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VisionaryMom's Avatar VisionaryMom 04:05 PM 12-13-2010

I've been paying particular attention to my diet recently because of some major health concerns. I've noticed that both coffee and cheese (hard cheese in particular) cause problems for me. What's the commonality? It doesn't seem to be dairy in general or caffeine in general, but I'd like to pinpoint the actual problem.

redvlagrl's Avatar redvlagrl 09:00 AM 12-14-2010

I know hard cheeses have amines in them. Try googling amines and see if these foods affect you. Cutting htem out of my mum's diet has basically cured a 50 year migrane problem which was really debilitating (she's been on low amines for about 10 years now).


Also, salicilates affect some people.

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