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milomama's Avatar milomama 11:28 AM 04-10-2012

I've been toying with the idea of doing the SCD for over a year now.  I was diagnosed with celiac disease about 18 months ago, and though things are much improved, there are some lingering digestive issues.  I'd also like my 3 year old to try it, maybe, as he has very mushy stools all the time and complains of tummy aches.  I have a 3 month old - is it safe to do this diet while she is exclusively breastfed?  I'm concerned about the intro diet especially.  Any experience/advice?  Thanks!

CoBabyMaker's Avatar CoBabyMaker 02:58 PM 04-10-2012

SCD is very close to the GAPS diet and it is NOT recommended to do the intro while pregnant or nursing.  You could just go to the full diet and do the intro when you are done nursing.  Many people choose to do the full diet for a while before the intro anyhow so the impact of the intro is less extreme.

1love4ever's Avatar 1love4ever 04:49 PM 04-10-2012

What is the difference between the full and the intro diet?  I am nursing and have considered it.  Why is it not safe while nursing?

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