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ecoteat's Avatar ecoteat 03:23 PM 06-02-2011

What do you do when you just aren't feeling enthusiastic about being in the kitchen, it's 5:15, and you have no dinner plans?


Where we live, there is no delivery, there are a few take-out options but we'd like to avoid that today (because we'll probably go out to dinner tomorrow), I have no leftovers in the fridge, no meat thawed, we're out of dried beans (which is a great quick go-to food with a pressure cooker!), and I don't want pasta (which is a common quickie dinner here). Ugh. Maybe I'll go with breakfast for dinner and make pancakes. I could probably thaw some sausage quick enough. I have a few potatoes--maybe I'll make a potato frittata. (We always have PLENTY of eggs! Yay chickens!) What are your favorite quick dinners?

little birds's Avatar little birds 03:31 PM 06-02-2011
Breakfast, pasta, tacos (today, it's fish tacos). These are the things I always have the stuff on hand for.
amnesiac's Avatar amnesiac 06:19 PM 06-02-2011
Last night I made a frittata with red bell pepper, onion, asparagus & grape tomatoes from our garden. Most of the time we just make sandwiches or some sort of eggs or burritos or quesadillas (I almost always keep canned refried beans & cheese on hand). If I happen to have a nice cheese we might have a fruit & cheese tray with bread or crackers.
amma_mama's Avatar amma_mama 06:36 PM 06-02-2011
Well, this is me on most nights, so quick and easy is the standard. Some lat-minute meals are:

Fish tacos
Broiled/grilled fish with boiled veggies
Any kind of pasta dish

If DH is around, I would even consider a tuna sandwich or bowl of cereal for dinner...
BetsyS's Avatar BetsyS 05:38 AM 06-03-2011

Breakfast for supper, which is usually eggs or pancakes last minute.


Tacos or quesadillas.


If we're lucky, a main dish sald--taco, grilled/sauteed chicken with mandarin oranges and crunchy ramen, or tuna tossed in a green salad.

lalaland42 07:19 PM 06-12-2011

Sandwiches and fruit.


Where we live there are no restaurants, no takeout and the store closes at 7 on weekdays. That is OK because most people do big lunch/small dinner and then eat meat and cheese on bread with fruit or salad for dinner. 

mumkimum's Avatar mumkimum 07:26 PM 06-12-2011

If just me and dd, I'll go with egg sandwiches or cheesy omlettes (with potato something if we have it), sometimes just fruit & yogurt.  Dd will be fine with some cut up fruit/veg and cheese with a piece of bread as a meal.


If dh too:

I have a few soups I can make with a frozen bag of peas or corn that don't need too much more, and everyone seems to like, so those work too, usually with grilled cheese.


Quesadillas, sometimes just chips & salsa (for me anyway).  We'll also sometimes make fancy nachos (with canned beans & any veggies that make sense) or homemade chili fries (with oven potatoes and can chili or homemade if we have any left).

homemademom's Avatar homemademom 03:57 PM 06-13-2011

Eggs usually: egg burritos, german pancakes, waffles, regular pancakes, eggs and toast, frittata, eggs and rice.

shantimama's Avatar shantimama 02:35 PM 06-15-2011

Sandwiches and salad.

2lilsweetfoxes's Avatar 2lilsweetfoxes 03:39 PM 06-15-2011

Sandwiches, salad, smoothies, omelettes, leftovers.  If I have something for the crust, a "whatever is available" pizza.

becoming's Avatar becoming 06:10 AM 06-16-2011
I do breakfast (usually just scrambled eggs & pancakes) or cheese quesadillas/grilled cheese sandwiches on these nights. If you have bacon, BLTs are quick & easy & goooood.
karne's Avatar karne 10:59 AM 06-16-2011

Omlette-we have chickens too!  I personally love scrambled eggs over salad greens with Annie's Goddess dressing, and a glass of white wine.  Kids like scrambled eggs with cheese melted on top.

MariaDaizi's Avatar MariaDaizi 08:09 AM 06-29-2011

A crust-less Quiche is easy, eggs cheese milk a little flour and cooked veggie of your choice (or frozen chopped spinach, thawed, is easy)salt and pepper. Very easy to mix up. Throw in a greased casserole and bake.

anniebanie's Avatar anniebanie 01:32 PM 07-25-2011

Would anyone mind sharing their fish taco recipe?  We have eggs or oatmeal for dinner, in a crunch.  Thanks so much!  Ann