we are ordering out 1-2 x a week and I have a love/hate relationship with it

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Depends on what qualifies. I clicked every day...but it's not like fast food takeout, it's like hot food at the co-op or a burrito made with local ingredients, smoothies and salads from another local place, premade sandwiches or deli stuff at the little market near my work.

I know i'm spending waaaay to much money on food, but dh and i feel tapped for time. We leave the house at 7am and we're lucky if we get home by 7pm. We work constantly (maybe we wouldn't have to work as much if we ate out less....hmmm....lol ) because we want to get out of debt as fast as humanly possible.

me, dh and 2 boys = our family (oh and a cat...who is also a male...lol)
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We can't afford to go out to eat very often. So if we're going to pay for restaurant food, it's a date, and we go someplace niceish (though not nessicarily expensive), and have an evening out. We got a to go pizza once, and only once. In a year and a half of living together.

Fast food never. seriously, I'd go without rather than eat most fast food.

Caroline, partner to J, post partum doula, kitchen manager, aspiring midwife, soon to be nursing student, mama to my furbaby, someday a mama to not so furry munchkins, G-d willing
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Once or twice a month, and it's usually because of a time crunch or because we're traveling or off to some event. Sometimes, if the kids have friends over we'll order pizzas in for everyone. Sometimes though it's just because we get a craving for something in particular. There's a shop that makes yummy perogies - way better than I can - and another with really great fish and chips. I don't deep fry ever, so if we want traditional fish and chips, it has to be take out.
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Very rarely. It's usually about once or twice a year. But I'm not against take out or fast food-- it's just that DS and I have dietary issues that mean we can't eat a lot of the usual fast food. He's allergic to soy, and it's ridiculously hard getting him anything he can eat at most places. And my disease restricts my diet a lot, too. The places where we CAN eat tend to be more expensive, and we are on a tight food budget. On the few occasions when we do have the money to eat out, we'd rather go to a slightly more upscale place with table service. So it just doesn't happen for us.

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Once or twice a month, we'll eat out, but it's always at Chipotle or a Vietnamese restaurant...both of them are relatively healthy compared to the other choices. I'm sure we'd eat at the less healthy places once in awhile if it weren't for allergies though.

~Brandon Michael (11/23/03), Jocelyn Lily Nữ (2/4/07, adopted 5/28/07 from Vietnam), Amelia Rylie (1/14/09), & Ryland Josef William (9/7/05-9/7/05 @ 41 wks). 
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It's usually 1-2 a month. Some months, like this one, it's more. We live in a really small town without many options so the most we do around here is pizza or Subway for lunch once in a great while. But when we do go shopping to the bigger town, we usually eat there. I try to avoid going there on Saturdays so it's usually in the evenings and my kids are ready to eat way before the 1/2 hour drive home and the time it takes to cook dinner.
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I am pregnant and tired, so we were eating out A LOT for a while. But as far as "fast food" or take out, maybe twice a week. We used to eat at Chik-fil-a once a week and still do that sometimes. Our take out is usually Chinese or pizza.
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We do not do a lot of take out from restaurants (though we do eat out one dinner per week and lunches if we are out and about on the weekends). We do, however, do a "heat and serve" type meal about once per week - something from Trader Joe's or similar that just needs assembly or to supplement leftovers.

Apparently doing it rong and ruining it for everyone, but I don't give a crap anymorebanana.gif

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I put multiple times a week, though for me and the kids it definitely isn't everyday. But my dh gets lunch out everyday. Last week dh and I met for lunch during the week one day and ate at Panera Bread (dd was at school and ds was at the sitter). I like to grab a coffee at Peet's or Starbuck's a couple times a week. Most weekends we'll get lunch out at least once (often Mcdonald's). We take the kids out to a Restaurant to eat a couple times a month, and dh and I go out to a restaurant on a date night a couple times a month as well (though I suppose that isn't really take out or fast food). We also get either pizza or mcdonald's a little less than one night a week. I also get lunch out not quite one time a week (today we had lunch at panera with a friend and her daughter, sometimes its just grabbing sushi from Whole Foods).

It sounds like a lot, but it doesn't feel like it. I cook dinner usually about 4-5 times a week. I pack lunch or make lunch at home for me and the kids 5-6 times a week. But we do like to buy snacks while we're out (coffee, soft pretzels, croissants, etc). Also we do seem to get together with friends several times a month and that often involves take out or dining out. And of course their are times our life just gets crazy and mcdonald's or pizza is just quicker and easier than cooking at home.

I do continue trying to increase our homecooked to takeout ratio. Things are actually much better now than they were after dd was born. We had take out or fastfood most nights of the week. Of course where we live there aren't that many choices nearby so I'd rather cook. Pizza and mcdonald's is too monotonous.

Jennifer, mama to darling dancing Juliette, and sweet baby Jameson
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I don't know how to answer this one! DH gets it once a week - he has a Saturday night movie/takeout tradition with his friends. He gets Burger Fuel, which is healthier than some, but still fries chips in canola and so on.

I often share a milkshake from NZ Natural with DD when we go into town, which was once every week or two for a while, but never at the moment due to first-trimesterness. For some reason, I never thought of those as take-out!

