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Queermama's Avatar Queermama 10:01 PM 06-19-2011

My DS's bday is this saturday and I'm seeking recipes for gluten free and sugar free.  anyone have any ideas.  everything i seem to find online is either sugar or gluten free or just simply "low sugar".  I would love your yummy recipes!



kleine.maus's Avatar kleine.maus 12:00 AM 06-20-2011
ameliabedelia's Avatar ameliabedelia 11:01 AM 06-27-2011

The blog link in my sig has a recipe for a gluten-free lemon coconut flour cake.  It does not have any sugar (it is sweetened with honey) in the actual cake part.  


(the frosting does have sugar, but you could skip that or try to find a different frosting to use..just about anyone would work).

SundayCrepes's Avatar SundayCrepes 12:16 AM 07-14-2011

I know this is after the party, but go to www.elanaspantry.com for lots of recipes.

bobbysocks04's Avatar bobbysocks04 04:08 PM 08-07-2011

Hi. Be wary that honey, like sugar, is also high GI, i.e. it causes a blood sugar spike.  There is an easy sugar-free gluten-free cupcake recipe at http://tinyurl.com/lightlifedesserts (also honey-free ;) ) that will hopefully work for you.