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Ravin's Avatar Ravin 11:04 PM 12-02-2011
DS has been on a nursing strike for over a week now--he'll only latch on in his sleep. He's eating some solids, but not a whole lot, and thanks to a stomach bug my pumping isn't keeping up with his demand.

Any advice on what to feed him? DD transitioned to goat milk at 13 mo. For when away from me, but DS is not even 9 mo., so I don't want to over-rely on it to his detriment. Do we have to go to formula?

Megan73's Avatar Megan73 03:03 PM 12-03-2011
I'm so sorry you're going through this. It is so, so painful to have your LO refuse the breast. I'm sure you've tried everything but kellymom.com has some great resources on nursing strikes.
In the meantime, I would supplement with formula. IMO it's a safe, adequate substitute that's designed for human babies.
If we were talking about a few ounces a day AND he was eating a wide variety of solids, I wouldn't have a problem with using an animal milk but if it's the bulk of his diet, I'd choose formula.
I hope he's nursing again soon.
craft_media_hero's Avatar craft_media_hero 11:14 PM 12-04-2011
Do you have an active 'human milk for human babies' group in your area? That might be a way to go. Could it be that he is teething or his mouth hurts? Maybe homeopathic teething gel? Is he getting sippy cup preference? *hug* I hope it works out soon and that your supply bounces back in the meantime. Lots ofmoms on here have had great results with domperidone--it might be worth checking into getting a temporary supply of it until your stomach bug resolves and your lo is back to the breast again.
Megan73's Avatar Megan73 09:52 AM 12-05-2011
Good point - I should have mentioned dom. It's definitely worth a try.
1love4ever's Avatar 1love4ever 10:09 PM 12-05-2011

I would make home made raw formula so he's consuming living instead of dead food.  Have you tried teas to help with your supply?  Coconut water (right out of the coconut) can help with your electrolyte and fluid loss from your illness and help you bounce back and heal up faster

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