And for a while, DH and I would get a custard square or a doughnut from the bakery next to the fruit and veggie shop when we walked there... maybe once a week? That was a fairly brief phase though.

Things like McDonald's, pizza, fish and chips for dinner? Almost never, although I did have (gourmet) takeout pizza twice recently due to aforementioned first trimester. So I guess "wildly varies" is my answer. I don't feel guilty about our takeout situation - we nearly always have a homecooked, more-or-less-from-scratch, more-or-less-healthy meal every night, and I expected we'd have to cut a few corners and make a few compromises while I was pregnant.

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Never - literally never. Dd is gluten, dairy, soy, and egg intolerant so there is no take-out that is safe for her to eat.

Emily, cooking allergen free, knitting, reading, gardening Mom to 1 beautiful girl, born in the water on July 1, 2006 Wife to 1 handsome man since September 10, 2005
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Once every two weeks. Sometimes I may not get anytime to cook.

Worlds Best Mom
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As a family, we get take-out/fast food about 2-3 times a week. However, if you count my husband's lunches, it goes to probably almost every day.
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We have been eating out 5 or more times a week. We are just so busy that it's hard to get meals on the table. We are trying to scale back though. Part if why we are so swamped is because I'm using every spare moment for a wah job and it kind of defeats the purpose if we just spend my earnings at restaurants. I convinced DH to try a new crackpot meal today. He is generally anti-anything easy so hopefully he will like this.
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once or twice a month- it's usually a pizza deal ($5 little ceasars pizza. etc) or sushi. Occasionally, we get chinese food or eat at the mall. Very rarely do we do actual fast food like McD's. (we've realized recently that we *never* think it tastes any good).

Becky, partner to Teague, SAHM to Keagan (7yo), Jonah (2yo)

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We quite literally NEVER eat fast food. Haven't for years (dd is 8 and hasn't had fast food). However, we'll go to a favorite ethnic restaurant (Turkish, Mexican, Greek, Indian) and take food to eat at home. We'll do that probably 5 or 6 times a year.

ETA: We eat at restaurants (the sit-down-with-cloth-napkins type) about 2 - 4 times/ month. Usually closer to the 2 than the 4. We don't eat at chains like Applebee's and the like because those we consider to be just expensive fast food, as it's all processed, heat and eat frozen food in these joints, too.
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#25 of 30 Old 11-01-2010, 04:58 PM
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never fast food-meaning any type of chain, big box restaurant or drive thru.

We eat at a local Thai place at least once a week, No matter how hard I try I can not duplicate pad thai, basil fried rice or chicken gra pow at home.

At least a few times a month we go to a small middle eastern place too. Nothing like an authentic lamb gyro!

And while I make a great homemade pizza sometimes you gotta have big greasy slice of greek pizza.

Pardon me while I puke.gif

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Originally Posted by noobmom View Post
As a family, we get take-out/fast food about 2-3 times a week. However, if you count my husband's lunches, it goes to probably almost every day.
This is us.

I work Fri, Sat, Sun- leave the house at 5am and don't get home till 8pm. We'll order pizza, subs, wings or something 2 of those 3 nights, and then once during the week when I want a night off of all work.

A major, major contributor to all the eating out is that DH and I both detest doing dishes, and we have no dishwasher.

Mother to R- 2/09, & C- 5/11

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I love take out. We usually do it twice a month. We recently moved to an area with lots of options (Mediterranean, Indian, Thai, Malaysian, Mexican, Greek, you name it...), so that might up my intake of take out.

And, I'm totally a sucker for Chili's chips and salsa. I really like their salsa, and you get a nice sized portion for $2.99. So, sometimes, I'll go get that for a treat after my kids go to bed. Random, but good. LOL
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#28 of 30 Old 11-04-2010, 02:07 AM
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Fast food, almost never. I can't even remember the last fast food time. Eating out/take out is also pretty rare. Once a month if we are lucky. I love eating out at restaurants (no dishes and coming home to a clean kitchen is also a nice part of the appeal) and can find lots of healthy options but we don't have eating out in the budget.

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Depends on how you define takeout.. We eat out a couple times a month, sometimes its fast food and other times its a restruant.

~Heather~ Mama to Miss E (1/07), Miss A (11/08), Mr.T (2/11) and Miss A (10/12) Expecting our newest blessing sometime late Sept/early Oct.. Wife to my Marine since 11/2005
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My DH really loves pizza, to be more specific he really loves Pizza Hut. I don't really like pizza all that much, and I prefer to have home-made pizza. So once a month we'll do some Pizza Hut. Usually when we go shopping, which is every saturday we go to Panera Bread for lunch. But once or twice a month we'll go to some other place, usually Subway, but my DH does enjoy Taco Bell. Fast food upsets my stomach so I eat as little as possible. But we also have this really awesome sit down resturaunt that uses all natural ingredients. It's a bit spendy, but so worth it, and it's never busy so it's great for the kids too.

~Attatchment and Natural Parent from instincts not from books to my 2 boys~ Childbirth Educator & Placental Encapsulation Professional
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