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SilverMoon010's Avatar SilverMoon010 05:47 AM 03-24-2011

I'm looking for a good, natural chewable multivitamin for children (3 and above).  I'm not looking for anything synthetic.  I can't really find too many and I was hoping you guys could give me suggestions.  I currently give him a liquid one in his yogurt drink, but honestly, it doesn't taste all that good and sometimes he doesn't drink all of his yogurt.


Any ideas? I'm hesitant about the gummy ones because of the sugar in them, so I'm really looking for something other than gummy. 

womenswisdom's Avatar womenswisdom 06:32 AM 03-24-2011

We use the Rainbow Light chewables from Whole Foods. They are a whole-food based vitamin.


SilverMoon010's Avatar SilverMoon010 06:47 AM 03-24-2011



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We use the Rainbow Light chewables from Whole Foods. They are a whole-food based vitamin.


Thank you. I did see that one, but just glanced at it.  Aren't they gummys though?  From what I saw, most of them under that brand are, but maybe I'm missing the nongummy ones. Which one do you use exactly?

JudiAU's Avatar JudiAU 01:22 PM 03-24-2011

We use both the Raingbow Light (Vit C) and Whole Foods private label (multi & Vit D). Yes, they are gummies. Yes, they have a bit of added sugar. Yes, I resisted but I couldn't find anything that wasn't nasty tasting. I just cut them up so they aren't a choking hazard. After a year my 3 year old still says Ooooh, gummies.

chattyprincess's Avatar chattyprincess 02:04 PM 03-25-2011

The rainbow light nutri stars are not gummis. Dd loves them and has eaten them for going on over a year now....

SilverMoon010's Avatar SilverMoon010 02:18 PM 03-25-2011

Has anyone tried the Rainbow Light Kids' One Multistars?  I don't see the age requirements for those, and I was wondering if they are gummies, or nongummies like the Nutristars,and if they taste good.  It seems as if most of the vitamins for Rainbow Light (reminds me of Rainbow Brightsmile.gif) require 4 years of age and up, but the Multistars doesn't require 4 and up. It just says children of all ages, and I'm wondering what the difference is.


I contacted the company but have not heard back and they only have one customer service repblush.gif

StoriesInTheSoil's Avatar StoriesInTheSoil 03:54 AM 03-29-2011

DS takes Vitamin Code brand children's chewables.  He likes them.  He is 2.5 and takes 1 per day.