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peacelove&camping's Avatar peacelove&camping 10:55 AM 03-07-2011

anybody got one? it doesn't have to be super-healthy.... just not a cup of sugar and a stick of [fake] butter twins.gif no milk protein, but everything else is okay.


i'm thinking chocolate, but am open to all flavors! :D

BetsyS's Avatar BetsyS 05:01 PM 03-07-2011

My 8 month old is dairy free, and I don't want to look at what goes into a dairy free cake.  My plan is to get a kosher non-dairy cake.  Not healthy, but I'll close my eyes, and what I don't know won't hurt me this one day. 


Another option (but it's more of a snack cake, not a fancy frosting cake) is a wacky cake.  Wait..just googled it, and it looks like some people frost them (I've only ever had them unfrosted, in a 9x12).  They do taste good.  Not so healthy, but eh, it's cake. 

sammymama's Avatar sammymama 09:03 PM 03-07-2011

I made the first recipe listed for my DD's first bday and everyone loved it - it was kind of muffin-y!  It does call for soy milk, but I think there are others listed that have no dairy/substitutes needed.  I also made the cream cheese based frosting that's a little farther down the page and that was a hit, too.


Have fun!


catnip's Avatar catnip 10:43 PM 03-07-2011

Wacky cake is good stuff. And I made a fancy frosted, sculpted pirate ship out of it; it works great for that sort of thing. You can make a dairy free icing with palm oil shortening and/or non-hydrogenated margarine like Earth Balance or Nucoa and powdered sugar, or a chocolate ganache topping with dark chocolate and coconut milk.

peacelove&camping's Avatar peacelove&camping 05:39 PM 03-08-2011

thanks guys! :D

babelsgp's Avatar babelsgp 10:56 AM 03-09-2011