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e&tsmom's Avatar e&tsmom 12:30 PM 03-17-2012

I am trying to make crumpets, but not in the griddle rather in the oven.  The batter is a bit thicker than pancakes and I'd like to put them in shallow muffin tins.  Any thoughts as to the oven temperature and time for cooking?

cristeen's Avatar cristeen 02:29 PM 03-17-2012

Well, they won't be crumpets if they're not done on the stove-top (you don't need a griddle, a skillet works too).  Baked in the oven I doubt you're going to get that holey top that is the epitome of a crumpet.  However, I would start at 350 and try a batch and adjust from there. 

e&tsmom's Avatar e&tsmom 05:24 PM 03-17-2012

Yeah, I know.  You are right.  They are really just dough disks, but they turned out tasty anyway.  I am making them for my daughters tea party and I dont want to be doing them the day of her party on the stove (I meant frying pan) so I thought I would see if they could be done in the oven.  The kids wont know the difference.  I tried at 350 - worked perfectly.  thanks.

e&tsmom's Avatar e&tsmom 06:33 AM 03-19-2012

Well, I was wrong.  They puffed up and the kids were just eating them like that without cutting them.  But, we cut one open and all the little nooks and crannies were right there.  We toasted them in the oven and they were great.  Not as good as on the stove top, but really good just the same.

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